Saturday, July 4, 2015

Graceful Motion.

When someone mentions Hula, you automatically picture graceful movement in Hawaii, done by Hawaiians, either on a stage or at a party.
According to my father, there used to be the Kodak Hula Show in Waikiki where you could see a wonderful show filled with awesome dancers who did it for a living.   It went away sometime after 1971.
In Hawaii, hula is a big thing.  There are  regular shows in Waikiki, Ala Moana center, at various other tourist attractions and then on the big island (Hawaii), there is a large competition called the Merry Monarch and brings groups from all around.

This past June, I went to one of the shows down on Prince Kahio beach.  It was wonderful because each group was introduced by two MC's.  One MC performed the introduction in English while the other did it in Japanese.

 The surprise to the whole event is that all the dancers were from Japan.  It was awesome.  If I had not heard the introduction and see the names of the groups posted to one side, I  never  realized that Japan had developed a hula culture, nor did I know they performed as well as the Hawaiians.

I loved every minute of watching these wonderful groups. They were as graceful as" the birds in motion" and had "lovely hula hands."

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