Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fancies In Ice Part 1

Every March, Fairbanks host a world class ice carving competition where people turn a block of ice into something whimsical and fun.  These creations stand quietly during the day where all the detail is clear but at night when the colored lights shine on them, they turn into something magnificent.  You will get two days of fascinating ice sculptures shared with you.
 This is one of the sculptures in the light of day.  Its pretty cold outside so the ice stays in great shape until the temperatures go up.

This looks like Ursa Major or a bear. Notice how the lights make the opaque figure come alive.
 The above is a dragon as it appears in the day.  Nothing special about it but when the lights are flicked on and the background goes dark, the whole structure comes alive as seen below.

Below we have a lovely horse being ridden through the flames.  The horse and rider look almost alive.
 Tomorrow, I am heading off on the next leg of my journey but I'll have more photos of ice sculptures so you can enjoy the creations.

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