Friday, September 9, 2016

Flowers In My Salad!

Borage, Flower, Plant, Herb, Food, Macro  I love flowers.  I love growing the ones whose fragrance just makes you want to snuggle in and enjoy the day.  I love the ones I can cook with or use to make my laundry smell exquisite, or how about shortbread flavored with lavender flowers.

Most people are aware of flowers such a lavender but are not aware of the lesser known ones.  Have you thought of eating carnations?  Their petals are sweet as long as they are trimmed away from the base.

1. Bachelors Buttons is another one whose petals are edible but you need to avoid the calyx due to its bitterness.

2.  Many of you have heard of using Calendula for healing but did you know its petals are edible?  The blossoms have a spicy, peppery flavor that goes well in salads. 

3. Chrysanthemum blossoms have a taste that ranges from peppery to pungent and you should only eat the petals.

4. Citrus blossoms such as orange, lemon, or grapefruit flowers have a sweet taste and are highly scented to don't use too many as they may overpower the dish.

5. Fuchsia flowers  besides being beautiful are endowed with a tangy flavor.

6. Johnny Jump Ups provide a slightly minty flavor for salads, pastas and drinks.

7.  Roses are edible.  Their blossoms are great in drinks, desserts, or jams.  All rose flowers are edible but the darker ones have a more pronounced flavor.

8. Sunflower petals are edible but so is the stem which can be steamed much like an artichoke.

9. Nasturtium has one of the most recognizable edible flowers with their beautiful colors and peppery bite.

10.  Squash flowers are often fried after being dipped in a batter.  This is a well known dish in the Southwest.

There are lots of other herbal flowers used in everyday cooking but this list is of 10 lesser known blossoms which could easily be incorporated.  I have marigold in my greenhouse but I didn't know I could eat the flowers until I did some reading.  Brighten up your next salad with a few petals.

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