Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Top 10 Popular Scents in Woman's Products.

Gift, Present, Bath, Set, Shower, Gel  Lets face it.  We tend to have our personal favorites for the way we want  shower gel, soap, shampoo, and other personal products to smell.  I have my favorites and they tend to be scents that are light and airy.  I do not like anything that is over powering and smells as if they are going to take over the world.

You find stores at the malls that sell all sorts of products but for some of us, the combination of scents are so overwhelming, we never even venture in and most of the time we give them wide berth.

I know there are trends for popular scents used in these types of products.  I am not sure how the scents are chosen except through the use of market research or surveys.  It used to be that every large mall had people working there to interview people as a way of getting their opinion on various products. Now we have all those surveys that pop up on our screens.

So, now the list of the top 10 popular scents found in women's products.

1. Lavender is the top scent.  It is found in all sorts of body products and when it is mixed with other scents, it makes small changes so as to add depth to other scents.

2. Vanilla.  The scent that is associated with decadence. It does blend well with mint, floral, and citrus scents.

3.  Coconut.  A fragrance which reminds people of summer and is found in so many things from sunscreen to lotions.  Although the scent if often found on its own, it is sometimes mixed with lime or another tropical fruit.

4.  Grapefruit.  This one is uplifting and energizing while being a very natural scent.  It mixes well with florals and other citrus.

5. Lemongrass.  This has a citrus smell with a bit of spice to give it extra depth.  It mixes well with florals or peppermint or ginger.

6. Tea Tree oil.  This is in the same category as Eucalyptus and is often found in soaps and shampoo.  It is often used as an anti-acne lotion.

7. Bergamot. This is the most popular citrus aroma.  This is actually a sour orange that is grown for for its oil rather than for use as food.   It blends well with the mints and lavender.

8. Eucalyptus.  The same scent found in those mentholated rubs.  In recent years the scent has become popular in   It has beneficial properties which help with it popularity.

9. Lemon.  The pure scent is rather tart so most companies mix in sweeter scents so its more like lemonade.

10. Peppermint.  The scent is uplifting and peppermint is quite cheap to grow so its an economical scent to produce.

This list has scents I enjoy but not always in my body lotions.  We all have our favorite scents and buy the products according to those preferences.  It always seems like the scents I love most disappear forever and I have to find a new favorite.

By the way, if you buy a product that lists vanilla essential oil in it, its wrong.  Vanilla beans cannot survive the heat needed to create vanilla essential oil.

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