Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Art At The Airport.

 This column is being written while I wait for my connecting flight in the Sea-Tac airport.  It is obvious that changes have been made since I last got enough time to wander around so I discovered so many new things.

This column is going to focus on the columns I found in the A terminal on the way to gate A-5.  Each of the columns is a different picture created out of tiles no more than 1/2 inch by 1/2inch.  The whole column is tiled completely to the top.

This one has the feel of Chinese dragons and is so cool.
 This one reminds me of a village with paths and such.  Both the one above and this one are near what looks like a small security station but I do not know if its still in use.  As you can see, there is a ring of metal around the bottom but the story runs from that point up.

On the other side, behind me, are a bunch of Delta gates and food.  I do not remember this beautiful art work the last time I was there.

If you notice at the very edge of the picture, you'll find a wonderful picture of the Mona Lisa as its projected on a screen.
 I am not sure what this represents but it has a feel of aboriginal to me with all the spirals and colors.  The smile sign just behind it had the Mona Lisa pictured earlier.

I did not notice any signs giving any information on what this artwork represents.  The artwork is fantastic, especially if you realize these pictures are created out of different colored tiles with a bit of grout inbetween.

The artist who created these is quite talented.  I wonder if he or she had to place the pictures on graph paper first so they'd know exactly where each tile went. 

At a distance you do not see the small breaks between tiles. In order to see the whole picture, you have to walk around the whole column, otherwise you get just a part of it.
On the side of this column, there is a sign which welcomes you to Washington State.  There are trees reaching for the sky against a white background.  The trees are done in shades of black and gray.  Almost like a pencil sketch.

This column lies between the two bathrooms as you head down towards the currency exchange.  Look at it carefully and you can almost see the individual branches at the top.

The tile gives the trunk a realistic texture, one associated with regular trees.  It looks like there is a puppy exploring the ground between the sign and the walkway. 

This one makes me want to touch the puppy to see if its real.
 I am not sure what this one is.  Its more abstract but it reminds me of either a river bed with strands of different type of rocks stretched out or the handle of a pen made of certain types of exotic woods.

What ever it represents, I love the pattern created because it makes the whole column look so much taller and more slender.

I don't think many people take time to look at the artwork spread on these columns.  I watched people striding down the way without slowing down to look at these magnificent pieces.

I adore them. 
This is a close up, giving you a look at how the tiles are put together.  This is from the column with the oriental dragons.

Look at how detailed it is all done.  The different sized tiles are put together to create the pictures.  Each is beautifully done.

This picture of the doe is on the first column.  Notice the beautiful color and detail.  So beautiful. Yes, I know they are not blue but I still love the way the artist makes it seem almost alive.

Tomorrow, you will get part two, showing some of the new places built at the Sea Tac airport over the past year.  I hope you enjoyed the beautiful artwork I shared today.  Let me know what you think.

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