Friday, July 7, 2017


 On Tuesday, I left Phoenix and flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico but due to the airlines I used, I didn't arrive in San Juan till around 4 PM on Wednesday.  I know, I know, you are wondering why it took me so long.

I am a member of the Alaska Airlines mileage club so I use them as much as I possibly can even if it means I have to take a bit longer to get there.

On this trip, I flew from Phoenix to Seattle and spent about 5 hours in the airport before heading off to JFK in New York.  I did have time to stop through Waji's which is a place I always visit to have their Tofu Fried Rice and I have to grab an extra one to take home for a family member.

I have never been to JFK before in my life.  I've been through other NYC airports but not this one.  I landed around 5:30 in the morning at Terminal 8 where I headed off to my connecting gate where I switched to American Airlines for the rest of the trip to San Juan.

I am not used to much being open at that early hour but as you can see, I found a small Victoria's Secret at the airport and it was very much open.  I didn't bother stopping through for the simple reason, I was too tired being up almost 24 hours straight.
 I found this little sign just to the left of the closest bathrooms to show it is indeed New York City.  I'm going back through JFK in a few days.  I was going to rent a hotel room but I decided not to because I get in at 11 PM and leave the next morning around 7 AM. 

My nephew who lives in NYC said to plan on about 2 hours just to get through security even precheck.  That means if I rent a hotel room, I won't get more than 3 hours in bed before I have to get up and head back to the airport. 

I have stayed at airports before if the time between two flights is too short.  I hate spending over $100 for a room I'm only in for 4 hours.  I'd rather sleep in a chair in the airport.

This is a shot of the airplane I took to Miami where I switched planes to go to San Juan.  This was taken around 6 AM.  Yes it was nice and light.

I will be sharing pictures of San Juan with everyone next week.  Yesterday, I spent half the day going to Arecibo which houses a cool radio telescope.  I got lots of pictures I'll share with people on Monday but Tuesday I'll have some terrific pictures of the town taken from my hotel and from ground level.

Enjoy your weekend.  I'll talk to you Monday.

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