Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ursa Major

Great Bear, Ursa Major, Sky, Star I bet when you hear the words "Ursa Major"  you think of the constellation with the North Star.  In most cases, you'd be exactly right but not in this case.

The other night, out on my bike ride, I finally made a stop at a local place of business.  It hasn't been there long but it is taking its place among the local producers of fine alcohol.

Ursa Major is a distillery located on the Parks Highway, south of Fairbanks,  between the gas station and the bottom of the hill, near the water wagon.

It hasn't been open very long.  I think it opened over the winter because I don't remember seeing it last summer. It used to be a place for artists to sell their work.

This distillery makes vodka, gin, and rum in a uniquely Alaskan Way. Instead of using potatoes or sugar cane, they base their products on barley from Delta Junction. 

Ursa Major Distillery
They are the only distillery in the area but there is a fairly large brewery that produces a wide variety of ales, lagers, and beers.  Since its difficult to fill a growler to take out of state, Silver Gulch has a branch in the Anchorage Airport so you can get some to take with you.

A couple years ago, I had the pleasure of drinking a wonderful Alaskan blueberry soda they made.  It was not overly sweet but was excellent.  Unfortunately, the soda is seasonal and runs out quickly.

So if you get to Fairbanks some time and you enjoy alcohol, you can check either of these places out.

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