Friday, July 31, 2015

Oh My!

Ensemble, Music, Played, SaxophoneSorry about not posting yesterday but I left on a business trip and I traveled all night and then had to work.  So now to the exciting part.  I had a concert scheduled Wednesday night at the park but due to a last minute rainstorm, it got cancelled. It is no fun playing french horn in the thunder, lightening and rain, so it was decided not to play.    Actually, most of us showed up and we were standing around, watching the sky, talking and taking bets on the condert taking place.  About 10 min before the concert was due to start, it started raining.  Softly enough at first to get to the cars but once we got to the car, it began pouring for the next couple hours.

Cloud, Clouds, Sky, Blue, White, NatureLater in the evening, I had a wonderful experience on my way to the airport.  Actually, I was double blessed on the way in.  The first thing seen was a beautiful rainbow that started over by the mountain ridge and ended by flowing into the transformer station.  Wow, you could see the beginning and the end. I don't see that very often.

Double, Rainbow, Sky, Nature, Rain
In addition, on the right side, I saw a faint second rainbow a little bit closer to me.  It was a double rainbow but not for the full rainbow.  It was just for part of the rainbow.  I loved every second of seeing the rainbow.  Yeah!  I felt loved by the city as I prepared to leave for four days.

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