Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Trips to tropical nervana

Waves, Wind, Island, Paradise, TropicalOver the past few months, I  figured out how to take trips to places I'd like to go with the possibility of making them cost effective.

How do you do that you say?

I looked up the related group for my profession and found out what conferences occur in the state I want to visit.  Then I checked out the conferences to find out when they will be accepting proposals.

Hawaii, Mountains, Valley, Ravine, GorgeI sent out proposals to two different conferences.  I suggested  two proposals that I thought would attract the selection committee's attention. 

One proposal is based on a presentation I gave in February here in Alaska and I will be rewriting it to update it with things I've learned since them.  I call it fine tuning.

Bay, Nature, Hawaii, Landscape, LagoonThe other proposal is on a topic that I've had to become an expert at that.  I want to propose it to a national conference or two so I thought I'd start here.

Lo and behold, I am heading off to Hawaii twice this year. I will be giving one at the first conference in June and two at the second conference in November.

Yes I am going to pay for my way but I believe I will be able to take them off my taxes because both related to my work and educational. 

I am in educational technology and it changes so fast that no one can easily keep up with the advances.  I am so excited to have an educational experience while sharing what I've learned with others.

Best thing of all, it is in Hawaii this year and I'm going to enjoy both my visits.

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