Friday, November 2, 2018

10 Odd and Unusual Hotels.

Barbed Wire Chain Link Fence Prison Metal This is a saying there is a hotel out there for everybody.  I'm the one who looks for a hotel that is relatively inexpensive with either a kitchenette or comes with breakfast.  I once stayed at a place advertising a continental breakfast but what I got was a packaged muffin and a cup of coffee.  Not my idea of breakfast but it worked.

Other people love the more expensive hotels that offer fine dining, rooms with the best sheets, etc.

Then there are the people who look for adventure when booking a hotel room.  These hotels are more for the unconventional person or those who want adventure.

1.  Are you a fan of Lord of the Rings?  If so head off to Boulder Canyon, South Dakota to check out the Hobbit House designed with 16 foot ceilings, round doors and windows.  In addition, there are hobbit slippers, inscriptions in Elvish, Sauron mask along with a gauntlet cradling the one ring.  The place is actually part of a four bedroom vacation home.

2.If you are in Paris, you could always stay in a shark proof room at the Aquarium de Paris.  The room contained inside a glass capsule about 33 feet down inside a 3 million liter tank. The room sleeps two and while down there, there are 35 man-eating sharks swimming in the water above the tank. 

3. On the other hand, you can headup to Quebec City in Canada to stay at the Hotel de Glace made completely out of 30,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice.  The Hotel has 44 themed suites plus an array of things such as saunas, fireplaces, ice sculptures, snow carvings, etc to make your stay even better.  Be warned ahead of time that the hotel is only in operation for 3 months.

4. If you'd prefer staying in caves, head over to Turkey to stay at the Yunak Evleri hotel composed of caves dating from the 5th and 6th centuries.  The caves have been redesigned into 40 luxurious suites stone fireplaces, carved windows and doors, etc. 

5. In Stockholm, Sweden, someone took a retired 747 and re-purposed it into the Jumbo aka Sky Hostel.  It has 25 suites, each one about 64 square feet, and over head storage.  There is a first-class lounge, bar, deck, cockpit suite and even a suite where the engines used to be.

6. Want something really different? Head over to Berlin to stay at the Propeller Island City Lodge also referred to as the Upside Down Hotel.  This hotel specializes in the odd room such as the coffin room complete with coffin to sleep in, the green leather suite, the mirrored room, the upside down suite where everything is on the ceiling instead of the floor and other crazy rooms.

7. Have you ever wanted to sleep in Jail without committing a crime?  You have a choice of two possibilities. The first used to be the Charles Street Jail in Boston but it was purchased in 1972, renovated and reopened as the Liberty Hotel.  Now you can in a place with exposed red brick walls, chandeliers,  beautiful arched windows, the bar lounges complete with jail bars, and you can go anywhere as long as you have a cell key aka your room key.

8. The other choice is to stay at the Longholmen hotel aka the Prison Hotel.  This hotel allows people to be "inmates" for the day complete with "jail breaks" and gang riots.  Visitors has the choice of staying in a regular suite or in a locked cell with the proper type of prison doors, barred windows, and bunk beds.  To ensure the experience is proper, inmates are issued prison gear and are guarded by jail guards.

9. On the other hand if you are a techy geek type person, you can stay at Henn-na Hotel in Japan with robots and humanoids who replace the receptionists, porters, room check-in, etc but there are humans around as back up just in case something happens.

10.  If you like to stay at inexpensive places, go to Austria for the Das Park Hotel made out of repurposed sewer pipes.  The rooms are just large enough for a bed, lamp, power outlets, blankets, and a bit of storage but if you have to use the restroom, you'll need to use the public ones nearby but you get to choose what to pay for the night.

I hope you found some of these places interesting and might intrigue you enough to check them out.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to her.  Have a great weekend.


  1. These are some pretty fascinating hotels, Lee. I'm not sure how many of them I'd actually like to stay in, but it's fun to read about them. My husband and I stayed in some quaint boutique hotels in France, which were very nice. Each year, for our anniversary we stay at the Grand America, a high end hotel. Other than that, my main requirement is clean with a comfortable bed. Complimentary breakfast is a bonus.

    1. I found them interesting. I'm sort of like you with the comfortable bed and complimentary breakfast. thank you for checking this out.