Friday, September 30, 2016

Unusual Uses for Coca Cola

Soda, Can, Tin, Drink, Beverage, Pour  I know quite a few people who live on Coke.  They cannot go more than one hour without inhaling one.  Me?  I have maybe 2 to 3 a year because I really don't like all the sugar in Coke or any other soda.

So what else can you do with coke other than drink it?  Quite a lot actually.

1.  It can be used in your garden to kill pests such as slugs.  If you pour the drink into a small bowl and you place it near your vegetables or flowers, the smell will attract the creatures and the acidity kills them.

2.  To loosen a rusty bolt, unscrew the bolt half a turn, pour coke on it and let set a while.  Wipe off the bolt and it should be ready to go and easy to unscrew.

3.  Do you need to remove grease or blood stains from fabric or clothing? Its a good way to get rid of stains but you might think twice about using it on a light colored fabric because it is brown.  You just add a can of soda to your laundry and let it run.  When the cycle is finished, your clothing should be stain free.

4. If you have oil stains on cement, pour the coke on the stains till soaked and let it sit for a couple hours.  Rinse off with water and it should be good as new.

5. Coke is reputed to be great at cleaning your car engine. 

6.  Add it to your B-B-Q sauce to add a sweetness to it. If used with pot roast or steaks, it can help tenderize the meat.

7. Add it to your compost to speed it up because the sugar is great food for the microorganisms.  It is also recommended as a fertilizer for Azaleas and Gardenias.

8. If your child get gum stuck in their hair, you should soak the gum in a bowl of coke for a bit to soften it so you can get it out.

9. Coke poured on jellyfish stings, bug bites, or bee stings helps neutralize the pain so the area feels better faster.

10. Pour a can of coke in your toilet bowl and let it soak.  It will dissolve the lime build-up so the toilet looks good again.

11. Soak a cloth with coke and use it to clean your windows. 

12.  If you burn something in a pan, just pour some coke into the pan, simmer over low heat for a while and clean.  it loosens the burned material.

These are only a few of the uses I've found for Coca Cola.  If you are interested in other ways, just do a web seach. 

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