Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Travel Entry 1

I am currently visiting my parents.  My mother still has one of those dial-ups from the stone age and I am too impatient to use it so I have to walk down to the public library to use their WiFi.  The biggest problem is that they are closed on Sunday's and holidays.  That means I can't use it over part of the weekend.  Instead of coming and doing work at the library, I took my mother on a walk around the neighborhood and took some pictures of things I spotted.

This barrier is made of bamboo that has pretty much escaped and grown all around the house and protects people from the world.  There is space inside the property but I don't think there is much.   The picture to the left shows the front of the property.  The house peeks out between the bamboo and the conifer.  I go by there every so often and I have no idea how large the house is or its size due to the bamboo and conifer but I do know the bamboo kind of escaped and keeps trying to take over the block.

 As we continued out walk, I found this beautiful sculpture in front of the fence of someone's yard.  The bird is not real but from a distance it looks real.  The sculpture is hidden below a bush and peeks out so unless you are walking and looking, you won't see it.  I know its been there for a while but I don't recall seeing it.

We continued down the street to the main road and headed back to my parents' place.  On the way, we stumbled across a beautiful sculpture.
 This metal sculpture lies in someone's front yard on the main road across from the bay.  Actually its a harbor.  I love looking at landscaping that tickles my fancy and has character.  The animal does that for sure.

The above photo is a shot of the harbor at low tide  The picture was taken just before we turned up the street to my parents' place.  The birds are having a great time looking for food.  Its easier to dig in the mud at low tide.

I'll post more pictures as I get them.  In a couple days, I'm heading off to Hawaii for a week to enjoy some time off and to present at an educational technology conference.  I can hardly wait.

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