Monday, July 3, 2017

Dreaming of The Perfect House.

Large Home, Residential, House  I have a dream.  Someday, I want to build the perfect house.  One that has the exact kitchen I want, the bathroom with the sauna and shower.  The one with enough storage so I can hid all my odds and ends.

To get ideas, I've been looking at online real estate ads.  In reality, I can't afford a house that is more than about 250K unless I win the lottery but I'm looking at houses over that. 

The other day, I looked at a house in the $14,000,000 range.  It had over 11,000 square feet.  I didn't find much in that place I liked but I did see some windows I loved.

I want a one story house with a high ceiling and an open concept so movement flows.  The kitchens I like best have a work space opposite the stove so you prep the food and just turn around.  I saw an island with a small sink on the corner next to the prep area so you didn't have to walk across to the regular sink.  I haven't decided if I want a breakfast bar on the other side but I did see a booth to one side of one kitchen so people could just slide in and enjoy a nice meal.  There were a couple of drawers built into the ends so the booth seating provided storage.

Another thing I've discovered I like is separating the shower from the tub.  I like those huge showers with tile that looks like slate.  It has a head placed just above the sliding door so it sprays the water toward the back.  It also has to have a small seat along the walls so you can sit if you want to.

I want a huge master bedroom with a sitting room, huge walk in closet, a sauna, Jacuzzi, bathroom with two sinks so I don't have to fight anyone else if I want to wash hands.  I was going through a local lighting place and found this great mirror with two strips of LED lights as part of the mirror.  It does not have medicine cabinet but I'd love to put one in at the end of the sink area. 

The biggest thing I need is lots and lots of built in storage.  I found this cool book that talks about how to combine regular cabinets for storage so its placed in the walls between studs or attached to the studs for strength. 

Of course, I have to have one room designated as a library, filled with lots and lots of bookcases for my collection.  In addition, I have to have my office for the writing I want to do, a craft room for my sewing, jewelry making, knitting, weaving, etc, and a workshop for my electronics.  I want my own maker space.

I spent hours looking at houses on line and I'm getting a much better idea of what I want.  I am almost to a point of being able to sketch out the floor plan for everything and I am thinking of sketching out walls too so I can decide where all the shelving is going to be located.  Yes I know there are programs online designed to let me create my vision of the interior of the house.

I will use them after I have my general sketches done.  I don't know if I will ever get the chance to build my dream house but I am having fun looking at all those houses and getting ideas of cool things. 

I hope you have a good day.  I am currently in Phoenix right now and on July 4th, I'm traveling to Puerto Rico for another conference.  I hope to share a few pictures from the conference here in Phoenix.  Have a good day.

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