Monday, July 24, 2017

Golden Days Parade 2017 part 1.

 All of these pictures were taken around 9:00 am in the staging area behind Carlson Center.  The city is good at organizing it including setting up about 20 port a potties for people to use as needed.

They arranged for a shuttle to run from one of the local middle schools to the starting point and then from the ending point back to the school.  This way it relieves parking issues at the start.

I took advantage of the offer because it can be such a mess, especially since they will not take us back to the starting point.
 The army provided one of its armed tanks at the beginning of the parade.  Sorry about the finger print but I was shooting into the sun and couldn't see anything.  A lady I know told me her husband had to drive a army truck in a parade once and he found it more nerve wracking than being in Iraq because of the people sitting so close to the road and the children who like to run out.

In the outer staging area I found some wonderful old cars.  I have no idea about when they were made or when they came to Alaska but they were driven here.
 I love this "cute" little car.  It does run along with all these other cars because they had to be driven in.  This vehicle was driven by an older lady in her turn or the century garb.

Golden days refers to the finding of gold by Felix Pedro back in the early 1900's.  Within two years of gold being discovered, Fairbanks was a complete city with power plant, stores, movie theaters, etc.

There was a fire around 1906 but citizens rebuilt the city shortly after and business was as usual by then.
The Golden Days Parade brings out all sorts of groups from the Fairbanks Tennis Association to the Blood Bank to the Churches who all want to be represented and make an appearance.

This is a huge deal.  This year they had to shorten the route because of construction on Nobel street so it finished a few blocks closer to the starting.  

The photo to the right was taken in the other area so you can see the huge assembly area.
 These two vehicles are from HooDoo Brewery which makes a local artisan beer.  They are well known around here.  Several food trucks park by the brewery to sell their food.

For the parade, the workers decked out in traditional German folk costumes.  The music systems blasted out German drinking songs.  I believe the trucks are actually of German manufacture. 
The University of Fairbanks entered their missile float representing their launching facility at Poker Flats.  Poker Flats offers tours in the summer because they cannot launch at this time of the year.

This one is similar to the one posted out front of the facility at the main road so you can see where to turn but its much smaller.  This float was further back in the line up.

Since I was in the parade, it was the only chance I had to check out other entries.  
 This "moose" is famous in the area as being part of the Knotty Shop out in Salcha. Most years it sports some sort of public service message. 

This year, it has a life vest and is promoting water safety.  The school where I work takes kids out by boat to camp for a few days.  Everyone must wear a life vest or they cannot go.

One year, the moose was covered in silver to advertise something.
 The last photo of today is taken of the police officer.  You can see his motorcycle to the right hand side.  In the back you see one of several fire engines.

There are even police stationed along the parade route with candy to share.  Little ones love collecting candy and the police are not the only ones who pass out candy.

Tomorrow, I'll share a few more photos including some of the Fairbanks Community Band which I played with. 

It was such a beautiful day.  Until tomorrow.  Have a good day and enjoy yourselves.

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