Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Take Up The Sword!

Sport, Gymnastics, Frog, Funny, Fitness  I stumbled across a website to help a segment of the population. It comes from the Stumble upon 25 websites that will make you look like a genius.  At number 6 is the one that made me laugh called Nerd Fitness.

It may have started because nerds have such a bad reputation for not eating right and not exercising.  This site is designed to help people exercise and improve themselves so they are healthy geeks.

The owner of the blog spends much of the front page giving good advice about not comparing your performances to other people's performances.  He also talks about comparisons leading to the dark side so you know he's a Star Wars Fan.  He asks people to join the rebellion to learn how to stay healthy without a gym and to make changes that stick.

Although he does offer a on-line fitness academy, there is a whole page of free resources to explore and use from exercising to eating to creating new habits.  I checked out the angry bird workout based on the game and it was quite a workout.  I don't think its one I would start with myself because I'm lacking arm strength.  Yes that is on my list to improve.

However the Lord of the Rings workout is much more my style and seems to be better to do if you are not in the best of shape.  There is also a playground workout for people who live near those open spaces.

I love the whole section on eating properly including a nice piece on eating vegetables.  I know someone who only ate ketchup and french fries as his vegetables.  Me, I love vegetables and I eat them prepared in as manly different ways as possible.  I'd rather eat vegetables than any other food.

There is a wonderful section on building habits including an article on how not to suck at building new habits,  It starts out exploring the one trap we all fall into.  Making a list of New Years resolutions twe jump into with such intensity that we end up failing.

There are a couple of other sections but if you are a nerd or you just want to improve your heath, go check it out and enjoy the nerdiness of the site.

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