Monday, August 31, 2015

The Moon

Full Moon, Moon, Bright, Sky, SpaceIt was such a beautiful morning as I walked to school.  The sky was clear of clouds and that beautiful sky blue that stands out.  In the middle of the blueness rested the moon.  I could see so much on the moon.  The dark areas were visibly contrasting with the light areas.  I felt like I could almost touch it with my hand.  Mmmmmmmmm

Seems to me, I heard they found moisture on the moon in some of the moon.  I don't think they found a pool of water, just molecules and vapor.  Can you believe it?  Water on the moon!  I remember when they said there was no water there.

A few years ago, someone kept telling me about the man in the moon.  She insisted he really existed and could prove it!  I said fine, show me.  She went to a guy's personal website where he posted his beliefs on that topic.  That was her proof.  I pointed out the lack of scientific evidence from reputable sources like NASA or JPL.  She was miffed and stated with full authority that those people were only trying to hide the truth.

Moon Landing, Apollo 11, NasaI know someone who works at JPL and I know they are not "hiding" any man in the moon proof.  I guess the conspiracy theory works for everything from JFK's assassination to the man in the moon!

Someday, I'd love to go up to the moon and check it out.  I'd love to be able to run huge distances in a skip, hop, and a jump.  I'd love to check out the rubble of dirt and the rims of the craters.  I'd love to check the dark side to see how it compares to the front side. 

Maybe some day I'll do it.  Just maybe.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

I could have danced all night, strike that.

Dancing, Party, Celebrate, Disco
As I sat down to write this blog today, the words "I could have danced all night" flashed through my brain.  But out here, that would never happen.  It is more likely to be "I could have played basketball all night".   There was an open gym night last night.  Folks came to play basketball last night for two hours.  As soon as the time was over, several of the folks adjourned to the basketball court to play more basketball until the sun went down an hour later.

Basketball, Sport, Ball, Basket, Litter  They play basketball before school, at recess, at lunch, after school, in the evening.  Even the town people will head off to play at the outdoor basketball courts until they are covered with snow and inaccessible.

I know this is not the only place people play basketball all the time but I think its different here in that they do not play with the hopes of being the next famous basketball player. For them, its a way of staying involved.  Most of the people here are not very tall and are not up to national basketball levels.  They also play for the fun of it.

The town even has a basketball league in the winter.  I discovered the old man's teams take people 35 and older but you usually don't see a 50 year old on the same team was a 35 year old.  I watched two old men's teams play and it was so funny.  It looked a bit like the Key Stone Cops with one man passing the ball and another missing it so it hit the ground.  Some one else passed it and it ended up rolling across the floor between lets.  Of course, some of the balls ended up really helping the other team.

The audience for that game spent most of it laughing hysterically.  The game was so entertaining and I actually enjoyed myself tremendously.  I do not like basketball normally but this game, I loved.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Snail eeewwwwweeee

Snail, Slimy, Land Snail, ReptilesA few weeks ago, I bought some stuff at a vitamin store near my parents house.  I found quite a few things and at checkout they threw one of those little sample packets in.  You know the ones they give you for hair, hands, face, whatever they want to promote.

The other day, I pulled it out to check it out but I only read the directions to see what part of the body it was used on.  Ok, the directions said put it on your face and neck first, then put your regular moisturizer on it. 

I tried it and it left my skin looking tighter and better.  Great!  I used it a few days and then last night I looked at the name of the stuff.  "Snail" something!  Yes you read that right "Snail!".  So of course I quickly turned the package over and in the middle of the ingredients list was snail something or other.  My first inclination was "Yuck!" because of the image of the slime left by the snail as it walked across leaves and the ground. 

I pictured the slime all over my face and shivered.  But then I paused and realized that the snail ingredient would have been carefully sanitized so the creme was not likely to pass on any cooties to me.......LOL.  Ok, well I think I'm ok with that but will I buy the creme again?  I honestly don't know.  I have to think about it. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Freerider, Skiing, Ski, Sports, AlpineI have done down hill skiing one time in my life and I've never water skied. There is a reason I have only tried downhill skiing one time.  I take that back, there are several reasons. 

First, it is extremely intimidating to be on the bunny hill while watching a 6 year old when you are quite a bit older.  I could not believe how fast those little ones went going down the hill.

Second, I did sign up for a lesson so I'd have half an idea what I was doing.  During the lesson, I asked the instructor how to stop if you started to go down hill backwards.  He told me that it couldn't happen.  Well guess what!  He lied!  I was trying to get the rope tow so I could go up the baby hill and I ended up on the wrong part and went down the hill backwards.  The only reason I stopped?  I ran into a tree butt first!  I had trouble sitting for a couple of days.

Finally, I think the only thing I really like about the whole adventure, was later that day while sitting in front of a fire while drinking a hot cup of cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows.  Everyone tells me I should give it another chance but I'm still thinking about it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Boots, Splash, Rain, Puddle, Fun, Rubber It has rained the past three days and we've got some wonderful muddy puddles outside between work and everywhere else.    Yesterday, I walked over to the post office with a couple of friends.  I took care to walk around the puddles and avoid the mud as much as possible to keep my rain boots dry.

Child, Girl, Rain, Puddle, RaincoatThis morning as I walked over to school in the wind and rain, I realized I didn't have to be careful.  I don't have to keep my feet dry.  I can release my inner child and have fun.

I can dance through the puddles of water!  I can moosh through the mud and enjoy walking in it.  I can just have a blast because I have rain boots.  Rain boots that are designed to keep my feet dry and they come up half way to the knee so I won't even get the bottom of my jeans wet and muddy!   Yeah!

Today when I go walking,  I will let my inner child loose.  I will go through the mud and the puddles and celebrate the joy of being a child again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Police, Crime Scene, Blue LightI was watching one of those crime investigation programs last night and realized that although time does pass, it passes in such a weird way that you don't know how long solving a crime would take in real life.  I now know it takes a very long time because the police want to do a proper job.

Detective, Clues, Police Work, FindLast year, a young lady lost her life one evening around the beginning of school.  It was sad because she was so nice and sweet and she was brutally killed and her body was dumped behind the clinic in town.  They closed off the whole area and spent a few days gathering evidence, interviewing people, etc.  And then nothing!

In the absence of anything happening, rumors flew.  Well happening here.  In the background, the labs were processing the evidence collected.  It can take 6 to 8 months for evidence to be processed but we felt it should be faster because on tele it happens in one hour.

They finally found the person who committed the murder and arrested him.  It was someone who has had a very troubled life and got lost along the way.  He goes to trial in a couple of months.  How do I feel as I do know him?  I am torn between sorrow and joy that he was caught.  I am sorry for his family but it is good to know they resolved the case and gave peace to her family and friends.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Dry Desert.

Cactus, Plant, Circles, Nature, GreenOn days like today when it is raining outside and is rather dreary, I want to be somewhere that is much dryer.  Unfortunately, I can't just get in a car and drive there, so I rely on photos and my mood.  Today, I'd love to be in the desert in the fall or spring when the temperature is not too high and I can enjoy viewing cactus. 

Cylindropuntia Bigelovii, ChollaSo instead, I get creative and project a photo up on my screen so I can see them.  I love some of the names of cactus such as the barrel cactus or teddy bear cactus!   I think the teddy bear cactus looks more like a teddy bear when its quite young.

Cactus, Spina, Green, Nature, PlantI love prickly pear cactus because I can use the fruits in so many ways.  In college, I lived near a bunch of prickly pear cactus so when the fruit was ripe, I picked a bunch and made jam, syrup, and other such delicacies.  Only problem is that you had to burn the prickers off the fruit in order to use them.

I was lucky and had a gas stove, so one afternoon, I'm using tongs to hold the fruit over the flame to burn all the stickers off.  Unfortunately, I usually missed a couple and ended up stabbing myself.  So yes, I also had on had all the necessary things I needed to take the stickers out of my hand.  It was worth all the effort to have prickly pear syrup for waffles and pancakes all winter long.  <grins>  I grabbed a few in Hawaii when I was there camping to enjoy while I was there.  Yes they grow on the big island. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Raising animals

Domestic Goat, Capra Aegagrus HircusWhen my brothers and I were in high school, they decided to start raising goats.  Goats could provide milk, more goats to sell off and raise money and some types you can eat.  So next thing you know, there was a lovely fenced in area for a goat and they joined a local group so they could learn more about goats. 

Goat, Farm Animal, Farm, Animal, NatureSo after a month or so of learning and following leads,  my dad and brothers brought home "The Goat".  I use caps because was a handful and very particular.  Her name was Sherry, like that nice after dinner drink.  Overall, she was rather mellow but she had one unique talent.

She found it easy to escape the confines of her home.  To this day, we don't know how she got out but she did it on a regular basis and she never did it when people were gone.  Every single time she got out of her pen, she causally strolled over to the front door and bleated till someone came out.

Door, Entrance, Front Door, Entry, Enter She wanted a male someone, not a female to escort her back to her pen.  If a female tried, Sherry would refuse to budge and there was no way you could move her.  If a male came out, she would happily walk with them back to her home. 

She loved men and it didn't matter if it was my brothers, dad or any male who stopped by.  She wanted to spend time with the guys.  Some days she'd escape multiple times and walk happily back. 

My brothers had her a couple of years until my parents moved again.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Music soothes the soul......

Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, ActorWe all love certain types of music.  Some people like only very specific types of music, others like a greater variety of music.  My tastes are rather eclectic but my dad loves swing/big band type music.  You should see he and my mom get up and dance.  They can still cut a rug even when my dad is decked out in his kilt!  It really isn't hard for me to select music for him because I'm familiar with it.

Silhouettes, Man, Woman, Dance, DancersIf I had to select music for many of my young friends, I would have way too much trouble.  I have no idea of the types of rap music or who is currently the favorite.  I really don't like it so it would be hard for me.  However, my uncle had a unique way of selecting music for my father. 

A bit of background.  My father served a couple terms in the navy and loved to listen to records.  This was before CD's and tapes.  My uncle would go into music stores so he could get a couple of new releases to send to my dad when he was out at sea.

Turntable, Vinyl, Music, Record, DiscoHis method was to go into the music store, listen to a few samples of big band music, and select the ones he hated the most!  You read that right, he chose the ones he hated the most.  My uncle loved classical music so it was hard for him to choose music for my dad.

My dad said that the music my uncle sent was some of the best put out at that time!  He said it worked every single time and my dad ended up with a great selection!

I think if I ever have to buy rap music for anyone, I'll use the same method.........LOL

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gems, Gems, Gems and more Gems.

Gems, Stones, Crystal, Gemstone, MineralMy father has always been interested in gems and gem hunting.  At one point, he had all the equipment to polish stones and make jewelry.  Over the years, he'd picked up turquoise, black coral, rhodenite, and other stones.

When we lived in Australia, we ended up going over some tailings out near Emerald in Queensland, looking for precious gems and stones.  I think we were looking for sapphires.  I did a quick look and there is a sapphire field about 45 minutes outside of Emerald.  So that must have been where we were.

Colorful, Stone, Rings, Cabochon  It was soo cool to go digging through all this dirt and finding little sapphires here and there to take home.  I don't think any were really large enough to facet into proper jewelry but as a youngster, I thought it was cool to actually own sapphires because in the books, rich people owned them!

Since then, I've come to know that it is the size and quality of the sapphire that is important.  I still think my sapphires are the absolute best because I worked hard in the hot sun to find them.  Yeah!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The kids talked me into playing a pick-up game of basketball this afternoon!  I will admit I am the worlds worst player but I really tried.  I am not kidding about my abilities.  A few years ago, they talked me into trying some three point throws.  I managed to hit two guys, five different times without getting close to the rim!
I am not a great player at all but I thought, why not!  We had eight people and divided up into two teams, four on each team.  I really tried!  I tried to take away the ball, I tried to prevent someone from passing, I tried to do something other than stand there!
Basketball, Net, Ball, Ring, Balanced I noticed that one of the guys on my team threw the ball to the other girl who was on the other team!   It just confused me. Next thing you knew, other players who'd been on the other team now appeared to be on mine!  I finally asked what was going on?  They explained they'd changed players around to make it more even - translation - overcome my inability to play basketball.  I told them I was totally confused about whose team I was and I went to sit on the side of the court and just watch.    I think I need to practice more!  Geeez.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hiking in the Middle of Nowhere.

Backpack, Bag, Hiking, Trip, TravelLast night I thought of hiking when I was a teenager living in Australia.  My father had heard about this cool hike just a few miles inland.  We didn't have much money so my dad made our backpacks out of wood, canvas and cup hooks. 

The backpack was heavy to start with so with all the gear, it ended up weighing quite a bit and was not comfortable at all.  I don't think it had much built in padding so we used bits of clothing here and there to make it more comfortable to wear.

Tent, Pitched, Nature, LeisureIt was a beautiful hike but at 16 I did not appreciate everything.  I was kind of lazy so I complained about the backpack and how heavy it was.  You know the usual things a teenager complains about.  I will say, it was easier on me than my siblings because I didn't need to fix my hair every morning so it was perfect.

That was the same trip we took an old fashioned canvas tent that was heavy and a pain.  It was no where as nice as the ones today.  If I remember, my dad carried the tent, my mom got hers and his sleeping bags and each kid had to carry their own.  We also spread the canned food around (dried food was harder to get) so people carried about the same amount of weight. 

Its kind of funny but if I took that trip today, I think I would enjoy it a lot more.  Another time, I'll tell you about the kangaroos and the emeralds.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Makeshift Boats

Sled, Snow, Winter, Sleigh, Holiday, FunI have a nice large black sled I use to transport boxes from the post office to my house.  Its about 3 to 4 feet long and about 2 feet wide.  It is a great size for bringing a bunch of boxes back at one go or to full several kids.  Yeah.

I had my sled in the entrance between my apartment and my neighbors because I am still unpacking my house after they painted.  Sometime during the afternoon, my sled and my ice chipper disappeared.  I couldn't figure out where they  had gone.  The sled is not great on mud.  About 2 hours later, I heard kids on the lake, looked out and what do you know!

Rowing, Rowing Boat, Boat, Fun, LakeThey had taken the sled to use as a boat and the ice chipper as an oar!  They were out on the lake, using the chipper to move themselves around the lake.  They didn't ask.  They told one person it belonged to Miss B and to me they said S stole. They said they never took it but there were witnesses. 

I got my sled back after a little help from a couple other children.  It is interesting how a child's mind works.  The sled made a really nice boat for the two young men and the ice chipper worked well to help them maneuver around.  It actually looked a real row boat from a distance.  After all is said and done, I have a new use for the larger sleds.....LOL.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


I spent last night at the dance part of the local three day festival.  It was a good night with lots of dancing, laughing and chatting.  There were two to three guys there who loved exaggerating certain motions that had everyone laughing.

Drum, Instrument, Loud, Music, SoundPicture a large embroidery hoop that is about 1.5 to 2 feet across attached to a handle with either skin or material stretched across and tight enough to make sounds.  They use a small long stick to hit the drum.  The music is a combination of the drums and voice.

I would love to tell you what some of the songs are on but I don't know enough of the language to understand.  The last time I went by motions alone, I thought the song was about picking up children and putting them over your shoulders.  Instead it turned out to be about heaving meat up over your shoulder to carry. 

Girl, Eskimo, Female, Young, ArcticThe way it works is that the local hosting group dances first the first night, in the middle, the second night and last the third night.  Last night the first group got up to dance.  They have a character who loves to comic dance.  He drummed until part way through the dance, put his drum down and then snuck into the line of ladies dancing.  Usually men kneel on the floor in front of the women but he danced standing up with the women.

He exaggerated the moves and at one point was speaking gibberish to whatever they were supposed to be looking at.  On the second time through, the women slowly left and let him have fun.  The third time through, one of the guys from the audience came and we had dueling dancers.  By this point, everyone was on the floor laughing.

Later on in the evening, one of the groups had a stick with birds and other things on it.  A person holds it and bounces it while strolling around teasing people with it.  The guy from earlier got a hold of it and was having fun making people laugh, then the second guy came up with a broom, challenging him to something.  What I'm not sure.

At this point, I headed home because my ribs were sore from all that laughing.  Ohhhh my!  It was such a good night.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Water, Priroda, Drops, RainWhen I was younger, I hated rain.  I really disliked it when the sky was gray and it was just raining.  Raining and raining and more rain so I couldn't go out.  I thought if it never rained again, I would be sooo happy but as I've grown older, I realize how much we need the rain.

I've actually decided I like watching the rain if it is gentle and teasing.  I love when it stays at a steady pace rather than looking like a gushing faucet.  The steady gentle rain is almost musical if you listen the the pitter patter of the drops hitting the ground.

Peony, Flower, Water, Rain, ButterflyWater, Droplets, Drops, Blue, Liquid  It sounds different when it lands on the ground vs water.  I have a lake in front of my house and it is fun watching the drops splash into the water.  It looks kind of like the first picture.  Have you ever looked at how rain clings to certain things such as roofs and flowers before the drops run into each other enough to force the water off? 

Mud, Rain, Puddle, Dirty, Fun MuddyA round here, we don't get to see the water accumulate on the pavement.  We get oily, slimy mud because much of the dirt is a fine silt rather than the courser mix. Yes people slip and slide in the mud and end up muddy.  It also does not help that there are four wheelers who come throw and splash a bit of mud.  They try to be considerate but the wheels just spew mud no matter what!  I walked home from dancing last night and ended up with mud on my jeans!

We do have some kids who love sliding in the mud just for fun.  I've seen them get all muddy and then take a quick dip in the lake to clean off before heading home.

I'm off to enjoy the music from the rain hitting my porch!  Enjoy your day!

Friday, August 14, 2015


Education, A Good Idea, An Array OfCan you believe that summer is almost over and school starts soon?  Here school begins Monday but the first week is spent celebrating the local culture.  For the elementary, that means activities for part of the day in the classroom.  For the middle school, it means going out to gather berries, greens and go fishing.  For the high school, it means going out and camping for three days.  I love going out and camping.  I find it relaxing.

Sunset, Sky, Landscape, Nature, OutdoorThe administration is pushing wellness to the whole staff.  Wellness of mind, body and soul.  I love that idea because so many of us get involved with work and we forget to put aside time for ourselves. Yesterday, after work, I went out on a mile or two mile walk with the first grade teacher.  We went to the Post Office and then out to the old air strip.  We could see so much from the air strip.  We looked at all the berries peaking from among the green plants,  the tall purple flowers waving above the green and the mountains in the distance.  There were beautifully calm lakes off to both sides that sparkled in the sun. 
Alaska, Wilderness, Mountains, Mountain  There was a gentle wind that ruffled our hair while playing with the loose strands around the neck.  Once we got to the end of the strip, we veered off to the tundra to head back to the school.  Ohhh the berries we saw.  On the way back, we passed some of the berry pickers who took advantage of the beautiful day.  I got back to my house feeling so rested and back in one piece.

The best thing was enjoying the silence of my surroundings.  Yes there were times we spoke but other times, we just listened and recharged our weary souls.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Books, Bookshelves, Reading, BookcasesI know many of you will look at the title and go "Yuck!".  I have a love hate relationship with shopping.  I love going to bookstores and just wondering the aisles.  I love the feel of the books in my hands and the smell when you are curled up in a lazyboy in front of the fire.  I've come to a point where I've had to switch to digital books due to space limitations.  I miss so much about real books but the big advantage is I can put tons of books on my tablets and save weight and space in my backpack when I"m traveling.

Raspberries, Fruit, Dessert, RedI love visiting the grocery store and farmers markets to buy fresh produce.  There is nothing better than the aromas of fresh fruit.  Unfortunately, I live in a place with limited fresh produce, so I've signed up to have a box of fresh fruit and veggies shipped out to me every other week.  I added two ears of corn to the box so I can enjoy it before the end of summer.  I arranged for a box filled with fresh organic fruits and vegetables to be shipped so I have a choice of things other than iceburg lettuce, potatoes, oranges, apples and the occasional pepper or cabbage. 

Praline, Chocolates, ChocolateI love online shopping.  I  order so much from online stores.  I've got an order out right now for Indonesian sweet soy sauce, ginger, garlic, green curry sauce and dried coconut milk so I can cook Korean or Thai.  I cannot get these things easily where I live.  We have two stores in town. Both are about the size of a 7-11 or Quicky Mart but the big difference is you will find everything from food to bullets and guns to clothing to some appliances.  I took a class one time that required we use dry ice for an experiment.  I ended  up posting a question on where you get dry ice, the reply was "the grocery store."  They might find it in their local store but not out here. Fortunately, the temperature outside got to about -40 so it worked out fine.

Yes, online shopping can get me anything I want and it is great!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Future plans

Leopard, Wildcat, Big Cat, BotswanaI have decided I would like to go on a photo safari.  Make that several photo safari's.  I'd love to go on one in Africa, just like my sister.  She told us all about staying in tents, going to the bathroom and having to watch out for various animals. 

Maybe swing down to Madagascar to check out the unique wild life there.  I'd also love to see the vanilla bean orchids since Madagascar is reputed to produce some of the best vanilla in the world.
Vanilla, Food, Organic, SpiceJust think about how wonderful the smell would be!  Ohhhh Yeah.

Then maybe I'd pop over to the Galapagos Islands to see the huge tortoises.  I'm told that you can get up close enough to touch them!  I'd love to sit and watch them in the wild.  I don't want to touch them, just take photos of them in their natural habitat. 

During one visit to the Big Island, I stopped through the black sand beach,where some of the local turtles come out of the water to lie on the warm sand.  They are beautiful creatures and there are signs posted all over warning people not to touch the turtles.  I cannot tell you how many people insisted they have their pictures taken while touching or petting the animals.  I prefer watching them.

After watching the tortoises, I think I'd take a cruise near the Antarctica so I can watch birds down there.  Not the penguins, other summer birds.  From there it would be up to the catch some of the Amazon Basin.  I'd like to check it out before it is all destroyed by modernization. 

I could list more places and take a full year to do an around the world photo tour!  Some day!  It is always good to have a list of things to do some day.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Berries and Ice Cream.

Alaska, Denali, Wilderness, Mountains
Next week is going to be wonderful.  I am due to go out on the tundra with several other adults and high school students to spend three days camping.  Three wonderful days of camping.  I'll be away from work, well at least out of the building, away from the daily grind.

Blackberry, Berry, Fruit, Picking, Fresh
Not these
This year, we'll be going a couple miles along the river and then walk a few miles to the camp site along the bluff while the boats go the long way to the camp site.  I don't think we are going to have a race to get to the site because there are tons of berries along the way.  We'll just hand baggies to the kids to collect blackberries, blueberries and salmon berries.  I'll tell you right now, the blackberries out here do not resemble regular blackberries. They look kind of like blueberries but are black and about the same size.

Cloudberry, Berry, Wilderness, Myr
Salmon or Cloud Berries
What they call salmon berries are actually cloud berries.  Cloud berries range from yellow to a deep salmon pink color.  I think they are called salmon berries because the color often resembles the color found on a salmon fish.

The berries will be used in Akutaq or Eskimo Ice Cream.  This is a dish that is not frozen, not made with milk or eggs.  It is made with fat, sugar, sometimes potatoes, water and the flavoring such as berries, greens, or tubulars.  The best is made by whipping the fat and sugar up with a bit of liquid so it is light and fluffy. Mashed potatoes are added to cut the grease and make it lighter.  We will add in the berries to make it a fruit concoction.

I know it sounds rather yucky with the fat but it is actually quite good and it looks kind of like a fruit salad with cool whip on it but the taste is mmmmm mmmmmm good!  There are other variations for making Akutaq but this is the best version.

Monday, August 10, 2015


Home Office, Notebook, Home, Couch, SofaOk, I finally got back to my apt Wednesday of last week.  I arrived only to be told that I'd have to move out Monday, today, for four days so they could paint it.  Oh and could I box everything on the shelves up?  When I left in May, they said they would take care of fixing it up a bit and it would be done by the time I got back. 

Bedroom, Bed, Room, Home, InteriorWell its not done.  Quite a few people came back to apartments that were covered in plastic and half done.  Geez.  So I spent the weekend trying to pack up as much as I could without killing myself.  I get to spend the next four days staying elsewhere.

I am going to miss my view of the lake, my privacy and being able to do what I want when I want. 

Farm Wagon, Antique, Harvest WagonOn the other hand, I can dream of the day when I build my own house.  Yes, I want to have a house with lots of open space, that is green and sits on a few acres away from people.  I think if I had lived back in the 1800's I would have been one of those who went west to get away from people. 

Remember, I live in a village in Alaska with no more than 1000 people and is accessibly only by air or possibly boat.  You could go to the next largest city of 6000 by snow machine but air is the best way to travel.  That means that even stuff from Amazon takes a while and it is not unheard of for something to take a couple months to get here.

I do enjoy Amazon because I can order almost anything from it.  I get food (Its hard to find sweetened soy sauce here), clothing, books, videos, electronics, etc.  Amazon is the modern Sears for people who live away from the malls.  I saw a copy of the 1897 Sears catalog and it had just about everything you could want from canned food to housing stuff to clothing.  It was fantastic!  I think the only things I have not seen on Amazon are cars, boats, and houses......LOL. 

Have a good day everyone and I hope your Monday is good.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Can I be a ......?

Auto, Car, Sports Car, Cobra, ShelbyOver the summer, I get to watch a lot more movies and television shows.  I even get caught up on some of the current movies.  You know what?  I'm a dreamer, just like many others in the world.  As I watch movies, I picture myself as one of the characters.  You know the one!  I love characters that are nerdy or who can kick rear!  I know that is a contradiction but I want to be that character.

Woman, Cold, Hat, Character, GlassesI saw Fast and Furious Seven just because it was available!  Yeah, I saw myself driving a car through downtown being chased by the bad guys.  In Taken 3, I had to picture a new character for myself who got arrested for nailing the cop who came into the girls restroom with the gun drawn and no identification......LOL.

I think many of us identify with certain characters in books or TV series or movies.  Perhaps it's because we don't think we have exciting lives.  Maybe because we see instant results that we did something good?  Perhaps its because we have that hidden desire to be a hero!

Our dreams are almost like being in "The Secret Life of Walter Middy."  We have those same dreams, desires, but do we really want it to happen?  I don't think so because in most situations, one wrong move and you are dead.  Its living dangerous situations vicariously that appeals to us.

Friday, August 7, 2015


Long Beach, California, Sunset, Harbor
Long Beach, California
I spent so much time this summer traveling that when I finally got home the other day, I was happy and I didn't care that the router didn't work.  That is why I didn't post yesterday.  I also went back to work yesterday but was busy catching up on a couple things.

Cheese, Grated, Gouda, Eat, FoodOver the summer I visited so many different states, cities and have become quite familiar with various airports.  For instance, I know the North wing, the C and D wings at Sea-tac airport.  I found a cheese shop in the C wing I didn't know about called Beechers.  I bought some fresh curds and crackers to eat on the plane.  They had only a few cheeses but they looked good.

The cheese curds were so good with the crackers.  The crackers were not over salted and quite crunchy.  They tasted like homemade crackers.  Yummmmm.   I can tell you that if you fly in and out of Los Angeles, do not use LAX. That is the big airport and I don't think I've ever gone through there without hearing the crunch of a fender bender.  I much prefer Burbank or one of the other smaller airports.  It is much nicer.

Coffee Shop, Shop, Store, Coffee, CupI can also tell you Grand Rapids, MI has a nice small airport and the people there are so nice.  On the other hand the Portland airport is quite nice and it has a great area between a restaurant and a coffee place where you can sit, plug in and just relax.  There is a piano that is in the same area and often they have someone playing to provide a nice background.  In fact, everytime I've gone through the Portland Airport, I've found musicians stationed throughout it.

The only frustrating thing to travel now, its when you end up at an airport without free wifi or you are only limited to 30 mins before you have to pay.  I spend so much time catching up with things on my computer.   I'm off to work.