Thursday, May 14, 2015


Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave DesertThis week has been horrendous.  I look out my window at rain and fog.  The temperatures keep dropping rather than going up and I keep thinking of going somewhere warm. 

Warm like in the southwest.  A place that may have rather high temperatures but the humidity is low enough that it does not feel that hot.  I've been in the mojave where its 105 degrees but didn't feel that hot.  I've also been back east in Pennsylvania where it was 80 degrees out but the humidity was 98 percent and I felt like I was being suffocated to death.

Coast, Shore, Ocean, Water, Sea, RocksI can picture myself walking along the beach with the ocean waves swirling around my feet, eating a snow cone.  Sometimes I pass places that advertise "Hawaiian Snow Cones" I run up and ask for the li hing mui flavor and they shake their heads.

Shaved Ice, Green, Lime, Dessert, SweetThey usually offer the standard flavors like banana, rainbow, strawberry, cherry, lemon, lime, etc.

The only place I've ever gotten the li hing mui flavor is in Hawaii.  Well maybe next time I go to Hilo for the Pow Wow, I'll enjoy it again.

You know there is nothing better than eating a huge snow cone as you walk along the beach.  It keeps you cool and the beach never seems to get too hot because of the gentle wind that blows most of the time.  A breeze, not a wind, a gentle breeze that ruffles your hair much like your mom did when you were a kid.

Sigh!  I'm off to face reality again.  Thank you for letting me share a dream that is keeping me sane for a few more days.

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