Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fishing for ??????

I am still looking for my camera cord.  I think I put it somewhere safe so it might be a while.  In the mean time, I ordered a second cord just in case.  I also ordered it on the theory that I'll find the missing one soon. 

Fishing Rod, Mill, SeaWhen I was young, I used to fish off the bridge over the canal.  It was a nice place, near the beach.  I don't know the name of the fish but I do know we'd have to put it in a bucket of water for a couple days to clean it out before we could eat it.    I usually used a nice bamboo pole with a length of fishing line with a  hook on the end of it.  The best time to catch fish was in the rain. Dad always made us use cheese as the bait.......LOL.

3 pronged hook being made.
I think I used a reel and rod, one time on a camping trip but I am dangerous with it.  I usually manage to hook people's clothing more than I do getting it in the water.  Out where I am now, folks use a small piece of wood about 18 inches long with a length of string tied to the end of it and a three pronged hook attached to the end.  The idea is you drop the hook into water, move it and hopefully hook fish.
Black Fish Trap.

The fishing pole is only used when you go down to the river.  If you want black fish, you make a trap to catch them.  The idea is that you put the trap in the water and the fish swim in through the opening and cannot get back out.  I do not know any other names for a black fish and its the local name for a type of fish.
Fishing Net, Network, Fishing

Then there is the net, used for most other types of fish like salmon, cod, halibut, etc.  The guys take out a boat, go over a set of waterways till they get to "their" spot and string the nets across the river.  They leave it for a couple of days before checking on it.

Fishing is an important part of life out where I work.  They fish year round, even when they have to drill holes down through the ice with an auger. 

In about two to three weeks, I'll be out on a camping trip with a bunch of kids.  They will go fishing and I'll get to help cook their catch for dinner.  Nothing better than fresh caught fish cooked over a Coleman stove and eaten in the fresh air.  The outdoor adds flavor to whatever you cook.

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