Friday, July 17, 2015

Pluto part 2

Yeah, I'm kind of focused on the new information on Pluto.  I remember growing up and learning it was a planet and then when they changed it, I got a bit upset.  Now that the science community is getting all this data from the New horizons, perhaps they will change its status back to that of a planet.

There are like four things I found really interesting when I read the updated news reports.
Mountains, Range, Landscape, Nature, Sky1.  There are mountains on Pluto.  Actually it is more like mountain ranges but still they are mountains and even more impressive is that the mountains appear to be made of ice.   Not a methane ice but an ice made of real water! These mountains are all located near the equator of Pluto.  I would never have thought of mountains made of ice.  These mountains are about the same height as the Rocky Mountains.  That is neat. 
Mars, Planet, Crater, Victoria Crater
2.  It turns out that Pluto does not have as many craters as they expected being so far out and in the Kupier Belt where there are a bunch of space debris that .  Now from my point of view, they looked at a section of Pluto that had no craters so is this representative of the whole planet or is it just an outlier?  Scientists stated that there should be more craters due to the amount of space debris activity in the area.

Moon, Sky, Craters, Nocturne3.  The biggest surprise I got had to do with the fact that Pluto has 5 known moons.  I admit, I haven't been paying as much attention as I should but that is sooo neat to find out that Pluto has that many moons instead of just Charon.

4.  NASA thinks that Pluto may still be geologically active!  Imagine, a planet that small and that far out that has sections that are geologically quite young, maybe less than 100 million years old.  Remember they think the solar system is 4.5 billion years old.  

I plan to listen to Science Friday later today to see if they are going to discuss Pluto.  

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