Friday, June 10, 2016

Its All Over The Place

 Hawaii and hula go together.  It is hard to think about the state without picturing young ladies dancing on the beach.

If you visit Waikiki, you can always catch one of the three weekly shows down on the hula mound.  The photo to the left was taken last year during the Pan Pacific festival when many dancer came from Japan to share in their love of Hula.  The festival happens in early June every year and is huge.
The photo to the right was taken a few days ago at the hula mound.  What set this group apart from others is that one of the ladies in the picture shared the stories being danced.  This group performed both traditional and modern types of hula.

Different groups perform throughout the month so they all get equal exposure.
Many of the hotels provide entertainment or lessons.  I stay at a lovely hotel that has a nice intimate family type night where the musicians are all local and drop in on Monday's to play. 

The dancers are folks who drop by to have fun dancing.  I love it because each dancer has learned from a different teacher so their version may be quite different from another.

They even have a teaching session where one of the ladies teaches people in the audience to do one or two simple songs.  Its fun and she is great at it.  some nights there is mostly music with a few hula numbers while other nights you might get about half music and half dance.  It is wonderful and so much fun.  Its like attending a family party, especially if you come regularly to the hotel.  I love it.

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