Monday, February 28, 2022

Choosing Makeup For Acne Prone Skin

In addition to choosing the correct facial cleaning regime, it is equally important to choose makeup that will not aggravate your acne prone skin.  I've got relatives who always seem to look like they've applied theatrical makeup over their acne simply because they didn't know what to use.

Since acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, it is important to know what to look for when choosing makeup that won't make your acne worse.  People with acne have sensitive skin which means that if they choose the wrong product, they will either breakout or their current acne gets worse.

First thing is to read the labels looking for one of three phrases.  Look for "non-comedogenic", "oil-free", or "won't clog pores" because those products are less likely to cause problems.  In addition, look for a product that contains salicylic acid since this ingredient is able to reduce and prevent acne but be warned, salicylic acid can cause dryness particularly if you are already on acne medication.  Furthermore, try to avoid heavy liquid makeup because it can trap dirt and oil while blocking pores at the same time and could lead to a break out.

The second item is to make sure you have a properly cleaned face before applying makeup. If you apply an acne medication to your face in the morning, do so after you've cleaned your face but before applying the moisturizer.  It is strongly recommended the moisturizer contain a broad band sunscreen that is rated at least at an SPF 30.

Another thing to keep in mind is when you apply your make up, use sponges and brushes rather than fingers because the fingers can transfer oil from your fingers to your face.  In addition, clean your makeup applicators collect dust, residue, oil, and dirt which could lead to either a new breakout or acne becoming worse. When you apply your makeup, do it gently, otherwise your skin could become irritated and irritated skin is more likely to breakout.

It is also strongly advised that people do not share makeup or applicators.  Although acne is not contagious, makeup and the applicators can transmit oil, bacteria, and dead cells from one person to another and that causes acne. This is the big reason to only use your own stuff.  

Finally, don't forget to clean all the make up off your face with oil free remover before gently cleansing your face before going to bed.  If there is an acne medication that is applied at night, put it on after cleaning your face. 

So as far as foundation goes, which is better liquid or powder? Some recommend anyone with acne use powder because it lasts longer and absorbs oil but it doesn't cover redness as well as a liquid foundation. In addition, powder does not cover scars or bumpy skin as well and powder can remove concealer when applied over it.  On the other hand, powder usually provides a lighter cover and is easier to apply. Liquid foundation does cover dents in the skin better and gives better coverage but it can settle into lines and bumps but can also look caked and heavy if too much is applied.

What is nice, is that there is makeup out there for those who have acne.  It just takes a bit of time to read the labels to find the right makeup.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Friday, February 25, 2022

Facial Care For Acne

 I was lucky in that I managed to get through my teenage years with a relatively light number.  I was lucky, I didn't run into problems because I was one of those kids who kept popping them.  I'd heard that if you popped them, they'd go away faster but at 14, who takes time to research it.  I say I was lucky because others ended up with acne associated with their hormonal cycle and one female is still suffering from it and she is in her early 30's.  

When you have acne, you have to have a slightly different routine than someone who doesn't. The first and most important thing is that you shouldn't use anything with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on it because it can damage your skin.  Actually, when you use alcohol, it can make your skin oilier since your skin produces oil to counteract the dryness from the alcohol. Yes, there are tons of "acne" products with alcohol but it doesn't mean it's good for it.

First off, wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice a day, once in the morning, once in the evening. The cleanser should not any exfoliants in it because it could irritate your acne.  Do not apply the cleanser with a washcloth or sponge due to potential irritation, use your fingers instead. There was research done showing it can increase your acne if you only clean your face once a day.  When you rinse your face, use lukewarm water.  Try not to touch your face all the time to prevent flare-ups. 

If you want to exfoliate your face, stay away from mechanical exfoliates.  Look for chemical exfoliates such as using a 2 percent salicylic acid mask or a glycolic acid mask or lotion that is less than 10 percent solution. When you're done cleaning your face, apply a light moisturizer.  I realize it sounds contradictory but using moisturizer keeps your skin from drying out.  When your skin dries out it automatically produces more oil and it can lead to breakouts and worsening acne. 

Look for products designed to fight acne.  If you have blackheads or similar bumps, look for a product that contains retinal but if you have a mild case of acne, look for either retinal or benzoyl peroxide.  If you have scarred acne or inflammatory acne, talk to your dermatologist. Furthermore, apply the product to your whole face rather than just putting it on the effected areas. When you apply it to your whole face, you are actively preventing new breakouts. One last thing, do not pick at any of these or pop them because it can cause damage or take a lot longer to heal.  

Take time to relax and get lots of sleep.  If you don't get enough sleep, your chances of breaking out increases. The theory is that if you aren't getting enough sleep, your body might be releasing substances that cause your acne to flare. In addition, in some people when they undergo increased stress, the amount of acne they experienced, increased.

One final tip, if you exercise and sweat, make sure you clean off the sweat gently using a towel otherwise the sweat could irritate your face.  Taking care of your face isn't that much different than normal, you just have to look for the proper product.  On another day, I'll discuss acne and make up.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Benefits Of Staying Active As You Age.

When you are young, you don't think about keeping yourself in shape so as you age, you'll reap the benefits.  It really doesn't start being a huge part of your thought process until you being to notice a few aches and pains along with a bit of stiffness.   My mother always claimed she was in great shape even though she slowed down, quit walking as far until she ended up in a walker.  I tried to get her into a regular exercise class but she always had an excuse such as "That class is for people who can't walk." or "I'm in good shape."  Honestly, she was always a slow walker and even with a walker, she was as slow as molasses in January.

The problem with not exercising or taking it easy is that it can lead to being older and not being able to take care of yourself.  Furthermore, the lack of exercise can also lead to more doctors visits, more visits to the hospital, and an increased need for medicines for a variety of illnesses.

Overall if you stay active by moving around and exercising, you'll keep and improve your strength, stay energetic while experiencing less fatigue, improve your balance so you fall less, help control or decrease certain diseases like diabetes 2, heart disease, osteoporosis, etc.  It also leads to a better nights sleep, better way of avoiding weight gain, reduces stress and anxiety, helps control your blood pressure, improves your mood, and has an effect on your cognitive functions. In addition, exercise has been shown to support both emotional and mental health. It has been found that exercise can help reduce both feelings of depression and stress while improving your mood at the same time. 

Specifically as we age,  bone density can decrease at the same time our ability to balance can also decrease.  If our balance is not as good anymore, it increases the odds of falling and possibly breaking bones. Exercising causes the bones to build more cells, increasing bone density. Furthermore, the lack of activity can also cause us to gain weight so continued activity can cause us to build muscles and burn more calories.  All of these things add up to letting you live independently for a longer period of time before having to move to an assisted living facility, climb stairs more easily with less probability of falling down, and stay more confident.  It also leads to better posture so you don't get the hunched over look but are able to stand upright. 

This is something you should start thinking about in your 20's rather than waiting until your 50's or 60's.  You want to continue building cells in the bone to keep your bone density up because you can lose bone density without being aware of it until you fall and either fracture or break a bone. In addition, it is important to integrate exercises specifically designed to improve balance.  Unfortunately, most people have a great workout containing aerobics, treadmills or weights but we seldom stand on one foot to work on maintaining our balance.

It is important to work on balance because balance helps maintain good posture, while strengthening certain parts of your body such as abdominal and leg muscles. If you suffer from poor posture, it can increase headaches, make you suffer from neck and back pain, along with hip and knee problems.  Balance also helps improve your coordination.  

If you are young, make sure you include exercises for preventing bone loss and helps with balance. If you are older, it is not too late to start but if you are not exercising regularly or are older, make sure you get the ok from your doctor to do this.  They might even have some specific recommendations for you.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Happy Presidents Day

 Presidents Day came about when they combined Washington's Birthday with Abraham Lincolns Birthday in 1971 due to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.  Presidents day is officially the third Monday of February now.

Friday, February 18, 2022

The Different Types Of Concealer


Concealers or color correctors are one tool in your arsenal designed to help cover dark spots, discolorations, large pores, acne, and other blemishes. It can also help highlight the area under your eyes or your chin. Although a concealer may seem like foundation, a concealer is only used on certain areas of the face while the foundation is used all over it.  In addition, in liquid form, concealers are often thicker than foundations and must be applied after the foundation has been applied.

There are five places that should always have concealer applied.  One is the area under the eyes where dark circles tend to appear, above your eyebrows, at the corners of your mouth, just around the nostrils, and a thin line from your nostrils down to your chin.

There are four types of concealers to choose from.  The first type is the liquid form. This type is considered the most versatile and usually provides sheer coverage but some brands can provide full coverage. If you are using one that has sheer coverage, you can layer it for more coverage.  Liquid concealer is recommended for dry to normal skin because it is hydrating.  It usually glides on over your foundation and comes in matte, satin, or a radiant finish. 

The next type is a stick concealer which offers full coverage since it comes in a semi-solid form. In addition, it tends to be highly pigmented but the shades are vibrant. This form is better for covering small dark spots and blemishes. Furthermore, the stick is compact, making it easy to put in your purse for touchup later on. When using a stick concealer, it is necessary to blend with fingers or a sponge a lot due to its consistency. Unfortunately, in warmer weather the concealer can melt and smear on the face but it is recommended for use in normal to dry skin.

The third type is the balm concealer which provides even more coverage because it is thicker than the liquid concealer. It is recommended for oily skin to normal skin. It gets its name from it's balm like texture.  Many of the balm concealers are actually color correctors.  Color correctors are used underneath the foundation to neutralize redness and and redness.  Use your fingers or a brush to smooth the concealer over your skin. Then apply foundation because the foundation also masks the concealer.

Furthermore, it is important to select the proper color of color corrector for the appropriate job.  For instance, peach concealer is designed to neutralize blue and purple shadows that appear on medium skin tones while and orange-pink concealer neutralizes dark spots on dark skin.  Pale pink concealer is better at covering blue spots on pale skin.  On the other hand, yellow concealer is better at covering purple or dark shadows on tan or olive skin tones. Green concealer is good at hiding redness on your skin. Finally, lavender/green concealer is for hiding yellow patches on your skin. 

Last is the cream concealer which offers medium to full coverage for normal to dry skin.  It is not as pigmented as the stick concealer, making it better for covering dark circles, acne, discoloring or hyperpigmentation. In addition, they work really well on dry skin for covering dry patches of skin or blemish that has dried out.  The down side to cream concealers is that they tend to crease if they end up in wrinkles or fine lines.

So now with armed with a bit more information, it is possible to get the right type of concealer so you look your best.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Korean Face Masks - Do They Work?

Korean face masks are those liquid saturated sheet masks you put on your face for 20 minutes with the idea that when you are done, your face is hydrated and looks great.  I use them because they make me slow down since I tend to have difficulty just relaxing. I've tried other types like mud, clay, and the ones that kind of dry on your face that you wash or peel off and didn't like them.

I found these and tried them because they didn't dry on my skin.  When I took the sheets off, I liked the way my skin looked and felt so I began using them regularly.  I wondered if my skin really absorbed the liquid or if it was my mind "seeing" it better.

A Korean face mask is also known as a sheet mask.  It is a single layer cotton material with places for your eyes, nose, and mouth and soaked in a liquid filled with all sorts of skin friendly ingredients.  The mask rests on the curves of your face while distributing the moisture better all over your skin.  It also provides a barrier between the skin and the air because most of the time when you put something on your face, it evaporates but the mask stops this from happening as quickly.  The 20 minute time period, they say you should leave the mask on is the same time necessary for the nutrient rich liquids to penetrate your skin 

This means that the masks provide limited and temporary benefits to the surface of your skin.  Since the masks provide the moisture necessary to keep yours skin soft and subtle so it resists damage better.  It also encourages both elastin and college development in the deeper layers and helps filter out damage from environmental factors such as UV rays, dust, dirt, etc.  

The amount of moisture from these sheets can make your face look smoother and fill in the finer wrinkles but it cannot get rid of deep wrinkles because the moisture does not reach down that far.On the other hand, they are good for giving your skin a temporary glow or boost.  In addition, these sheet masks are wonderful when used on sensitive skin, irritated skin, or skin that has been exposed to too much sun. 

When you are shopping for a face mask, look for ones labeled hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and free of dyes and parabens to avoid any issues due to sensitive skin.  You don't need one with esoteric ingredients. In addition, it is important to know how any over the counter or prescription medications can either react with the ingredients or cause your skin to change a bit.  Some medications alter the thickness of your skin while others can make your skin super sensitive. Ask your doctor what any medications do to your skin.

If you want to use a mask, make sure you've cleaned all the makeup, dirt, or residue by washing your face with a gentle cleaner and warm water.  The warm water causes your pores to stay open so your skin absorbs the nutrients better.  

Korean face masks do provide some benefits and make up part of a really great facial care routine.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Best Exercises For Losing Belly Fat


I noticed that over the past few years, I've gained a bit of weight and gotten a bit thicker in the abdomen.  As one of my resolutions for 2022, I decided it was time to see if I could reduce my belly fat so I didn't look pregnant.  As mentioned in an earlier column, one can lose belly fat by exercising but it's important to know which exercises will do this.

Unfortunately, the amount of belly fat tends to increase as you age. It can also make it harder to fit in those jeans you love and is associated with a higher chance of diabetes, cholesterol, higher blood pressure, heart disease, and breathing problems.  So there are multiple reasons for getting rid of your belly fat.

One of the first recommendations to lose belly fat is to incorporate at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity every day.  They suggest you walk at a quick pace, run, ride your bike, row, ride a stationary bike, swim or participate in group workouts. The idea is to get your heart beating and you end up breathing hard.  A casual stroll around the neighborhood doesn't usually qualify but if you change that to speed walking, it would because you end up breathing hard.

Another suggestion is to add in High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) or intensity training in general because it incorporates bursts of high intensity exercise with lower intensity moves or periods of rest but periods of rest are not just sitting.  Periods of rest are exercises that allow you to get your breath back such as walking in place and it gives you time to regroup. You want exercises that require pulling, pushing, squatting, dead lifting, and loaded carry activity.

Usually HITT combines 30 seconds of high intensity with 30 seconds of lower intensity moves.  If you are new to doing HITT, think about possibly doing jumping jacks, burpees, push-ups, jump squats or high knees because these are easier for beginners.  However, you can still do these if you are experienced because you want to get your heart activity up there and push a bit.

In addition, you want to include some exercises that focus on the abdomen region since that is where the fat accumulates.  When you do abdominal exercises, they can help tone and flatten your abdomen which is what many of us want. You might want to try doing 60 second long planks, bicycle crunches, abdominal crunches, or leg lifts.  All of these help flatten your tummy.

Finally, throw in some weight and resistance training. This is recommended because muscle burns off more calories than fat when you are at rest. The weight training and resistance training also helps build lean muscle while decreasing the amount of fat in your body.  Suggested exercises include bicep curls, lunges, squats, and tricep kickbacks and you should use weights of 3 to 5 pounds for 12 repetitions and then do a second set with higher weights and fewer repetitions for maximum benefits.

No matter what, do not overtrain or your body will produce too much cortisol which is a hormone associated with belly fat and if you overtrain, you'll find it harder to get rid of belly fat.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Wearing Makeup While Working Out.


If you go to the gym on a regular basis, you know there are the few people who show up for their workout looking perfectly done and they keep their makeup on throughout their session.  I don't bother trying to wear makeup for the simple reason that I sweat, although my grandmother always said "ladies don't sweat, they glow!" Well I glow up a river.  So is it ok to wear make up to the gym?

The question arises due to it being the new year and so many people resolve to start exercising again.  For many, the only time to get to the gym is right after work, since it's the only time available.  Once at the gym, some take their makeup while others don't and those that don't are not making a great choice.  

When you work out, you tend to sweat.  When you exercise, your temperature increases, you sweat, and your pores tend to open allowing particles of makeup to block them. This can lead to breakouts and an uneven skin texture. 

Furthermore, when you exercise, you usually have constant contact with the floor, with equipment such as yoga mats, bicycles, weights, and machines which are great places for bacteria to breed. This type of bacteria is most likely to cause acne.  The make up you wear gives the bacteria something to hold on to.  Since we touch our faces 3.6 times an hour on average, it is easy to transfer the bacteria from the equipment to your face.

Fortunately, there is no evidence that wearing makeup while exercising can lead to long term damage, there can be long term damage is you exercise outside regularly without wearing a good sunscreen that is rated at least SPF 30. Furthermore, do not rely on a foundation with sunscreen because it tends to slip when you begin to perspire and the SPF is not always that high. Layer the foundation, concealer, or mineral makeup over the sunscreen.  It is recommended people use a mineral rather than chemical sunscreen but if you have to use a chemical one, choose a gel like formulation.

If you still want to were makeup while working out because you feel better, you need to follow a few steps  to do it properly. If you have oily skin, you should clean your face with an oil free cleaner to get rid of any bacteria present so they don't get into your open pores. If on the other hand, you have sensitive skin that reacts when you sweat, consider putting on a layer of light moisturizer to protect it. 

Rather than using an oil based foundation because it is more likely to clog pores, consider using either a water based foundation or mineral makeup to decrease the chance of clogged pores.  You do not want to do anything to clog pores because it could lead to acne and blackheads. In addition, if you use concealer, choose a highly pigmented one that is in your skin tone, only on areas with discoloration, spots, redness, or dark circles and blend it all in. Although concealer is usually water resistant, make sure it is.

On the other hand, if you have skin that is prone to breakouts or sensitive skin, you might consider using mineral makeup since it is breathable. You want a shade that is the same as your skin tone but doesn't have shimmer or sparkle. Furthermore, when you wear makeup at the gym, you want to highlight your lips and brows. If you want your brows to look great the whole time, finish with a bit brow wax after filling in the thin spots and getting it just right.

As for lips, do not go for an explosion of color. Settle for a more subtle color wash. Choose a lipstick designed to be water resistant and is long wearing. When you apply it, dab it on and then pat the extra off and do not use a lip liner or gloss because hair can get stuck on your glossed lips. 

Should you want to use eye shadows to create a look, choose water resistant products so they don't run into your eyes once you start sweating. Apply the shadow, add a bit of eyeliner and finish with water resistant mascara for that look.

Once you've finished working out, wash your face again to get rid of dirt, bacteria, or excess makeup. Finish with a light moisturizer to keep the skin from becoming too sensitive.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Monday, February 7, 2022

Reducing Stomach Fat AKA Belly Fat


Yes, I admit, I have some, just like so many other women.  I've always thought it was part of being a woman.  I thought that some of us had a bit of a belly and others didn't but I've been reading up on the topic because I noticed that when I exercised a lot, it went down.  It never disappeared totally, just become less noticeable.

As women, we've always heard that we will gain weight as we age and we'll end up with more of a belly at the same time.  In addition, when we go through menopause, our belly fat moves down into the abdomen. Unfortunately, this belly fat can impact our health but we can reduce the risks.  

The amount of belly fat you have is effected by three factors.  First, the number of calories you eat every day.  Second, how many calories you burn through exercise.  Finally, you age. There is not much you can do about your age but you can do something about the number of calories eaten and the amount of exercise you do every day.

Belly fat can be divided into two categories.  First is the fat that acts as padding just below the skin also known as subcutaneous fat. The second is the fat found deeper in the abdomen, surrounding your internal organs, also known as subcutaneous fat.  The second type is the one you need to be concerned about.  It is linked with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, and breathing problems.

If you want to get rid of the extra belly fat, there are a variety of things you can do to create a multi pronged attack. It is important to move to a healthier diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. It is important to switch to a leaner variety of protein and move to low fat dairy products. In addition, limit foods with high saturated fats while cutting back on the amount of sugar you consume each day  Instead of eating foods with high amounts of saturated fats, look at having moderate amounts of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Instead of enjoying soda pop or even coffee or tea sweetened with lots of sugar, switch to drinking water or unsweetened drinks such as coffee or tea.  If you like sweet drinks, you. might look at switching to an artificial sweetener.  Do not think about switching to a fruit juice that is 100 percent juice as that type of drink can be high in sugars.  

In addition to switching to a healthier diet, it is important to monitor portion sizes.  Even if you eat better, you can still gain weight if you are consuming large portions so you need to control your portion sizes. The best general rule of thumb I've heard in regard to portion sizes is that the protein serving should be the size of your fist, grains should be no more than a quarter of the size of your plate and greens should take half the plate.  When you eat out, eat only half the meal and take the rest home.  You do not have to eat it all at the restaurant. The other option is to order one thing between two people to share so there is nothing to take home.

Make sure you exercise regularly.  The government recommends at least 150 minutes a week of moderate activity such as brisk walking or 75 minutes a week for vigorous activity such as running.  In addition, you should do strength training at least twice a week.  If you are not loosing belly fat, look at your diet, portion size, and increasing the amount of exercise you do each week.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day

Friday, February 4, 2022

7 Different Highlighters.

 I love that highlighters give your skin that glistening look.  The one where you want your skin to look sun kissed even in the middle of winter. When you go shopping for a highlighter, you'll have a choice of seven different types and its best to know the different types. 

The first type is a strobing cream which provides the "lit from within" glow.  It is designed to give flat, dull skin a boost so it looks radiant once more. It is applied with a finger or a brush. This product is placed anywhere on the face but on the tip of the nose, a bit on the fore head, or cheeks.  This can also be used as a primer but no matter how it is used, warm the cream up a bit with your body heat so it goes on smoother.  Be care when applying on top of oil free foundation because the cream can cause it to break down.

Next is a novelty highlighter one could use for special occasions.  A novelty highlighter is one whose colors are focused on a theme such as pizza, or a rainbow.  They come in bright colors that are only worn on special occasions rather than everyday but be careful of this type as the colors may overpower you.

Then there is the gel highlighter which wobbles and provide a pigmented layer of radiance and glow that can be layered on the skin. This type of highlighter is used more often by professionals but can be used on any type of skin. Since it is a gel, it can be mixed in with a foundation, under the foundation, or can even be worn as eye shadow.  

If you aren't used to using highlighter, check out the stick highlighter.  A stick highlighter looks like a crayon stick that is used to apply highlighter to the high points of the face. It has paraffin or beeswax to keep it stiff. It is a good one to choose if you are new to using this product. 

On the other hand, if you like a variety of shades, look for the brick highlighter. A brick highlighter comes with sections of different tones that can be applied separately or mixed together for a custom look. This highlighter also allows you to experiment with different shades so you know which provides the best look in various situations. 

The powdered form of highlighter should be in everyone's makeup case. In addition, it is the most common highlighter and the easiest to apply. It looks like pressed powder in a pan similar to compact powder but it is shiny. It is applied with a brush and is one of the final items applied in your makeup routine. It is the one comparable with most types of skin.  

Finally, one can use liquid highlighter that is highly pigmented and must be blended swiftly so it looks amazing. Liquid highlighters are great for normal to dry skin and can be applied directly to the face, mixed with foundation, or applied on top of foundation. A subtype of the liquid highlighter is the spray-on highlighter which sprays on the highlighter as an illuminating setting spray.  It smooths the skin and can be used to finish the look.

So now you have an idea of the different types of highlighters to choose from.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

10 Different Types Of Blush


Blush, the nice color your face takes on when you get slightly embarrassed or the makeup item you apply to add a bit of color.  My mother always wore a blush that was way too red so she looked as if she had a nice red dot on each cheek. Blush is a great addition to your evening makeup routine because it both covers up and completes your night time look.

Since there are 10 different types of blushes, it is important to know about them so you can choose the correct type for your situation.  

The first one is the gel blush which is a great way to add glow to your face. It tends to be a bit thicker than other varieties because it has a gel like constancy and it is good for both oily and dry skin because acts as a moisturizer.  Gel blushes are great for summer use because it tends to stay on better during those warm days. You need to apply it with your fingers since a brush won't work and it needs to be smoothed and blended in.  The biggest problem with gel blushes is that they don't show up on darker skin tones as well. 

Second, is the soft shine shimmer blush.  It has a lot of shine so it must be applied carefully and if you put too much on, it can look like you have lights on your face. Apply the blush with a large brush and gradually build up layers to get the right look.  This blush is designed to be worn daily but is more for the office or a meeting rather than to the playground. 

Third, is the glittery shimmer blush which is similar to the last one but requires more care in its application because it has glitter.  When you apply it, do so slowly and carefully since glitter is so hard to remove. This one is not created to be worn everyday.  Instead, use it for a night out or a fancy party when you want to glow.

Fourth is the cream blush.  Due to its constancy, it can also work as a moisturizer and is recommended for dry skin. It is should not be used on oily skin because it could look too greasy. Since it is a cream blush, it won't be as shiny as other blushes but it often has a nice fresh glowing finish. In addition, it is not an all day blush, so it has to be reapplied since it only lasts between 5 and 6 hours.  The nice thing about a cream blush is that it can be applied either with a brush or a finger. The best way to apply it is by layering it, using a light layer each time to build up the color and look..

Fifth is the powder blush which is more of a traditional blush. This one provides a very natural glow with a few strokes of the brush.  In addition, the powder blush comes in a wide variety of colors so you can choose a brighter color or even go with a more radical look.  Furthermore, the powder blush lasts for about seven to eight hours, or basically a full work day.  Since it is a powder, might clog your pores.  It is a great option for day time use and for the summer

Sixth is a tinted blush which is a great way to have the color stand out a bit. This type of blush tends to last a long time since it not the easiest to remove. One of the hardest things when choosing a tinted blush is to find the right color. Due to the intensity of the color, it must be applied delicately with your finger or a brush but be warned, it is quick drying.

Seventh is a cheek stain which is similar to a tinted blush but it is more like a paint when applied and the color is quite strong.  For that reason, you should only use a little cheek stain, and apply it very, very lightly adding more if needed. Thus it is extremely important to select the proper color the first time.  Furthermore, cheek stains dry extremely fast so it needs to be blended in before it can dry. 

Eighth is the stick blush makes application easy because it is in a tube and doesn't need a brush since you apply it straight to the face but you might need to use a finger to blend it properly.  It is similar to a cream blush in consistency and texture. The stick blush is great for dry skin or during the winter because it helps moisturize the skin. It can be used in the summer but if you leave the stick in the car, it could melt. 

Ninth is the liquid blush which is a liquid you can paint on with a brush or in a type of stick. Since the colors can be strong, you need to apply it using a bit of discretion but it can be easily blended with your fingers or easily removed. Like other types of blush, you want to use a light layer so it doesn't clog your pores or look wrong.

Finally, are the mixed blushes is actually when you mix two or more types of blush to create the color and look you want. This allows you to elevate the look after a day at the office so you look flashier when you go out, or to make it a bit more subtle should you need it. 

No matter which type of blush you use, remember to apply it with a light hand and with the proper color so it looks natural.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.