Saturday, May 9, 2015

Adam's downfall

Apple, Tree, Fruit, FoodYou know the story.  The one where Eve talked Adam into eating the apple from tree of knowledge!  I've been looking at apples in general because there is nothing better than a crisp sweet apple that crunches as you bite into it and it releases its sweet nectar to drip down your chin!  Sooooo good.

Crab Apples, Apple, Wild Apple, FruitDid you know you can grow apples most any place now?  There are apples that are grown up near Fairbanks, Alaska. These apples are small and tart and descendents of crab apples Yeah I know, apples aren't supposed to grow so far north!

 The largest apples are small, around 1 inch in diameter and even the sweetest ones are still tart.  The ones I get up here are usually yellow and I use them in cooking but still fresh, they are just as crisp and juicy as a regular store bought apple. 

I've thought about moving to Hawaii.  I wondered if you could grow apples there and I discovered there is research going on to breed varieties of apples that can grow in Hawaii.  Yes in Hawaii!   Most apples need a certain number of chill hours and I think the lowest I've actually seen is 400 hours for apples developed in Israel and are grown in places like Arizona. Rose Apple Fruit Stock Photo
The last time I was visiting Hawaii, I stumbled across something called a mountain apples in the Farmers Market places in Waikiki.  It was shaped like a heart with a lovely red skin and a crispy, juicy, white meat.  The flavor is not exactly like an apple. Its more like a pear, yet it is refreshing and lovely.

So you see, even in the far north, the southwest, paradise or most anywhere else you can find apples grown.

Tomorrow see what sod houses and softball fields have in common.

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