Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Eilean Donan Castle, CastleI just discovered the Outlander  television series based on the books by Diana Gabaldon. If you are not aware of the story line, it involves a nurse who falls back in time from 1946 to 1743 in Scotland.  It topped several book lists and has been translated to the small screen.

I realize that its been out for a while but I just discovered it on Amazon when it was on sale and I took a chance on it.  It turned out to be absolutely fantastic, breath taking and riveting but it has a fair bit of nudity, sex and violence.

The story begins in 1946, a few months after the end of World War II.  A war where her husband worked in intelligence and she had spent the war, working on the lines as a nurse.  They were on their second honeymoon before he began his teaching assignment at Oxford.  Due to a magical moment, she was transported back in time to the highlands of Scotland.

It is a story of her time there as she adjusts to a society with different sensibilities than ours.  Due to her skills, she was designated a healer for the clan.  She slowly gains their trust as she helps out the people who are becoming her own although she has the idea that if she can get back to a certain set of stones, she'll be able to return to her own time where her husband is.

Believe it or not but she heard a song that appeared to be about her since the main character traveled back in time and when conditions were right, she'd return.  That gave her hope that if she could get back to the stones she'd go home.

I finished season one.  It was awesome, kept my attention but as mentioned earlier it was a bit rowdier than I like but I would still recommend this series.  The other reason I loved it was the scenery.

It brings back memories of the multiple times I've visited Scotland.  I often take the train, stay in small towns in B & B's where I check out the local activities.  I always ask for suggestions of places to see.  Due to the suggestions, I've seen fund raising events, visited horticultural places, museums, etc.  It was great.

Someday, I'll be going back to spend more time exploring the countryside.

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