Wednesday, January 20, 2016

11 Weird Popcorn Flavors

Popcorn, Snack, Bowl, Food, Movie  Most people I know love popcorn.  They love it sweet, salty, buttery, or in any number of other ways.  You eat it at a movie, in the park,  or on your bike ride.  Kids love eating it so the butter ends up all over them.

Popcorn is sold all over the place including supermarkets,  events, school events, sporting events, movies, etc but there are some interesting flavors out there that are not run of the mill and are not usually served.

I found 11 unusual flavors that are not normally available except in certain stores.

1.  Wasabi Ginger Kettle Corn.

2. Gin and Tonic popcorn .

3. Mince Pie popcorn.

4. Birthday Cake popcorn complete with sprinkles.

5. Dill Pickle popcorn.

6. Mexican Mole popcorn.

7.  Margarita on the rocks popcorn.

8. Sesame and seaweed popcorn.

9.African Peri Peri popcorn.

10.  Chinese 12 spice popcorn.

11. Ketchup popcorn.

It was fun researching the topic because I learned something new.  These flavors come prepackaged but there are recipes out on the internet for many of these flavors.  All it takes is a quick search and you'll find several different choices. 

Happy hunting!

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