Monday, July 20, 2015

Age of the Geek!

Summers are a time of exploration for me.  I live in a place where there is no television signal so I spend summers checking out various shows when I'm visiting my parents or in a hotel.  I usually purchase seasons of shows on DVDs that I like.  I base my choices on what I find interesting over the summer.

I found some really cool shows this summer.

31 Robot, 31 Heavy Industry, RobotFirst, there was Battle Bots, a cool show on one of the major channels. It was great being able to see specially designed robots fighting each other in a three minute round with refs.  I saw male and female, young and old all competing for the honor of #1.  No I don't know who is going to win because I'm back home but the episodes I saw riveted my attention.  I think this show is going to increase peoples interest in building robots.  

I've actually have been checking out making robots myself simply because it looks like fun.

Archery, Bow And Arrow, Objectives, Arch
Then there is the pretty female IT genus in The Arrow.  Felicity who is not always the most socially adapt, can hack into anything and find information but seldom left the confines of her computer room.  I saw the episode where she was thrilled the day she got shot so she'd have a scar, just like everyone else.  She finally felt like she belonged.  I really love the way her character has grown over the past couple of seasons.  Yes  I got both seasons and watched them over a three day period.  Yeah!

Flash, Bright, Pink, BackgroundI also caught the new Flash and there is a strong female science type character.  She is someone who is most comfortable doing her job but not as socially apt as others. The lead male is quiet and has not been able to tell the girl he worships from afar that he loves her.

Ohhhh then there is the series Scorpion with some very talented people who help solve crimes but need a "normal" person to keep them grounded.  I love the way some have trouble relating to others.  Yes, I do know folks like that.  I know many whose idea of a conversation is not what people normally discuss.

Finally, my all time fave is ABBY from NCIS.  I love the female goth character who loves her area, hates anyone who comes in to her space and has been known to lock people in or out of her lab.  She does not wear "normal" clothing, has tats and is brilliant! 

Keep those geeks rolling!

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