Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Black sand beach

Black Sand, Beach, Hawaii, MauiWhen I was growing up, we lived about a block and a half from the ocean.  There was a lovely white beach just on the other side of the road past the row of houses.  Did you know not all beach sand is white?  There are places such as on the Big Island of Hawaii that have black sand? 

Tortoise, Green, Reptiles, Turtles, HardYup, black sand.  The black sand beach on the big island of Hawaii is a place that the local turtles crawl  up on the beach to enjoy the sun and warm sand.  This area is a well known tourist area where buses stop and discharge visitors bent on enjoying everything.

There are do not pet the turtle sign posted all over the place but the visitors studiously ignore the signs to take pictures of their children, wives, or other family members petting the turtles.  In addition, there is a stand off under the trees that sells trinkets only when the buses are due in.

Pastries, Snail, Treat, Calories, HeartyI've camped there before.  I slept in a van and was so glad I did because the wind off the ocean blew so hard, the tents flattened overnight.  The next morning, the wind was still blowing hard enough to cause more white tops on the waves.

This beach is just past the old sugar mill and on the way to the southern most bakery in the United States.   Further down, off the road is the southern most point in the United States with a cliff you can jump off into the water. 

I really enjoy visiting the black beach but hate watching people ignore the signs and disturb the wild life.

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