Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Farmers Market.

 The farmers market has started but its quite early in the season.  Most people there offered either soap, jewelry, or baked goods. A few had vegetables like cucumbers or starts but that was it. 

Most of the vegetables for sale right now were grown in greenhouses because the ground does not fully warm up till late may or early June.  In addition, we can have snow in June so greenhouses are best.

Today, I'm sharing a few of the more unusual offerings from this past Saturday.  I'll go back Wednesday because the Mexican place will offer their fantastic tamales.  I'll snap a picture of that and maybe Moostard's. 

To the left you see fiddlehead ferns for sale.  These are ready to plant somewhere in your yard so you can have fresh greens in early spring.  I've never eaten them but I've heard they are fantastic.  I might pick some up on Wednesday if I can figure out the best place to plant them.  These guys come in from Manley Hot Springs.

Note we have the guy who makes balloon animals on request for a small fee.  I've never seen him there before but every time I saw him, he was creating something magical. 

He even had a sign loaded with different animals he was willing to make.  He'd labeled it "Today's Choices.

 If you look carefully, you can see a sign advertising Pickled Alaska which does not refer to a bunch of drunk Alaskans.  Instead it refers to the way certain vegetables etc are prepared.
mou know what it tastes like.  I adore the title of her business.
Alaskans like to exaggerate even more than fishermen.  We claim our mosquitoes are large enough to carry off a man.  So this entrepreneur created her pickled mosquito eggs.   
As you can see, they are sold as authentic mosquito eggs.....LOL.  I saw that and absolutely had to get a photo of it.  I suspect she took some quail eggs, pickled them, and now she is selling them as mosquito eggs.

We actually get visiting tourists who come through on a regular basis.  I wouldn't be surprised if she sells several of these every time a tourist bus comes through.

Over the past few years, I've gotten to know many of the vendors because I see them so much as sometimes even buy from them. 

As stated earlier, I'll take more pictures on Wednesday to post and share with everyone.  I hope you enjoyed this short visit. 

Thank you for reading this.  I'll share more later with you.  Have a good day and let me know what your think.

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