Monday, June 1, 2015

Sunday afternoon joys

Cat, Favorite, Relaxation, RestYesterday, I decided to do something totally selfish and decadent .  I realize that decadent for everyone is different.  For me, decadent can mean so many different things.  It can mean staying up as late as I want and sleeping in as late as I want.  It could be laying on a rabbit skin rung, curled up under a window with the light streaming in.

Iron Man, Robotic, Superhero, Hero, ToyBut yesterday, it involved finally going in to see the latest Avengers movie followed by dinner at a nice Korean restaurant.  I enjoy watching movies but due to being about 2 hours by air from the closest movie theater, I don't usually get a chance to go.
Hulk, Marvel, Superhero, Figure, One
When I bought my tickets for the matinee, I got sticker shock!!!!!!  They charged $9.50 for a single ticket!!!!!  For that much I could have waited till the DVD came out but on the other hand,  I would have missed out on the whole surround sound experience if I had not gone.  Did I like it?  Yes I did except for some of the fight scenes where the editing was so quick you couldn't see who was doing what.  Other than that, I loved it.

Ice Cream, Ice, SummerAfter a lovely dinner at a Korean restaurant, I popped over to the ice cream place for a double scoop of ice cream.  I had one scoop of pipeline swirl and one scoop of S'mores which lasted me through a lazy drive over Rosie Creek Road to Cripple Creek Road, past Bluegrass, Dulcimer, and Violin before intersecting the highway.  A right turn and  a mile later, I was home.

The weather was  awesome and the ice cream as usual was totally decadent.  I don't usually treat myself to a nice afternoon like this.  I should have stayed home and done some work but you know what?  I do not feel the least bit guilty about putting things off to today.

Always remember, take time for yourself!  Its important!

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