Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wacky boats

Sea, Browse, Boat, Landscape, CalmYesterday, I wrote of my father's dream to build a boat out of cement.  Still sounds absolutely crazy to me but after a bit of research on the internet, it is done frequently but apparently the quality of the boats vary according to who makes it.  It looks like a regular boat.

Art, Attachment, Background, Boat, ChildThe other day, I was watching reruns of MythBusters and they were building a boat out of ice and newspapers based on a proposal from World War II to build ships from wood pulp or sawdust and water.  It was awesome watching them build it.  It was quite successful and it actually worked! Well for a little while.  It seems that if you have a boat of ice in water, even cold water, it will melt due to the temperature differences.

Tub, Palio, Race, River, Water, RemoAfter another quick search, found a place that discussed strange materials used to build ships.  
How about boats made out of giant pumpkins?  You read that right!  Its a local event in Maine among other places that have pumpkin boat races.

Fishing Boat, Denmark, Beach, SeaThen there were two guys who built a boat out of plastic soda bottles.  They sailed it 530 miles around Europe so it must have been seaworthy.

Finally is a viking style boat made of 15 million Popsicle sticks but after a bit more research, turns out the Popsicle sticks are only a covering the boat.  That is rather disappointing as I'd love to see a real boat made out of Popsicle sticks.  Geez.  Talk about misleading. 

Ohhh well.  I'm off to enjoy the sun with a bike ride. 

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