Monday, July 13, 2015

Moment of Fame

Statue, Bronze, Umbrella, Woman, FigI am down visiting my parents again so my posting will be as regular as I can get to the library because my mother is still on dial-up and a very old computer.  I was reading the Sunday edition of the local newspaper and an article in it caught my interest.

The article spoke of countries that are talking about redoing drinking laws and other things because of the need for many visitors to do something over the top while they video tape themselves in the hopes of having the "next" viral hit on You Tube.

Balcony, Parasols, Home, SummerApparently in their pursuit of fame, visitors have damaged statues and buildings or performed a drunken dive off a balcony into the swimming pool below.  Unfortunately, the statues they've damaged are often times cultural icons and to me this is a huge form of disrespect.

In regard to diving off balconies into swimming pools, these people obviously are either too drunk to care or don't care that they could end up seriously injured or dead!

Paris, Woman, Tourist, Selfi, TrocaderoI realize society has been evolving into a very self oriented group who must take selfies all over the place.  I was walking through a mall the other day and watched two young girls who stopped every couple of feet to take pictures of themselves.  I think they had over 100 pictures by the time they got to the store they were going to. 

At a block party event, I was almost run over several times by people who were making selfie videos of themselves and were walking backwards.  They used those new selfie sticks that hold your mobile device so you can get a bigger frame and more background.

Anyway you slice it, when this self absorption goes from something harmless to a desire to continually do more and more outrageous things that cause damage and disrespect the culture all for their 2 minutes of fame until the next entry in the viral community comes along.  This has gone too far.  Just for the record, I don't do selfies and hate them.

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