Wednesday, May 31, 2023

That Little Black Dress Never Goes Out Of Style

One piece of fashion advice that has been around forever and has never gone out of style is the little black dress.  That black dress you have that can be worn to funerals, out to dinner, out for a casual night.  The one your mother said you needed.

The little black dress has been around since the 1920's when fashion underwent a major change. Up until the 1920's, black was reserved for funerals and mourning but it all changed in 1926 when a nice little black dress made the cover of Vogue magazine.  This outfit, designed by Coco Channel, quickly became popular and took off in the 1930's due to affordability and simplicity.

The little black dress got a boost in popularity due to being worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys. In fact, women began accessorizing and adjusting things so the little black dress became extremely popular and is still popular.  So it's time to look at ways of adjusting the little black dress so you can wear it to work and then out to a night on the town.

First, think about taking your nice short sleeved black dress, pair it with some white sneakers, a huge back, sun hat, and you are ready to go to the beach or the farmers market. On the other hand, wear boots instead of sneakers, throw on a jacket and leggings and you are ready to go to the office. If you want to go out to dinner, switch out the boots for heels, throw on hose, and a leather jacket.  Want something dressier, throw on a necklace, dangly earrings, and bracelets.

Other ways to change the look is to change out accessories.  Break the severe black color by wearing a colorful belt at the waist and if you like wearing hats, wear a hat that matches the belt. Find earrings that make a statement.  Earrings can be hoops, sparkly, dangly, or beaded.  Enjoy playing around with the type of earrings to see which one you like the best.

On the other hand, necklaces can draw attention to your neck. A statement necklace can draw others attention and provides a personal touch.  Throw on a denim jacket for a more informal look. As far as purses go, look to using a clutch for a more formal evening and switch to a larger bag you can wear across your body for the more casual look.

Once you decide on the look be it formal, for work, casual, or for an evening out, you need to think about styling.  Choose a black dress you really like, feel comfortable, and wear confidently.  If you don't know what to do, wear all black from the black dress, to black shoes, to black leggings, to a black jacket, perhaps a black leather jacket.  

In addition, think about the length of the dress in reference to where you expect to wear it.  If you are going to a party or semiformal to formal event, you want a dress that is at least knee length or a bit longer. For the more casual look, you can go a bit shorter.  There is nothing in the rules that says you can't have one black dress of each length so you are prepared for anything. 

Remember its the accessories that make the dress different so invest in a few different necklaces, earrings, a few different purses, a couple of jackets, belts, bangles, and a few different types of shoes from sneakers, to books, to low heels, to higher heels so with a quick change you have something new.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Friday, May 26, 2023

Trends For Accessories In Summer 2023.


Although there are trends in colors and fashion that change every few months, accessories also have trends that change about as often.  The nice thing is that you can change the look of an outfit. by changing out accessories so each time its worn, it looks different. Today we'll explore the trends for accessories that are popular for the summer of 2023.

One of the first accessories one needs are bracelets.  Nice bold bracelets ranging from cuffs to stacked bangles, to clusters of thin bracelets.  You can use bracelets as a way of adding that bit of pop or texture to the outfit.  When you wear a stack of bangles, you can mix textures, or grade colors.  Bracelets work well with all sorts of outfits from casual weekend to dressier work clothing, to out for a night on the town.  

The trend for purses are those with top handles. These are small, fun, and quite functional and they add a classic look.  Look for a shade or hue that is not one you'd normally choose such as hot pink, or a bright lime green.  Purses are a great way to add color to your outfits.  Another trend is to replace those huge bags with a simple clutch purse that is just large enough to put your basics in without being too large. Choose a more neutral color so it coordinates with everything and can be used for multiple years.

Another accessory to update is your belts with big buckle type belts.  If you buy a dress that comes with a belt, get rid of it and replace it with a better belt because the belts that come with a dress are often made out of matching material or faux leather and you want a belt that makes the dress look more expensive. Look at getting a wide leather belt in a contrasting color to match your dresses or skirts. No matter what belt you get, invest in one with good quality hardware.  Note that the belts you buy for a dress is different than those purchased to go with pants.  The ones for a dress should be one designed for dresses that fits around the smallest part of your waist where a belt for your pants is placed a bit lower.

Check into getting some raffia.  Raffia is a natural fiber that is woven into bags, or hats but is often found made into shoes, belts, or even jewelry. Accessories made out of raffia add a touch of causal chic vibe to the outfit. It can be used as ass a small detail or a full statement piece. Match up a raffia piece with denim, or can be worn in your everyday life.

Grab a silky scarf that you can use to dress up a jeans and a tee shirt, or add pizzaz to a dress. In addition, a scarf can be worn around a dress instead of the belt, or wrapped around as extra coverage out in the sun. Look for colors that will pop, or an ethnic print.  

Don't forget the sunglasses.  In the summer, the sun is stronger and it is bad to expose your eyes to the direct sunlight.  Invest in a couple pair of good sunglasses that express your style and go with everything from casual to dressy. 

Finally, look at purchasing statement earrings since masks are no longer being worn everywhere and we can finally wear earrings without worrying about getting them tangled in them.  Look at having modern pearls in drop earrings, bold hoops, or nice sparkly ones.  Earrings add personality while drawing attention to your face.  

Remember accessories can make your outfit pop or look different.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day and enjoy your summer.  

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Color Trends For Summer 2023.

 Last time we looked at makeup trends for summer of 2023 so we'd know the current makeup trends.  Today, we'll look at the color trends for clothing so you know what is what.  Yes, they do change colors regularly but you don't have to go change out your whole wardrobe.  You can do a few pieces or a few accessories. 

Let's start with the beautiful ocean blue shade.  Blues are always good for the summer because this color reminds people of the waves in the ocean, the color of the lake, or even the beautiful blue of the sky on a bright, clear day.  Blue is a great color to wear to any summer event.

Next is pink like in the movies "Barbie" or " Legally Blonde".  There is no specific shade of pink, just any pink you feel like wearing and that looks great on you.  Enjoy a bright pink, a pastel pink, or any pink that you like.  When you wear pink, you are making a statement, one that says "This is who I am."

As far as wearing it, you can make the whole outfit in pink, or if you aren't into having a totally pink outfit, think about wearing one piece or an accessory such as your purse.  If you want to wear pink as a touch, pair it with earth tones such as beige or nutmeg.

For those who prefer a more reserved color, look at a shade called oat milk.  For those of us who don't always know the new color names, oat milk is more of an off white heading towards the tans and is a neutral color.  There is a new trend of making considered purchases so they look for colors with practicality versatility, and long term appeal. When people search the internet, beige is one of the most popular colors being looked up.

Another popular color is red.  It is quite popular and will be one color you can wear through the summer into the fall. It is considered one of those timeless accent colors and it has a strong emotional appeal for people. Red is sensuous and is perfect for that outfit you want to make a statement when going to events.

Then there is lilac if you want a purplish color. Although lilac is a pastel shade, it is both intense and feminine and a popular color for several designers. Lilac is considered a dreamy shade that is ideal for summer because it is full of hope and positivity.  It makes the wearer feel optimistic. 

Of course, lime green is quite popular the summer for special occasion dresses, cargo pants, jewelry, or in accessories like purses, shoes, and ready-to-wear outfits.  Match the lime green up with the oat milk since. both look awesome together. Lime green is even an acceptable color to wear to weddings this season. 

Finally, we have a beautiful metallic silver.  Although most people think metallic silver should only be worn for fancy or evening events but this color can be worn as a metallic silver skirt with a plain white t-shirt or a button down dress shirt to make the outfit day appropriate.

Have fun mixing and matching colors for that perfect look.  You have lots of choices and remember you don't have to redo your whole wardrobe.  You can just change out a few accessories for a new look.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Monday, May 22, 2023

Makeup Trends For Summer 2023.

It is almost summer, or at least here in Alaska, the temperatures are warming up, the snow has finally melted, and we see summer is coming our way.  Let's take a look at the make up trends for summer of 2023. This summer, we are looking at a really softer overall look with some bright patches of color.

Begin with a soft matte finish for your foundation.  You want one that is both breathable and humidity proof so it doesn't drip in hot weather.  Look at using a matte type primer paired with your dewy skin products to create a soft shine with a wonderful finish.

Go for a cherry red lipstick for that pop of color. Look at a bright red or coral lipstick to pop and pair it with a gloss finish to achieve the juicy look.  So your eyes don't get lost, apply a nice dark volumizing mascara so they look fluffy and long. If you turn the mascara brush vertically, it adds more pigment, and gives a baddie lash look, along the lines of the grunge look.

Aim for the bronzed skin look but don't worry about trying to tan out in the sun. Rely on a creme bronzing stick and blend, blend, blend it. Apply it across the high points of the face, mix it with moisturizer, or use it over the body so you get the right look safely.  Then think about using metallic colors on the eyes like metallic orange or blue. Don't go overboard by trying to use multiple colors at once, rely instead on choosing one shade and applying lots of mascara. If you aren't sure about using metallic colors, look to using icy shades 

In addition, the bold lip liner is back to go with the bright red lipstick. Think about a brown liner but use an eyeliner rather than an actual lip liner because the eyeliners last longer. Don't forget to go for the glowly complexion since it's summer.  Don't try to control the humidity and shine, otherwise you might go with powder and use way to much.  Revel in the glow. 

Don't be afraid to combine products like foundations that are light and leave you with a beautiful glow skin.  You want to look healthy and adding a bit of glow As far as blush, bronzers, etc look at cremes since you can blend them in and smooth them over your face more easily and it is easier to blend so it doesn't end up gathering in any wrinkles or lines. In addition, creams and gels tend to sink into the skin rather than sitting on the skin. When the humid increases, gels and creams do not cake up, the way powder does.  

So have fun this summer with the colors.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear from you.  Have a great day.  

Friday, May 19, 2023

Choosing The Best Bathing Suit For Your Body

I realize that summer is almost here and in many parts of the country, the stores are getting ready to show clothing for school.  Here in Alaska, we always seem to have bathing suits available when there is still snow on the ground and even then the colors are usually those horrid ones you'd never want.   

Since a bathing suit usually sets us back a few dollars, you want to buy one that will emphasize your figure while helping to hide those little areas we prefer to keep to ourselves.  So how do you go about finding a swimsuit that makes you look like a swimsuit model?

If you have a pear shaped figure, that is one with narrower shoulders compared to wider hips, you might want to look at buying separates  so you buy what you need and end up with a balanced look.  . Think about bottoms with frills or made in a dark color.   Or consider a top that brings your eyes up like a halter neck or a deep plunging front to draw the attention away from your hips. If you prefer a one piece, look at a darker colored suit with a plunging neckline.  You want your hips to look a bit slimmer.

On the other hand, If you have an apple shaped body where the middle section is larger than either your chest or your hips, you might want to look at a one piece swimsuit with shirring in the middle so as to create a more defined waistline.  You might also consider looking for a suit with a tummy control panel to add extra support and shape.

For those who have an hour glass body where you have well defined curves, look for something that will accentuate your waistline. Think about high waisted bikini bottoms, or a belted one piece, both of which will make your curves look even better.  In addition, look for tops with underwire or molded cups for added support.  

However, if you have an athletic body type where it is more straight with fewer curves and you are in shape, you have the luxury of experimenting to see which style looks best on your. Consider a one piece suit with cutouts, or has one shoulder to look more feminine and to create the illusion of curves.  You could also look at bikinis with ruffles, fringes, or suits with bold colors, to create visual interest.

Finally, if you have a petite body, you'll want something to make your body look longer.  Use high cut bathing suits to make your legs look longer and for the top, look at bandeau or tringle cups so your chest looks fuller.  Avoid excessive fabrics or too many bold prints. These will detract from the overall look.

Always choose a style that makes you feel both comfortable and attractive.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Four Key Aspects To Living A Long Life.

 Although most of us want to live to a nice to live to a very old age, and there are tons of books and websites out there, offering to share the magic pill or information with us, there is no guarantee that we'll live into our 90's.  There are however, certain things you can do to help increase your chances of living longer than you might otherwise do so.

First, one needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle filled with regular exercise, regularly eating a proper diet complete with lots of fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, and grains.  One should also avoid drinking too much alcohol, any form of tobacco, and try not to eat overly processed foods.

Exercise is great because it helps keep your body and mind fit while a proper diet provides all the essential nutrients necessary for your body to perform optimally and to prevent disease.

Second, make your emotional and mental health a priority.  Make sure you engage in activities which provide mental stimulation such as reading, learning new skills, solving puzzles, or pursuing hobbies that you enjoy.  In addition, utilize stress management techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, or mindfulness to help counter the effects of stress.  Furthermore, foster relationships with family and friends as a way of maintaining a strong support system.  Having good social connections has been linked to better mental health, and living longer.

Third, practice preventative healthcare.  This means schedule regular medical check-ups and preventative care so as to detect and care for any potential health problems early on. This means treatment can start early and take care of things before they become chronic.  In addition, it is important to stay up-to-date on vaccinations, screenings, recommended health exams based on age, gender, and medical history.  Always take any medication prescribed by the doctor and follow all medical advice.

Finally, have a purpose in your life.  Have a sense of purpose and meaning in your life is associated with both better physical and mental health. Take part in activities you enjoy, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose as your pursue the career that makes you happy, volunteering, contributing to your community, or spending quality time with people.  Work on having a positive mindset while maintaining a hopeful outlook. 

These are general suggestions and every person's circumstances will vary so consult your health care professional for personalized advice based on your medical history and specific needs.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

These are general guidelines 

Monday, May 15, 2023

Think About These Ingredients!


I was going to look at ingredients one should avoid but many of those ingredients have both good and bad sides to them.  Many of the ingredients one is told to avoid, appear to cause cancer but there may not be a direct connection rather than an indirect one.

So first on the list are parabens which are used as preservatives in cosmetics. Often times parabens are used to  retard bacterial growth and mold development to protect both the manufacturers and the consumers.

If you read the ingredients list, you'll see it listed as methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, and ethylparaben. You are likely to find parabens in makeup, moisturizers, hair products, shaving products, and so many other products.  Although at the moment, there is no definitive studies out there which show they are bad for you, there are some indications that they might be linked to breast cancer and disrupting hormones.

Next are sulfates which are responsible for the foaming in your facial foaming cleansers, Although they are considered safe in small amounts, some people are sensitive and react to it. In addition, sulfates do such a great job of cleaning that they often strip the skin and hair of all their natural oils.  This leads to dry skin and hair along with possible irritation.

One also needs to keep track of synthetic fragrances added to the products.  These fragrances are made in the laboratory and can cause allergic reactions in certain people.  There is some evidence that these can possible cause health issues but there is no solid evidence to support this claim. 

Then there is formaldehyde, a colorless liquid that is a gas at room temperature.  It can be found in low concentrations in some facial products, shampoos, and conditioners. There are a couple of studies which indicate a link between formaldehyde and certain types of cancer.

Finally are the phthalates which are also known as plasticizers. This ingredient is often found in synthetic fragrances, shampoos, hair sprays, and soaps.  These are linked to reproductive, developmental, and behavior issues.  This is something you might want to watch out for.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to avoid these ingredients because of what they are used in but as far as personal products, you can read ingredients and make a decision based on that.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Friday, May 12, 2023

The Different Types Of Fitness

 In general, when most people discuss fitness, they are discussing it in a very general way.  In reality, the term fitness refers to many different aspects of physical health and fitness.  The type of exercise we choose is what focuses on a specific aspect of physical health. 

The first type is cardiovascular endurance.  This refers to the ability of the hearts and lungs to supply oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles during prolonged physical activity. Running, swimming, cycling, and rowing are all exercises that are good for developing cardiovascular endurance.

Next is muscular strength which refers to the amount of force that muscles generate in a single effort.  Exercises such as weightlifting, resistance band training, and bodyweight exercises are great for developing muscular strength.  This is important otherwise you may not develop the muscular strength you need to live a full life.

We mustn't forget muscular endurance which is different than muscular strength.  Muscular endurance refers the the muscles ability to perform repeated activities over a period of time without becoming fatigued. To encourage muscular endurance, look at doing high repetition weight training, circuit training, and endurance sports such as distance running or cycling.  One needs to develop both muscular endurance and strength so you can keep going.

 Another one is your body composition which is the ratio of body fat to lean muscle. To have the best ration, one needs to eat well and exercise.  An important one is flexibility. Flexibility refers to the range of motion around a person's joints. Yoga, Pilates, and dynamic stretching are wonderful for developing flexibility. Along with flexibility, it is important to work on balance and agility.  Balance refers to the ability to maintain ones body position whether stationary or while moving.  Yoga and Pilates are wonderful for developing great balance.  On the other hand agility refers to the ability to change direction quickly and efficiently.  Basketball, soccer, and football are great sports for developing agility.

As long as your fitness program contains components designed to work on each of these types of flexibility, you should reach a great level of fitness.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Liquid, Gel, Or Cream Face Products


If you regularly shop for face products, you'll find yourself looking at choices of liquid, gel, or cream.  I know I use all three depending on what it is but is there one that is considered the best?  It all depends on your skin type and your personal preference.

Liquid products such as foundations or blush tends to be quite lightweight and easy to blend. They provide a more natural finish. They provide sheer to medium coverage and can be layered for additional coverage.  

As far as serums for the face, they generally have a higher percentage of key ingredients so they are more concentrated.  This means they are absorbed better and are able to penetrate deeper into the skin. In general, they are thinner but sometimes encroach towards being a gel.  This type of product is better for oily or combination skins since they do not add any oil but work for any type of skin.. The downside is that liquids may not provide enough coverage for acne or any discoloration or they might settle into lines and wrinkles.

Gel products such as blush or moisturizers are also light weight but tend to contain more moisture. In general they are thicker than serums or liquids and are more moisturizing.  They also tend to have a decent amount of key ingredients which are absorbed quickly into the skin.  When you apply them, they leave your face feeling cool . This makes them a great item to use in hot weather so you stay cooler.  Gels are great for those with oily or acne prone skin because gels are absorbed quickly but do not leave any residue.  Unfortunately, they might not be hydrating enough for people with dry skin.

Finally, cream products such as foundations or blush. This type of product is thicker and richer than either the gels or liquids but they tend to be more nourishing. Furthermore, they are classified as mid density and can be fluffier due to containing volumizing ingredients. They contain more humectants, emollients, or  occlusives than the previous two. In addition, they provide better coverage and are considered the best for dry or mature skins.  Creams can help make your skin plumper so there are fewer fine lines and wrinkles. This type of product is not good for those with oily skin. 

Think about what you want out of your face products and decide which type would be best for your needs.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Monday, May 8, 2023

Which Skincare Ingredients Are Absorbed Into Your Skin


A while a go, I read that collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed by the skin so even if your skincare product contains collagen, it won't be useful.  This lead me to wondering, which ingredients are absorbed into your skin.  

Lets start at the beginning.  Our skin is made up of three layers which is important to know because when discussing absorption, we need to think about how far down the ingredients are going.  The majority of ingredients only make it as far as the top most layer with few going down to the middle layer which is where the blood flows through.

Semantics are important here because absorption means it makes it to the blood stream while penetration means it makes it down into the lower layer of the skin and this is what you want.

Many ingredients find it hard to get past the outer most layer because it acts as a barrier and is water repellent.  Consequently, manufacturers mix other ingredients in to help the important ones get through the barrier.  In addition, serums and other more liquid products penetrate the skin better than the thicker creams.  Another factor is molecules size and this is what allows certain ingredients to penetrate better than others. Furthermore, certain factors such as the thickness of your skin also controls which ingredients pass through the skin. If your skin is thinner, molecules are more likely to pass through.  

There are five major ingredients found in skin care whose molecules are small enough to penetrate your skin. One is Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid is easily absorbed into the skin. This ingredients brightens your skin, reduces hyperpigmentation, and protects you against environmental damage.  Another ingredient is hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that helps plump and hydrate your skin.  This is one you want in your skin care product.  

Then there is niacinamide.  This ingredient is also known as vitamin B3 and it helps reduce the size of pores, decrease inflammation, and regulate your natural skin oil production.  Another one, is AHA's or alpha-hydroxy acids which help get rid of dead skin cells to help improve skin texture and get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.  Finally, there is retinol which helps counter sun damage.

So if you want to make sure your skin care product is able to penetrate into your skin so it can do the most good, look out for these ingredients.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Friday, May 5, 2023

Body Sculpting With Exercise.

I just did a routine that was designed to sculpt my body just using a few free weights and a lot of moves.  The instructor talked about sculpting your body so I needed to know more. Usually the terms body sculpting are associated with some surgical technique but in this case, it isn't.  When you sculpt the body through the use of exercise, you are using different physical activities applied to specific parts of the body to shape and tone your body to the desired result . 

The choices might involve mixing cardio with strength training, and exercises that target specific muscles.  The exercises that target specific muscles might focus on the arms, legs, chest, or back by using resistance bands, weights, or body weight. In order to sculpt the body, one has to consistently use the exercises, as well as eating a healthy diet. 

Why would you want to sculpt your body with exercise.  Well, first of all, it helps your overall health because it helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.  It also helps improve your appearance.  Exercise helps tone muscles, reduce body fat, and improves your general overall physique.  It also helps reduce stress and anxiety which improves your overall mental health.

This leads to a better self-image and improves the way one feels by building self confidence and you feel good about your body.  Furthermore, it improves energy levels so you feel like doing more and improves your overall life.  Since the goal of body sculpting with exercise is to reduce the amount of body fat, build lean muscle mass, improve overall fitness and health, its a win win situation.

So if you want to start sculpting your body with exercise, there are things you can do right now.  First, set your goals for what you want to achieve and make sure the goals can be measured.  Instead of saying "I want to lose weight.", you might want to say "I want to lose 5 pounds over the next three months." or "I want to fit in a size 8 instead of a size 10 in the next two months."  

Next find resistance training such as weight lifting, and make sure the training uses compound moves such as squats, or deadlifts to work multiple muscle groups at once.  Make sure you alternate the resistance training with cardio to increase the amount of calories you burn while improving your over all fitness level.  

Find a way to stick to the program because sculpting your body through exercise will take time before you see results.  It is worth it and be patient.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Active Recovery


The other day, I was doing an interval workout and in between the high pushes, the instructor indicated we were not cooling off but having an active recovery.  By definition, an active recovery allows your muscles to recover after a push in exercising.  It is also known as a strategic recovery.

The active recovery is a low impact exercise such as walking, cycling, stretching, or swimming. It allows you to stimulate your muscles without causing additional damage or strain to the muscles. In other words, it activates key muscles,  stabilizes muscles, and helps reset your whole body.

An active recovery allows for an increased blood flow to your muscles while removing the toxins such as lactic acid, which built up during the push. In addition, it helps reduce muscle soreness. Furthermore, it helps maintain joint mobility, and range of motion, both of which are lost when you are not as active for longer periods of time.

Active recovery also helps stimulate the nervous system, and maintaining neuromuscular pathways that developed while you exercised. It also helps maintain muscle mass which is especially important as you age. In addition, it can boost athletic performance because you are able to recover faster. 

There are three forms of active recovery.  The first type of active recovery is incorporated as part of interval training.  It is done between the high intensity periods so you have a chance to catch your breath and recover.  The second is done as part of a cool down and finally, instead of doing something high intensity, you just walk for a rest day.

So make sure you do some sort of active recovery when ever you exercise.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Monday, May 1, 2023

The Most Efficient Exercises To Get In Shape

Summer is creeping up on us rapidly and are you ready for it.  Although we should be in shape and working to stay in shape year round, it doesn't always work that way.  In 2022, I traveled a fair bit and ended up putting on about 10 pounds so I was shocked.  First thing I did was invest in a couple of programs designed to help me get in shape over a 6 and 8 week period.  The programs had weights, cardio, crunches, and so much more. Last time, I checked my weight, I lost 15 pounds and I hope I'm able to keep it off.

So today, we'll look at the most effective exercises you need to get into shape.  Yes, it is a commitment because you should be committing to a total of 30 minutes for 5 days a week.  If you get started now, in about 6 weeks, you'll be ready for summer.

First up, it is recommended you look at doing HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is best for burning calories in a short period of time. It is basically having moments of high intensity moves alternating with a small recovery period.  HIIT can be done while running, spinning or jumping rope.  The great thing about this type of exercise is that it can make your body continue burning calories after the session is done.  

Another way to get in shape quickly is to utilize whole body moves so you are working all the muscle groups in one workout rather than trying to spread them out throughout the week. Think about doing pushups or planks when using this type of workout. 

Although HIIT workouts are awesome, they cannot be done everyday.  Instead think about alternating them with low impact workouts such as a Pilates class or a barre class.  Neither one is high impact but they can still get your heart rate up so you get a good workout.

It is important not to do cardio all the time because your metabolism will slow down and it becomes difficult to lose weight. One needs to incorporate strength training to build muscles which helps your metabolism.  There is research that indicates by doing regular weight training helps keep off abdominal fat over time.  In addition, if you change your warm-up to include dynamic bodyweight moves, it increases blood flow and improves your range of motion. 

Furthermore, it is better to use free weights rather than using machines because using free weights requires the use of more muscles in your body. Finally, remember to switch the exercises up so your body doesn't get used to the moves. 

The best break down of exercising is to do two days of cardio, two days of strength, and one day of HIIT for a five day workout schedule.  Remember, when it comes to strength training, you can use weights, a kettlebell, or rely on your own body weight. 

So combine cardio with strength and HIIT and you have a recipe for getting in shape quickly.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.