Friday, May 15, 2015

crabs and freezers.

Crab, Ghost, Macro, Sand, BeachWhen you talk about crabs you think of a marine crab, you think of dinner.  You know!  Crab legs!  Where you splurge and buy a bunch of crab legs to eat.   Lots of people eat their crab legs dripping in butter and tell me they are soooo good.

Crab, Sand, Beach, Summer, Shadow, SunI looked for a picture of what I grew up with as a Sand Crab but couldn't find any.

This creature was the color of the sand and kind of flat and more roundish with the correct number of legs but they never got very big.  For all I know, they are not crabs, but some other crustacean.

Seafood, Noodles, Daebudo, FoodI do know you do not eat these .  Not used in soup or crab cakes or any other type of delicious food.  

My brothers would spend so much time down at the beach playing, swimming and digging.  They  always seemed to bring these guys home on a regular basis. 

Rather than putting them out in the garden, they threw them in the freezer to be preserved for an eternity.  They would also leave a trail of sand on the floor from the door to the freezer.  Mom really hated it because they would throw these crabs in completely coated in sand and my brothers would never sweep up after themselves.

Every so often mom would have to clean the freezer out of creatures and sand.  She was always grumbling and threatening my brothers but it never did any good.  They would sneak in, throw the crabs and head out to play.  If they stopped to clean up, it was themselves in the shower and they'd leave a sand encrusted shower in their wake........LOL.

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