Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The 10 Rarest Dog Breeds in The World.

Dog, Model, French Bulldog, View  The other day, I decided to look at the most expensive dog breeds in the world and found several different lists, each with a different set of criteria.

One list based its choices on the cost of the breed over its life time.  Certain breeds have health issues which can run up the vet bills or they are predisposed to things like hip problems.

Another list based its choices on the cost of buying a puppy because the breed is rarer.  So I decided to look for the 10 rarest dog breeds in the world out of curiosity.  Yes, I've owned one dog that was registered, a black lab, but most of the time I have owned those mixed breeds you find at the kennel.  The ones filled with personality and make you laugh.

1. Fila Brasileiro or Brazilian Mastiff which acted as a guard and hunting dog in Brazil. It has an aggressive nature with good tracking abilities.  They so not like strangers and are extremely protective of their owners.

2. The New Guinea Singing Dog started out wild in New Guinea but many tribe members began domesticating them.  Originally, they were used both as hunters and as companions to the children. They received their name because their vocalizing sounds as if they are singing.

3. Stabyhoun comes from the Netherlands where they protected property, caught vermin, acted as a pointer, and hunted. They are most often used as water retrievers because they can stand the cold winters of this country.

4. The Mudi is a Hungarian herding dog bred for both work and show.

5. The Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian breed from the sub-region Romagna. Although they were originally bred as water retrievers, they are used to hunt for truffles. These are currently considered good family dogs.

6. Azawahk is a rare African sighthound. It is a tall, slender dog bred as a runner and hunter.  They have been known to keep up with gazelles running 40 mph. These dogs are independent and quite rugged.

7. The Thai Ridgeback originated in Thailand and sports a ridge of hair along its spine that grows in the opposite direction. Thai Ridgebacks have a reputation as a proficient escape artist.

8. The Czechoslovakian wolf dog came from German shepherds being crossbred with Carpathian Wolves by the Czech military looking for a better military dog. The breed for recognized in 1982 and is the official dog of Slovakia.  They can adapt to living with families.

9. The Norwegian Lundehund is a Spitz developed in Norway to hunt Puffins and their eggs. These dogs have 6 toes on their feet instead of the usual four. In addition, they have flexible joints which make it easier for them to cross the Arctic Tundra where it hunts.

10. The Kooikerhondje are Dutch spaniels who were bred to hunt waterfowls.  This breed faced extinction after World War II but were brought back due to enthusiasts.  In fact, this dog is a good family dog.

Tomorrow, I hope to have some pictures taken from around Fairbanks.  I am taking off to Los Angeles for a weekend visit so I can both attend and teach at a costumers event.  I plan to take and post pictures each day so you can see some of the wonderful costumes people create.

Have a great day.

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