Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Business of Writing.

Book, Education, Books, Reference, HelpI spent the past few days at a conference held in Phoenix, Arizona.  There were quite a few different speakers on everything from science, to art, to publishing.  Each topic with a specific focus.  I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by Tom Leveen, an author of eight novels.

His talk covered so many things they don't tell you about the publishing field.  Somethings were obvious while others were not.  I learned so much.

I spoke to him to get permission to share the information from the talk.  He agreed, so here are some of the more important parts.

1. An advance is counted as income when tax time comes.  An advance is money they give the author but they keep the money until the publisher makes it back and then you start getting royalties.

2.  If you want to be paid, you should set yourself up as a small business such as an LC.  Writing is a business so it is best to establish yourself as one before you are published.

3. Publishers keep track of the number of units are sold.  A unit is a book.

4. Be nice to bookstore personal because they will help you set up an author event or help promote your book.   Clerks have long memories.

5. Attend conferences and conventions so you can establish a presence.  If you are known, people are more likely to buy your books.  In additions, you should attend other authors talks so you learn something.  Wait until the author asks for questions before you pose your carefully crafted question rather than talk about your book.

6. Remember, your job is a lifestyle in that it controls much of your life.

7. If you publish a book, look at other avenues for income.  For instance, you could have your book turned into an audio book, a graphic novel, etc so the one product has different streams of income.

8. As far as social media goes, use the ones you are most comfortable with. 

9. In regard to marketing your book, Tom suggested checking out Amazon Marketing Service while someone from the audience recommended Facebook Marketing.

10.  It is better to have another person edit your writing because most people miss a few things if they edit their own writing.

11.  Know what the fundamental thing you want out of publishing is.  Do you want to be an internationally known author, do you want to make enough to pay the phone bill, live on your earnings full time?

I loved listening to the talk.  Eventually, I want to publish some books on various things but I have not had a chance to quite begin the process yet.  So when I do, I am better prepared.  He spent most of the time discussing the business part of being an author rather than the publishing itself because he feels that is one topic most books and programs ignore.

Tomorrow, I'll talk about medicine in space was we know it now.  Have a good day and enjoy yourself.  Let me know what you think.

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