Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I Love Reading Odd News.

I regularly read the Yahoo Odd News because they end up with quite a few interesting pieces of news.  I've found these pieces make me laugh, smile, be aghast, or just undergo disbelief.  The news they have on this page, is varied and covers the gambit.

Newspaper, Paper, Pencil, GlassesFor instance, I just checked the page and I found a cool article on the family of a two year old who lost her arm to cancer.  They adopted a kitten who had also had a limb amputated.  The young lady's arm was amputated when she was 10 months old.  This year her parents decided to adopt a kitten with an amputated limb and they found one.  So on Christmas, the young lady became proud owner of a kitten who was like her.  This article made me smile.

Then there was the article on a teen aged bank robber who forgot to check out the bank before trying to rob it.  A 15 year old decided to rob a Chase Bank in Detroit. One of the bank tellers activated a set of electronic locks which trapped the young man between two sets of doors as he tried to get away.  He was trapped until the police got there to arrest him.  I laughed when I read this.

Talk about trying to get the most out of people, there is a company in Pennsylvania who wanted to get as much work out of their employees.  They insisted their employees clock out when ever they went on a short break or even to the bathroom!  Can you imagine that!  It turns out the Department of Labor took the company to court because people were not making minimum wage due to the clocking out.  The company lost and is required to pay around 6000 people 1.75 to cover back pay and damages.

I couldn't believe that but then I thought about my sister-in-law who worked for a company who required people to call in the day before they were sick.  If they waited till the day of, the company got nasty about it but as pointed out, you often don't know you are going to get sick over night and cannot call in the day before.

Of course there is the story about some Phoenix firemen who rescued a 13 year old boy from a chimney.  When I first read the title of the piece, I couldn't figure out how anyone could get into a chimney unless they were trying to clean it as they did back in the 1800's.  Well, it turns out the young man was playing on the roof with some friends and he fell into the chimney.  I guess the kid climbed up on the chimney, lost his balance and got stuck.

Apparently, he was the third person this year to end up in the chimney, the other two were adults who had gotten locked out of their houses and tried to get in using the chimney.  Instead, they got stuck and had to be pulled out.

Finally, a story that made me shake my head, is the story of an elected official in Pennsylvania who refused to be sworn in.  Apparently a woman ran for a seat on a township's board of supervisors in the last election, won, then refused to be sworn in because............  Ta-da! "She didn't have the time for the job"  Furthermore, she didn't meet the residency requirement either.    So now the she wants the board to select her replacement while the incumbent she replaced has a lawsuit saying he should take the seat since he received the most votes of all legal candidates.

So if you enjoy fun news, check out this site.

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