Tuesday, June 14, 2016

11 unusual flavors of Soda Pop

Bottle, Coke, Drink, Soda  I don't usually watch television unless I'm traveling.  I'm not due home for a couple more days so I have access to shows.  Last night, one of the shows I watched mentioned unusual flavors of soda pop. These flavors are not the usual ones you find in the store but are created by smaller artisan companies.

It seems bacon is a popular flavor for just about anything.  Who was it who said "You can never have enough bacon.  Yes there is a bacon flavored soda out there.  In fact, I found plain bacon, bacon with chocolate and bacon with maple syrup flavored sodas. Some of the weird flavors are just renamed so it appears more exotic but others are just plain weird.

I will share a secret with you.  I do not drink much soda pop.  I don't like it and anything too sugary makes me too hyper and I'm hyper enough.  So I am assuming these taste as advertised.  I also found a list of soda pop not found in the United States which I'll share tomorrow.

Ta Da - The list

1. Teriyaki Beef Jerky Soda Pop - When you open the top, the soy sauce aroma comes out.

2. Grass Soda - Supposed to start out well but then the taste goes down hill.

3. Dirt Soda - This is supposed to taste better than the Grass soda but its not supposed to be that good.

4. Buffalo Wings Soda - Starts out with an orangy taste before the Buffalo Wings flavor takes over.

5.  Sweet Corn Soda - It advertises that it tastes like sweet corn.

6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Soda - for those who never really grew up.

7. Ranch Dressing Soda - Need I say more?

8. Key Lime Pie Soda - Have this for dessert.

9. Green Apple Jalapeno - Perks up a standard flavor.

10 S'Mores - For those who want to relive childhood memories.

11. Watermelon - Imagine having this on a hot summer day.

Such crazy flavors.  What do you think of these?

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