Wednesday, July 12, 2017

View From My Hotel.

 They put me up on the 10th floor of the Sheraton Hotel and Casino.  This is a picture of local Convention center.  The conference I came for was not big enough to use the convention center, instead everything was held in the hotel.  The hotel has great facilities and were awesome.

 Now, on each side of the convention center lie banks of solar panels.  My taxi driver stated that Puerto Rico produces all its energy either through solar or wind.   I saw a few wind mills but not many in San Juan.
 Just down the way are the docks where cruise ships tie up so visitors can debark and explore San Juan. The cruise ships are huge. This one had a balloon, water slide, and had quite a few levels.  I don't think I've ever seen a ship as large as this one. 

The Sizzler and Olive Garden lie between my hotel and this dock.  It left a couple of days later, only to be replaced by a smaller ship. 
 From my hotel, I'm able to see two different views of the ocean surrounding the island.  One is off, past the dock area where they unload regular ships.  Everything has to be shipped in if it cannot be grown locally.

It was interesting to see mile posts in kilometers but speed limits in miles per hour.  In addition, the traffic lights are sometimes out of sink with each other and with the crossing signals.

This is a shot from the end of the hotel, looking towards some of the other hotels in the area.  There are one or two tree lined avenues in the area weaving through the hotels.

I love seeing the ocean from just about anywhere on the 10th floor.  There are windows by the elevator and at each end of the hotel so you get a good view of everything around the hotel.
 If you look carefully, you can see one of the avenues in the area.  It curves through and around the hotel buildings. There is a definite disconnect between the hotel part and the part where everyone else lives.

On the other hand, everyone here at the hotel is so friendly and willing to answer any questions I had.  It appeared the hotel workers parked in a grass area across the street from the hotel itself.

I took a few pictures of the fourth floor where the pools reside.  The red building you see hosts the bar where you can purchase drinks.  It was extremely hot and humid so a person needs liquids to keep from getting dehydrated.  There is seating in the covered area

The paved walkway runs from the door, past the bar, and over to the pool where lots of people enjoyed the afternoon.  

The interesting thing about this pool, is the fact it sits by the edge of the building but is not very deep so people can stand or ease their way around.   It is possible to lean against the side and look over the side of the building.
The area of the pool closest to the where I'm standing is a very shallow place.  One could easily sit there.

Behind me are rows and rows of chairs to relax and sunbath.  A few of the chairs are in the shade but most are located directly in the sun.

Over all, I enjoyed the conference, the hotel, and the food here in Puerto Rico.  As stated earlier, I want to come back so I can explore old town and see a bit of history.  There is at least one castle in that area and I've been told one has to see it.

Let me know what you think.  I'll be writing about some of the things I learned at the conference.  Have a good day and let me know what you think.  I'd love to hear from you.

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