Saturday, July 25, 2015


The dress I word
I played my French Horn yesterday with the community band in the Golden Days parade.  I'll have pictures of some of the entries tomorrow.  We had a choice of dressing in costume or wearing our usual band shirts.  Since I have a selection of historical gowns from that time period, I selected on with a narrow skirt so I didn't take a ton of room on the float. The french horns were squished between the trombones and the tubas!
Window, Heater, Heating Element
More on that tomorrow.  After the parade, I popped over to the Farmers Market in my costume because I had not eaten breakfast before heading over to the parade.  Since the Farmers Market is right next door to the heater repair people, I popped over to see if my Monitor was cleaned and ready.  A Monitor is a heater that is widely used in Alaska.

Phone, Telephone, Communication
I was there with a male family member because I don't heave those things easily.  As we got up to the desk and gave the name, his cell phone rang.  The other guy at the desk, grinned and hung up.  Apparently they were calling to let me know the heater was ready for pick up.  His phone number was left because I tend to keep my phone turned off.

Gmc, Truck, Pickup, Front, Side, Vehicle
We all had a big laugh over that.  Then the guy I was with asked me if I wanted to go bring the pick up truck around.  I looked at him, gestured at my outfit and said no.  Have you ever tried to drive a 23 foot manual shift pickup truck in a street length skirt with petty coat underneath? (I've driven a VW manual shift in a skirt and petticoat and ended up with it all bunched up at the waist while trying to shift around it.)   He and the guys at the desk, so he went to get the truck while I paid the bill.  By the way, while the guys loaded the heater, I opened a truck door, stepped in and actually changed into shorts and a T-shirt so I could be more comfortable.

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