Monday, August 30, 2021

Hair Spray?

I think the last time I used hair spray was when I needed to clear some permanent black marker off a sample jacket I bought for a quarter.  A lady who used to work in the garment district in New York City recommended I spray some really cheap hairspray like white rain on the marker and let it set for 10 or 15 minutes.  I followed her directions and the marker disappeared after a couple of applications.  I don't usually use it on my hair simply because I remember my mother using some that kept her hair in the chosen style through wind and rain.  I've come to understand, hair spray can come in different weights.

To start with, hair spray is a product you spray into your hair to keep it in place while protecting your hair from humidity and wind.  It is designed to cause individual hairs to stick together so they don't move. Although hair sprays are usually found in spray form, it can also be found in pump form.  

In general hair spray can be either a  light hold or flexible formula which allows you to play with your hair style while still being able to brush it out or it can be a strong hold formulas which hold your hair in place and is great to use on those stray hairs when you wear a pony tail. Hint: to get rid of those stray hairs, you just need to spray the hairspray on a toothbrush and run the tooth brush through the pieces of hair you want to stay put.

Unfortunately, hair spray is not just hair spray in that it can be found in so many different types.  You can have a regular hair spray that holds your hair in place without doing anything else or having additional ingredients.  Then there is the working hair spray designed to allow the maximum amount of movement with the least amount of hold.  This type of spray takes longe to dry, builds up when used again and again without washing, but you can tease or texturize the hair after being used.

The third possibility is the volumizing or thickening spray. It has the same properties as a regular hair spray but it makes your hair look fuller and thicker.  On the other hand, you might consider a shaping hairspray which is slow drying so you can finish styling the hair and it will hold it in place when you are done. Although the shaping spray and the working spray is that the working spray is mostly used while stying the hair and the shaping spray is used to keep the styled hair in place.  The shaping spray is more of a finishing spray.

Then there is the texturizing hair spray. This one is similar to a dry shampoo but it can be used on all the hair rather than just the roots. It doesn't leave any white residue nor does it absorb oil from the scalp. In addition, it can cause the hair to have more volume by separating the individual hairs and provides holding power.

Now, if you use a lot of heat based tools, look at using a thermal hair spray. A thermal hair spray adds extra moisture to the hair while preventing the natural moisture from escaping. and it protects the hair by creating a barrier. Once you've finished using the heat, the spray will continue holding the hair in the desired style. If you are going to use heat on your hair, use the thermal hair spray rather than regular hair spray because the regular hairspray contains alcohol and can damage your hair.

If you have super fine hair, look at using a weightless hair spray. It is quite light so it won't weight down your hair and it will look great. On the other hand, if you want something to hold your hair in place so it won't budge no matter what, look at using a freeze hair spray.  It is one of the sprays designed to hold hair solidly in place. If you want to add shine to your hair, consider using a shine hair spray to finish off your hair and give you the shiny look you want.

Finally, when your hair is styled, finish the look off with some finishing spray. This one is a heavy spray designed to keep your hair in place for the rest of the day. Some can add shine while other provide a matte finish.  So if you decide to use hair spray, get the spray that will work best in your situation.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Not True


Vikings did not wear horned helmets. The belief started when the costume designer for Wagner’s opera decided to do it. 

Bar Shampoo And Conditioner Report

I wrote on finding shampoo and conditioner in bar form earlier this summer.  I purchased it because I knew I was traveling internationally and I wanted something that would use less weight and had no chance of spilling.  I finally got a chance to use it last night since I'm in Sweden.   

The blue bar is the shampoo and the green is the conditioner.  They are a weird shape so they do not fit in a standard soap travel container but they dry nicely when placed on the paper they are packaged in.  

First off, the shampoo was quite easy to use.  I just wet it, rubbed it to create a lather and applied it to the hair.  It lathered up nicely without being too bubbly.  It rinsed out easily and cleanly and didn't leave my hair feeling weird.

The conditioner was a bit harder to use because you have to get it wet before the conditioner starts coating your hair.  I managed to get enough of it on my hair from roots to the ends and my hair hits the bottom of my butt.  So if I can use it, anyone can use it.  I can't say how long I spent rubbing the conditioner on my hair but I just rubbed until the hair felt as if it'd been covered with enough.  The conditioner rinsed out nicely too.

After I rinsed the conditioner out, I was afraid I'd have trouble combining it because my hair can be very picky about the shampoo and conditioner I use. Surprise, surprise, I was able to comb my hair after a quick spray of hair treatment.  I always use a detangler, or oil on my hair when I get ready to comb it, otherwise, I end up with too many knots.  Honestly, I was surprised the conditioner didn't leave my hair a nasty mess.

I used the Hibar brand but if you check on Amazon, you'll find so many more brands to choose from.  You can get moisturizing or columnizing, or containing argon oil, tea tree oil, lavender, or a variety of other herbs.  There are even some mainstream brands such as Garnier who offer shampoo bars.  They are made for dry, normal, and oily hair.  You just have to look at the descriptions to determine if it is something for your hair.

For me, these work well, take little space, and take only a little bit of space.  I highly recommend them and plan to carry the bar shampoo and conditioners for all my traveling.  In addition, the bars are going to last quite a while before I have to purchase any more.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Which Shampoo Is The Best For You

Choices, choices, and more choices.  It's hard to know which type of shampoo to use when you see so many choices in the store.  It is important to know that shampoo is designed to cleanse both your hair and your scalp. of dirt, oil, and any product buildup.  Since the shampoo is for the hair and scalp, the conditioner is for the ends of your hair.

If you ever pay attention to the shampoos found in the store, you'll notice they fall into one of seven types.  The first type is the regular shampoo which is designed for those of us who don't have specific needs.  A regular shampoo is designed to clean the normal hair oils from your hair without stripping it.

Next is the everyday shampoo which is something you'd use if your hair is quite oily or you need to wash it almost everyday.  This shampoo is formulated to have fewer surfactants than a normal shampoo so it is milder. In addition, it can have less soap and a few conditioning ingredients.

Then you have a clarifying shampoo which is the one you'd choose if you use a lot of styling products on your hair. This one deep cleans the hair to get rid of product buildup, but it can be extremely harsh so followup with a good conditioner.  This shampoo should not be used more than once a week because it strips buildup and oils so well from the scalp.

If you have long hair or your hair is damaged, you might want to use an anti-breakage shampoo.  Anti-breakage shampoos are designed to gently clean the hair while creating a glossy finish.  In addition, anti-breakage shampoos help restore the ph balance while repairing damage to the hair.  In the end, this type of shampoo cuts down on the amount of frizz you experience so you have healthier hair.

On the other hand, a purifying shampoo focuses more on cleaning the scalp. Purifying shampoo tends to target dandruff because of the antimicrobial properties.  This type of shampoo often have natural ingredients such as tea tree oil or willow bark extract so it is both cleansing and soothing.

Next is a moisturizing shampoo is designed to help hydrate dryer hair so the hair becomes smoother and shinier.  In addition, it isn't only for those with dry hair, it can be used on almost any hair type except oily because the oily hair doesn't need additional moisturizing.

Finally is dry shampoo which is technically not a shampoo but is referred to as a shampoo because it absorbs extra hair oils but doesn't actually cleanse the hair.  Although dry shampoo is used to extend the time between washings, it can also lead to the buildup that leads to hurting your hair and scalp.  

If you have fine hair, look at using a volumnizing shampoo to add volume to fine thin hair. The shampoo opens the cuticle to encourage growth but the formula tends to be much lighter than a regular shampoo.  Sometimes a volumizer has keratin added to it to strengthen the whole strand of hair.

On the other hand, if you dye your hair, your hair is going to be dryer so it needs extra hydration and one needs to look at using a color treated hair shampoo.  Most people who dye their hair, watch the color fade and the hair lacks oil. The ingredients in a color-treated shampoo contains ingredients that will not strip the color off the hair so it lasts longer.  In addition, the shampoo helps keep the hair hydrated and healthy while protecting the hair from damage.

The last type of shampoo is designed for girls with curly hair.  If you have curly hair, your hair is damaged and is often frizzier.  A good curly hair shampoo with help add moisture into the hair so it is shinier and more healthy. The shampoo is made so it won't strip oils from the hair.

So next time you go shopping, look at what type of shampoo you really need so you can select the perfect shampoo for your individual situation.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Do It Yourself Hair Coloring

I stumbled across a couple of channels on YouTube that are run by professional hair dressers.  They react to videos where the person's attempt at dyeing hair - Fails.  I think all the ones I've seen involve someone trying to go from a darker color to a very blond shade or already have some dyed and some natural.  Most of the professionals tell us not to do it ourselves but to have a professional hairstylist do it. 

I admit I have been dyeing my hair for many years and I've been doing it myself.  I started getting gray hairs when I was quite young and I didn't want to "look" older than I was so I started doing it myself with a box of dye off the shelf.  If you are cringing, please don't.  I've spent the past few years living in a place that was at least two hours by air away from any professional hair stylist so if I'd wanted to have it done professionally, I'd have had to plan a whole weekend away with a minimum cost of around $1000 for air fare, hotel room, cost of services, transportation, and other such expenses.

I've never had a problem since I'm only dyeing the roots to match my natural hair color. In addition I use either a semi-permanent color or a permanent without ammonia and I only do the roots every 4 to 6 weeks.  I don't lighten it with bleach.  I don't try to do anything fancy, just keep the color the same.  I also do not use any heat on my hair and I don't perm it.  I do go in for trims about 3 to 4 times a year and I've been told that my hair is quite healthy.

I know that since the pandemic began, more people have either let their hair return to it's natural color or they have resorted to off the shelf box dyes.  It is recommended that you do not try to bleach your hair to make it lighter at home because it can be very hard and if done incorrectly, you can damage your hair to the point it breaks off.  Furthermore, if you are going from a darker shade to a blonde, it will take at least two bleaching sessions to get it light enough.  

So if you want to dye your hair at home, look for a shade that is only one to two shade lighter or darker but no more. If your hair is shoulder length or longer, you should buy two boxes if you want to dye all your hair, otherwise one box is enough to do all your roots.  It is suggested that you don't try to mix colors to create a custom color.  Instead, choose one shade and stick with it as the results will be better.

Always, always, always perform a strand test, even if you've used the same dye for years.  You don't want to suddenly discover that your hair has become orange or purple.  When you are dyeing your hair, wear clothing that can be easily removed such as a button up shirt, a sarong, or something similar so you don't get dye all over when you pull off a shirt.

It is also recommended you cover the floor, sinks, and everything else with plastic garbage bags so you don't stain your surroundings with dye that splattered off.  In addition, take time to get color on your forehead.  You can create a barrier with petroleum jelly or a solid lip balm.  The lip balm is easier because you can just hold the tube and drag it along the hairline to create the barrier.

When it's time to start dyeing your hair, make sure to read all the instructions completely and read them several times through even if you've done it before.  If you are using a different brand of dye or a different color you want to make sure you do it correctly and each brand has it's own way of doing things.  In addition, make sure you have all your tools laid out ready to go so you don't have stop in the middle of the process.  

Begin applying the dye on dry hair otherwise if used on wet hair, the dye may not be absorbed properly or it might end up being diluted so that you don't end up with the expected results.  Furthermore, it is recommended you apply the dye with a brush so it is less messy and the results look more professional.  You have more control when using a brush because you place it exactly where you want the color. 

In addition, make a habit of sectioning your hair just like the professionals to make sure all the hair is being covered.  Now if you are touching up the roots, you only need to do the roots.  Do not apply it to all your hair every time, especially if you are making them blond to match the rest of your hair.  

Purchase some extra gloves because you need the gloves to dye your hair and when you wash the dye out of your hair.  Furthermore, purchase some disposable shower caps to put over your head once you've applied the dye.  The shower cap helps keep the dye from dripping all over you while you wait and wipe off the dye on your face and hands so they don't get stained.  

To keep the job looking nice, do not wash your hair every day.  Instead wash it a couple times a week and use a shampoo and conditioner designed for color treated hair to help the color last longer.  When you go out, wear a hat to keep the sun from fading the color and look for a color gloss to apply once a week to help color last longer.  

Do not be afraid to use hair coloring if you are going to stay at the same color but if you want to do something more drastic, go to a professional otherwise you might have to pay a lot more to correct the issue or you might loose a bunch of your hair.  You don't want to damage it more than it already is. Let me know what you think, I"d love to hear.  Have a great day.

I will be trying to keep up with my entries over the next two weeks but the entries may be of my trip.  I'm heading off for a trip to Sweden and Iceland for a couple weeks and I"ll be sharing but haven't decided what yet.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Don't Forget To Change Your Haircare Routine For Fall


Since fall is coming and you are changing out the type of makeup you are doing, you should also look at revising your haircare routine.  Many women tend to do the same thing year round, making no allowances for the changing weather. 

The temperature changes from fall to winter can confuse your hair both in color and texture.  In many ways your hair acts much like your skin in that as fall arrives, your skin begins drying out and you hair does too.  So you need to amp up the amount of moisture you apply to your hair so you might need to add hair masks to the program or change out your shampoo and conditioner so they contain more moisturizing ingredients such as jojoba oils.

Stick to products that contain more natural ingredients because they are less likely to strip the oils from your hair in the way that alcohol and synthetic ingredients can.  Furthermore, if you color your hair, think about using a darker shade because the sun kissed glow and highlights you wore during the summer will fade due to the decreased amount of sun.  If you use a darker color, it tends to smooth over the transition while evening out the hair.

Think about adding a volumizer to your routine because as the temperature cools down, the amount of humidity in the air tends to decrease. Unfortunately, the decreased amount of humidity can lead to flatter hair so using a volumizer can get rid of the flat look.  In addition, indoor heating can suck the moisture from your hair leaving it dry and brittle. Keep your hair and scalp moisturized by using a good hair mask at least once a week.

Dropping temperatures also signal the increased use of various hair tools such as curling irons and blow dryers.  It is important to use a thermal protectant before using these tools otherwise, the amount of dryness, breakage, and split ends increases due to the heat.When you buy a thermal protectant, decide if you want one that works on wet or dry hair based on what you need most.

In addition, look at using a leave-in conditioner because the dry and cold weather can break the sulfide bonds that keep the hair together. When the bonds break, the hair becomes straighter while the hair roots become damaged which leads to breakage. Don't forget the scalp. The cooler temperatures can increase the amount of dandruff you experience. As a result of increased people tend to wash their hair less which is not good for the health of your hair.  One thing to do is to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to eliminate buildup on the scalp but if you've colored your hair, skip the clarifying shampoo because it can strip the color from your hair.

Consider using a scalp exfoliate to help get rid of build up and then apply a scalp mask to improve the condition of the scalp.  No matter what, make sure you adjust your hair care routine to take into account all the changes that happen as the temperatures drop.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Changing From Summer To Fall Makeup.


It is August which means that fall is not too far away.  In the north, it's arriving with cooler weather and pretty soon the first frost will hit.  As the days get shorter with less light one should change their make up to math the change of seasons. You should change your look just as you change your clothes from shorts and shirts to sweaters and slacks.

First thing to do is to use a color  correcting concealer because the summer may have left you with a ruddy skin - reddish in color. You want to correct the color using a green color correcting concealer. Use it sparingly so it doesn't overpower the look.

It is easy to have your skin dry out during the fall so make sure you use a good hydrating moisturizer on your skin before applying the foundation.  Be sure to choose a radiant look foundation in a creamier richer foundation,  especially if you chose to use a tinted moisturizer all summer. The radiant look foundation will add a glow to your skin so you continue the summer look but understand, fall is when your skin shade changes to the winter so you need to make sure the shade is correct.  After applying it, make sure to blend it into your skin so it looks natural. 

Continue the summer glow theme by applying highlighter and blush on your cheeks.  Choose a matted color that has cooler undertones and apply the blush to the apple of your cheeks while the highlighter is applied to the area under the cheek bones. You are not trying for the sun kissed look you wore all summer. 

After a summer of enjoying the natural look, you might want to spend a bit of time grooming your eye brows to they look more defined.  You can fill in the brows using a template so they are well defined.  Then take time to define your look for the fall.  Think about using matte and metallic eye shadows in plum, brown, cranberry, or grey to create the perfect sultry look. Finish the look around the eyes with a quick application of mascara.

For the final step, color your lips a darker fall shade that is either a matte or metallic so they blend in better with your overall look. Look at beiges, berry's, mauves, darker reds, wines, or figs. If you don't want to buy new shades, use a darker lip liner to darken the lip stick shade. 

If you've been using a self-tanner all summer, it is time to scale back on the amount you use.  Instead of using it directly on your skin, add a couple drops to your moisturizer to get a lighter tan so it looks more natural. Even though it is autumn, don't forget to use a sunscreen between the moisturizer and the foundation so you continue protecting your skin.

Don't be afraid to change your makeup with the changing of the seasons.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.  

Monday, August 16, 2021

What Is Active Recovery?


Anytime I hear the word recovery, I think either a person is trying to get over something or they need to relax so the first time I heard the phrase active recovery in the middle of exercising, I thought I'd get a chance to relax a minute or so before continuing the punishing workout.  I definitely wasn't right since we continued exercising.  Over time I've learned more about active recovery. 

Since then, I've learned that active recovery is defined as performing some type of low intensity exercise after a strenuous workout as a way of catching your breath.  It might be like taking a walk after completing a high impact cardio workout or it might be a section of low intensity between the high levels in a HITT workout.

Most consider an active recovery better than sitting or resting because it keeps the blood flowing, while helping your muscles recover from intense physical activity and provides time for the muscles to begin rebuilding at the same time.  An active recovery has multiple benefits such as reducing lactic acid buildup, eliminating toxins, helps keep muscles more flexible while decreasing soreness, increases blood flow and helps you keep up with your workout routine. If you are injured or in pain, passive recovery where you rest completely is recommended rather than active recovery. 

There are three types of active recovery.  The first happens after a good workout.  At the end, rather than sitting down to rest, it is strongly recommended that you take a walk or jog slowly for about 10 minutes to give yourself a chance to cool down.  If you've been lifting weights or doing a HITT workout, you might consider using maintaining an easy pace on a stationary bike.  No matter what exercise you choose, you should never be working at more than 50% capacity and reduce it from there.

You might use active recovery while going through a circuit or interval training. The active recovery is sprinkled between the high intensity sections so you rest but keep your muscles warm. Again, the active recovery should require no more than 50 % of your prior effort. The third situation is on days you are not doing strenuous exercising.  Instead of doing your normal exercising you might want to take a walk, jog, swim, try yoga, or enjoy a nice easy bike ride.

When you decide to have a day of active recovery, you should plan something completely different from your usual workouts.  You might look at swimming because it is low impact and it is theorized that the water may help reduce inflammation.  In addition, it is easy on your joints and muscles.  Tai Chi or Yoga are a good for active recovery because they stretch muscles while increasing flexibility.  Either can also reduce stress and inflammation.

Walking or jogging are considered some of the best forms of active recovery.  If you walk or jog at an easy pace, it can enhance blood flow encouraging recovery, while reducing stiffness and soreness. Another suggestion is to take engage in a nice leisurely bike ride using a stationary bike or one that can take you around the neighborhood.  Biking is low impact exercise that doesn't put pressure on your joints.  If you have sore muscles, think about using a foam roller to help stretch muscles, increases your range of motion and reduce inflammation. 

It is important to remember that active recovery plays an important part in your weekly workout schedule so you stay healthy and avoid injury.  Make sure you schedule active recovery appropriately.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Friday, August 13, 2021

When You Should Skip Exercising.


We all know how important it is to exercise a certain number of minutes each week to stay healthy. Some days we feel lazy or off and just don't want to exercise but we still do because we feel guilty otherwise.  In addition, we get in the habit of working out every single day and if we try to skip a day, the guilt comes out. 

There are certain situations in which you do not want to workout.  First of all, it is important not to exercise every single day otherwise your body does not have time to recover. The day off gives your body time to heal from the stress placed on joints, relieve muscles, prevents fatigue, cuts back on burnout, and can help break through plateaus. In addition, when you take a day off, it gives you a mental break and boost your moral. 

If you are feeling really stressed due to being over scheduled in your daily life, too many family commitments, the pandemic, wondering if your budget will stretch far enough, or your job is demanding too much, you might want to skip exercising a day here or there.  Although exercise is supposed to be a great stress reliever, exercising can stress the body even more for some people, especially if you are trying to squeeze in some time at the gym.  On the other hand, if exercise does help you get rid of stress, go ahead and enjoy it but you might think about swapping out the more intense workouts for less demanding ones such as yoga, jogging, or walking.

It is well known that many people do not get enough sleep throughout the week.  Unfortunately, being sleep deprived means your body may not be performing at it's peak and rather than working out, perhaps you should spend more time sleeping at night. Furthermore, if you exercise while sleep deprived, you increase your chances of injury. So instead of staying up late, go to bed a bit earlier and enjoy a full night of sleep.

Another situation is when you are feeling under the weather but how do you determine when you can safely work out. If you are experiencing pain above the neck, it's usually fine to workout but if you are running a fever, skip the workout because you are not at your optimum and you face the possibility of increased dehydration. If you do workout, you might look at a less intense workout so it's not as demanding on the body.  On the other hand, if the pain is below the neck, skip the workout so your body has a chance of getting better.  If you have a cold or the flu, consider skipping your workout because both the flu and colds are contagious and you do not want to infect others.

Now, if you choose a nice intense workout and the next day you are sore, consider skipping your workout otherwise, you can harm your body. If you go ahead and exercise, your body may require longer to recover, your body may produce less of the hormone the body uses to repair itself, or cause additional injury. 

Finally, if you complete a long race or participate in a strenuous athletic activity, you might consider skipping a workout.  The rule is that the more stress you've put on yourself during the race or strenuous activity, the longer you should take to recover.  You'll need multiple days to recover so you can get enough sleep, rehydrate the body but if you want to use active recovery during this period, you can walk, swim, or perform a gentle jog because they allow your muscles to heal.

There are circumstances when it's better to just skip the workout otherwise, you might end up damaging yourself so you can't workout for a long period of time. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

How To Handle Your Hair After A Workout.


We've all had it happen.  You spend an hour or two working out, sweated, and at the end of the time, your hair feels yucky.  Mine, because it's so long, usually feels as if it could stand up on it's own and walk off.  I hate that feeling.  I know I don't always have time to wash and style it before I have to head off.  Furthermore, what you do depends on what type of exercise, your type of hair, etc.  

If you choose an exercise such as pilates or a lower demanding yoga, you might not sweat as much. Consequently, you should be able to get away without washing your hair.  You should be able to lightly style your hair or put the hair into braids, soft pony tails, a loose bun or even a few curls.  

If you've chosen a more intense form of exercise such as spinning, dancing or cardio.  look at the pony tail or braided pony tail as it allows the hair to be smooth agains the head and it keeps it from bothering you. Finally, if you follow and intense workout that leaves sweat dripping down you at the end, you might want to use a head band or hair wrap to help your hair till it's dry.  Or you might want to skip washing your hair and use only conditioner instead but run it only through the ends.  

No matter what, you should not wash your hair every day, even if you workout every day.  You shouldn't wash it more than two or three times a week. You can rinse your hair out with plain water but don't use shampoo because the shampoo can remove the oils your hair needs. In addition, finish it off with a bit of leave in conditioner at the ends to help keep it hydrated. Do not use dry shampoo on wet hair, otherwise you'll end up with a caked mess. If you use dry shampoo, use it on dry hair only. If you want to use dry shampoo, use it before you work out so your strands will absorb the sweat.

Another way to help your hair is to apply a conditioning mask to your hair before you workout. Comb it in from roots to ends before popping it in the braid, bun, or loose pony tail so that the heat produced during your workout helps the mask penetrate hair strands more deeply.  It also keeps your hair slicked back during the workout.  After the workout, you can rinse the mask out or leave it in to take out later.  

You could also apply a pre-shampoo which is a product one puts into the hair before shampooing to help hydrate it and seal in the oils already in the hair.  Apply some pre-shampoo to the hair before the workout, leave it in and then rinse it out.  When you are done, your hair will be in good shape.

Rather than leaving your hair loose, put it in a bun, loose braid, loose ponytail, or clipped up during the workout. This helps keep the sweat from spreading throughout the hair.  Once the workout is over, rinse the hair or just leave it in it's current style. 

These are some ways to handle your hair after a workout.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.  

Monday, August 9, 2021

Ways To Relax

We've all had those days, weeks, or months.  The ones where you feel as if you are so stressed out, you'll never feel normal again.  The ones where no matter what you do, something is stressing you out.  I felt that way, all of last year due to all the frequent change of rules due to Covid.  I spent so much time trying to destress, keep my sanity, and not mess up my health.

We all know that one way to relieve stress is exercise and that was my main choice. I'd do anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours depending on what I chose to do.  When the weather was nice, I'd take 2 to 3 hour walks down the beach, up the road, out the boardwalk and beyond.  Anywhere, away from people.The other choice was popping on a DVD and following a routine for 20 to 45 minutes and the choice would change every day depending on the time available, and how I felt.

But that is not the only way.  Somedays, you don't feel like working out.  In all honesty, you've dragged yourself home and the couch looks so nice.  Go ahead and drop your stuff before sit-in on the sofa.  Get comfortable.  Then take deep slow breaths.  Inhale slowly, pause for a bit, before exhaling.  Repeat a few times.  Just breathing can help you relax while clearing your mind of the clutter that occurred during the day.

When you relax, it is important to relax both your mind and body.  When you relax, your mind clears and your muscles become less tense.  That is the ultimate goal when you relax.  You don't feel like breathing, run a nice hot bath in the tub, throw in some bath salts or bubbles, flick some soothing background music, slide in and enjoy.  If you'd prefer, throw on some guided meditation or guided imagery where you picture yourself somewhere else.  

Most app stores have apps that will guide you through breathing routines, talk you through meditation, or provide guided imagery exercises.  I've got a few apps on my iPad I use because I have trouble focusing without them.  For the breathing routines, I can set the time between 30 seconds and 5 minutes depending on what I need.  

Think about doing yoga. I realize that your local yoga place might be closed or have restrictions so you can't go.  Fortunately, you can purchase yoga DVD's to help you with this.  There are ones that are designed specifically for relaxation and stress management.  I got several DVD's that are at my level and help me relax after a stressful day.

If there are any places around that provide massages, sign up for one.  A massage is a great way to help you release stress and relax.  If you don't have access to massages, try relaxing one group of muscles at a time from head to toe. This is a good technique to use if you have trouble sleeping.  

Finally, for some people, being able to write in a diary is great. The writing allows them to express their frustrations and release the built up stress but no matter what method you choose, make sure to practice stress relief and relaxation for your well being.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation?


During the summer, it is recommended one switch to a tinted moisturizer rather than using a regular foundation due to the higher temperatures.  Personally, I prefer the tinted moisturizer since it provides just a touch of color and feels lighter on my face but I've often wondered what the difference is between the two.

Let's begin with what the tinted moisturizer.  A tinted moisturizer is defined as a moisturizing liquid or creme natural makeup by combining moisturizers with a foundation.  A good tinted moisturizer will not feel greasy or heavy but it will provide enough moisture for your skin but it allows a person's glow to show through.  A good tinted moisturizer is much like a silky piece of gauze in that it hides what you don't want seen while allowing what you want to show, be seen.

A tinted moisturizer allows your skin to breath, enhances your look so it is nicer than the bare skin.  It is easier to wear than a foundation because it's coverage is more dewy and closer to the natural texture of your skin.  It is also easier to maintain than foundation and is a good compromise between bare skin and foundation.  

On the other hand, foundation is a base that is designed to cover all the imperfections and provide a base for the rest of your makeup.  It is meant to make your skin look flawless and even. A good foundation will cover acne, freckles, and under eye circles.  It is important if you plan to use everything like blush, concealer, etc.

In addition, if you've looked at tinted moisturizers and foundations, you might have come across the BB and CC creams especially if you follow a Korean skin care routine.  The BB creme stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. It is a liquid makeup that is an all in one product that acts as a primer but it often includes UV protection, the ability to hydrate the skin,  while controlling the shine.  The BB creme falls between the tinted moisturizer and a regular foundation but it can be used instead of to provide a no make up look because it often provides sheer coverage.

The last item you might see in this category is a CC creme.  The CC stands for Complexion Correcting or Color Correcting.  It is designed to neutralize all discolorations on the face so the skin is evened out.  A CC creme usually covers more than a tinted moisturizer or a BB creme.  In addition, the CC creme often has a lighter feel than the BB creme but they have UV protection. 

The choice of a tinted moisturizer, BB, CC, or foundation is up to the individual based on what type of look they are looking for.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.  See you Monday.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Why Use Oil In Your Hair.

I have nice long, butt length hair.  It is usually wavy but can curl more if the humidity is up.  In addition, the ends begin to frizz by the end of the second day so I know I've got to add something to help tame it.  I have several different oils I use to keep my hair from getting too frizzy.   

You might get an oil that is in liquid form such as coconut oil when it's above a certain temperature, or you might end up using one that can easily be sprayed like a finish on the hair. It all depends on what you need. 

Hair oils is often massaged into the scalp and hair to make it softer, increase moisture, while making it shine.  In addition, hair oils can fill in gaps in the cuticle to protect the follicles, and protects the hair from regular wear and tear.

If a person has a dry scalp or hair, they need to use additional oil. It should be massaged in so the scalp doesn't feel as tight. In addition, it is well known that curly hair tends to be dryer so using the oil makes the hair shafts smoother and healthier. The dry scalp or dry hair tend to be this way due to the scalp not producing enough natural oils so it needs a bit of help. 

Oil can be used  before you wash your hair, during a shower to add a bit of moisture, or before or after you style your hair.  I know several people, who apply coconut oil to their hair at least one hour before washing it so their hair doesn't get too dry.  It seeps into the hair, moisturizing it and protecting the scalp during the washing step. 

Many people also apply oil to their hair, pin it up, and let the steam from a nice warm shower open the cuticles so the oil penetrates the hair.  Another way of getting the oil into your hair is to mix some hot oil with conditioner, massage it into your scalp and hair, then sit under a heating cap or dryer for about 20 minutes before washing the mixture out of your hair.  It should leave your hair nice and rehydrated.

If you place oil on your hair when it is damp, before you style it  or use heat based tools so you can cut down on the frizz once it's dry.  In addition, it can help cut down on those fly away strands while providing a smooth finish to the hair.  On the other hand, if your hair feels a bit dry, you can apply oil to your hair before you blow it or a bit smoothed over the hair once it's styled so the hair looks healthy and glossy.

When people think of oil for the hair, most people automatically think of coconut oil because it is easy to find, relatively inexpensive and it seems as if everyone recommends it.  But there are other oils out there, many formulated for different circumstances.  If your hair is colored, you might look for an oil that is formulated for that specific situation.  One can also find oil that has UV protection so your hair is protected from sun damage. 

Look through the oils, read the descriptions to find ones that work well for your hair.  Decide if you need a heavier oil or a lighter spray oil.  I usually end up looking for something that will tame my frizz so my hair looks a bit better instead of looking like it has a mind of its own.  I have a couple of spray oils to add a bit of help when my hair needs it and the spray oils are not heavy at all.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Monday, August 2, 2021

How To Apply A Fake Tan.


Years ago, when I was a teenager, we all headed down to the beach, applied oil, and hoped to end up with a beautiful tan.  This was before we accepted that exposing ourselves to the sun was not a good idea.  I know people today who still do this but I'm not one of them.  When ever, I go outside, I try hard to remember my sunscreen.  For people who don't want to expose their skins to excess UV rays,  or for those who want to keep their tan a bit loner, they can create a fake tan.

There is a way to apply self-tanning products so you don't end up with streaks or blobs.  These are the steps you can take to get a more natural looking application.  One of the first things to consider is the shade.  You don't want to go with one that is way too dark for you or you will look totally fake.  You are looking for a shade that looks natural and leaves you with a sunkissed glow.  The first step is to decide what you want.  Do you want to glow or do you want to look as if you've been outside a lot over the summer.

The next thing to realize is that this product acts differently when applied to different skins due to the DHA which is the ingredient that causes the tan.  The more DHA in a product, the more pronounced the tan will be when done.  The best shade is one that is no more than one to two darker than your natural so the tan looks natural.  In other words, if you have light skin, don't go after one that is super dark, look for something that is light to medium. It is best to get a separate product to tan your face. One last thing, be willing to pay a bit more rather than going for the cheapest self-tanners because they tend to be more orange.

Once you've purchased your self-tanner, it is time to do some prep so the tan ends up looking great.  First thing is to make sure your body is totally hairless and smooth.  If you shave, make sure you do 24 hours before applying the self-tanner so that your hair follicles are closed and you don't end up with a speckled look.

After you gotten rid of your hair, exfoliate your skin to make it even smoother.  In addition, exfoliating your skin will remove any prior tan, so that your body has an even base to apply the product to.  If you do not exfoliate, you could end up patchy results with dark splotches.  Not something you want.  Furthermore, you want to forego perfume or deodorant because they could cause issues. If you apply a fake tan over an area with deodorant, the deodorant could turn green on contact with the tanner.  Furthermore, if you apply perfume immediately after applying the fake tan, it can interfere with the development of the tan. 

Always moisturize your skin 24 hours before applying the tanning product because it acts as a barrier and can keep your tan from evenly distributing.  When you are ready to apply the self-tan, apply a very light moisturizer to elbows, knees, knuckles, between the fingers, inner wrists, ankles, and toes otherwise those areas might end up being a bit darker.  These areas often acquire a buildup and end up looking darker.

When you are ready to apply the tanning product, use a tanning mitt to keep your hands from absorbing too much product and it helps create a more even tan.  Furthermore, begin applying the self-tanner to the legs and work your way up.  The best way to use the fake tan, is to apply the solution to the base of the mitt where your lower palm is and then fold your mitt in half by closing your palm.  Save the backs of your hands and feet till the end by using what is left over on your mitt so those areas do not get too tan. 

Although the tan is usually absorbed in as little as 20 minutes but can still feel tacky for hours.  It is best to wear loose clothing to allow the tan to develop properly.  In addition, do not soak in a bath for a day or two so the tan matures.  Take a shower instead.  Finally, make sure you moisturize your tan one to two times a day to help it last longer.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.