Friday, June 3, 2016

Fancies in Ice Part 2

Here are more photos taken at night of ice sculptures.  I prefer these because the colored lights add depth and make the sculptures appear alive. 

I am not sure what the below sculpture is but it peaked my interest because of its composition.  
 Below is a turtle carved out of ice.  Notice the detail is exquisite and the green light makes it seem almost lifelike.  This guy reminds me of the turtles I've seen sunbathing on the Black Sand beach on the big Island of Hawaii.  There are signs all over the place telling people not to touch or pet the animals but they don't listen.  People always have to have their picture taken with the animals showing them petting the animals.
The one below reminds me of a frisbee player with the form and the circular  hoop.  I forget to write down titles so I leave it to m y imagination when it comes to what each item is.  I love the variations in color on the sculpture because it adds so much depth.

Finally is the picture that reminds me of the nasty character out of the Little Mermaid.  You know!  The one who steals the mermaids voice.  During the day, it does not look as impressive as it does bathed in all these lights.

Every year, there are different displays but the level of workmanship is truly impressive.  I may share more in a few days but this should hold you for now.

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