Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jurassic World, the movie.

Museum, Skeleton, DinosaurI finally got around to seeing Jurassic World with friends. Only a handful were in attendance.  It was either too early for most movie goers or the movie has been at the theater long enough that everyone wanting to see it has already been there.

Let me say, yes there are some whoops-es in the movie.  One of the folks I went with is a geologist and he caught a comment that was wrong but for the most part he was able to suspend belief enough to really enjoy the movie.

Dino, Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus RexI decided before I went to shut down my scientific mind so I could enjoy the movie more.   So let me say, I really enjoyed the movie.  I loved the creepy bad guys and how they got their due.  I loved the head scientific guy's attitude showing he looked at "the greater good".  I especially loved the kudos to the original Jarassic Park movies.

Tyrannosaurus, Prehistoric, SkeletonThis movie also showed characters growing.  The aunt who went from the corporate troubleshooter to a female Rambo.  The evolution of a teenage boy who lived in his own digital world and flirted with females to someone who could rebuild an engine and think under pressure.

If Jurassic World really existed, would I go?  Yeah I would.   Imagine being able to see ancient life forms.  Even if they are genetically modified by filling in some of the missing genetic material, they are still cool but dangerous.  The reality is we don't know if the material used to fill in the missing genetic bits for Jurassic Park/World would change the animals.  I heard that 80 percent of human DNA is not human which leads to the the question of how similar is the DNA between the modified dinosaurs and real dinosaurs.

So yes, I'd go visit Jurassic World but only after it had been in operation for a year or two so all the kinks are worked out.   Dinosaurs rock!

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