Friday, July 24, 2015


My sister went on a safari to Africa a few years ago.  She had such a good time and she came back with stories of all sorts of things that happened to her.  She had us in stitches.  Would I like to go sometime?  Yes, someday but in the meantime, I'll continue going on my photo safaris to various places.

I looked up the word safari and it is defined as  an expedition to observe or hunt animals especially in Africa.  Since I'm on the other side of the world, a zoo is as close as I'll get right now but you know what?  I love spending hours at the zoo, checking out everything
I stand in front of cages, read signs, hope I can spot the animals who are hidden in the shade and watch them from behind the safety of a fence. 

If I want to visit Africa, the zoo has an African section with  elephants, giraffe's, zebra's, birds, hippos, rhino's and all sorts of other creatures. 

If I want to go birdwatching, there is a great bird section filled with birds I'll never get a chance to see in the wild.  That is a reason, I love zoos. 

Years ago, I was at a ren faire that had elephants.  One of the elephants was a character who had a sweet tooth.  He loved peppermint candy so much, he'd even eat it with the wrapper on.  I was with someone who had a piece of peppermint candy in his shirt pocket and the next thing he knew, the elephant's trunk came over his shoulder, slid into his pocket, stole the candy and popped it in the elephant's mouth!  Talk about surprise.

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