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Still Needed.

 It is still cool enough to need a coat, especially in the morning but...

Friday, April 29, 2022

DIY Skincare Recipes To Make At Home.


You've decided to try making your own skincare products to save money, know what's in it, or just because but you don't know where to start.  Today, I'm providing recipes you can easily use to make your own skincare products. 

Let's start with an anti-aging mask made with cocoa.  This mask is filled with antioxidants, helps rehydrate the skin, and gives the face a younger restored look.  To make it all you need is 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 tbsp sour cream, 1 tbsp honey, and enough milk to make a paste (no more than 2 tbsp).  Apply it to your face until it dries and then rinse.  The sour cream and milk have lactic acid which hydrates the skin while gently exfoliating it and the honey boosts hydration.

If you have dry hands, microwave two to three cups of whole milk till just warm, then submerge both hands in it.  Let your hands soak for 5 to 10 minutes so the fat from the milk is allowed to be absorbed into the skin.  The fat helps hydrate the skin while vitamin A and E provide nourishment.  Are your cuticles dry?  Just rub a bit of coconut oil into the cuticles and cover with a bit of plastic wrap to help it sink in.

Rather than using something harsh on your acne, try mixing 1 tsp of peppermint tea leaves with 4 tsp of white tea leaves, half a cup of boiled distilled water, and 2 drops of lavender oil in a French press.  Let the mixture steep for 10 mins before pouring into a glass container to cool.  Mix with enough aloe vera gel to fill a 4 ounce spray container. Store in the refrigerator between spritzes.

Here is a nice recipe for a body scrub.  Grind enough rice to make 1/2 cup of ground rice.  Mix in 1/2 cup of coconut milk, 1/4 cup brown sugar, and 1 1/2 tsp ground ginger to make a nice paste.  When you are ready, rub this mixture all over your body with your hand using a circular motion.  In a short time, your skin is beautifully polished. 

We always make masks and scrubs for the body or the face but don't forget the lips.  You can make a nice lip scrub by mixing 1 tsp coconut oil with 1 tsp raw honey, 2 tbsp brown sugar, and a dash of water.  Apply the mixture to your lips using your finger in circular motions and then rinse.  Another lip scrub recipe has you mix 2 to 3 tbsp crumbled oats with 1 tsp honey, 1/2 tsp water, and a drop of tea tree oil.  This can also be applied to your lips with your finger in a circular motion.  Rinse it when done and then apply your lip gloss or lip stick.

I'll be back later with more DIY skincare recipes.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Ingredients You Should Avoid If You Make Your Own Skin Care Products At Home


It is always interesting looking at skin care products whether in the store or on Amazon.  Sometimes the prices end up being way more than can be afforded so maybe you decide to make your own skin care products.  If you do a search for recipes, you'll find lots on blogs and webpages. Unfortunately, some recipes include ingredients that are not recommended by dermatologists. 

One such ingredient is lemon  Lemon is touted as a wonderful skin brightener but it can cause burns on the skin since it is an acid. It could leave your skin red and discolored.  If lemon is place on skin that is exposed to the skin, it could cause phytophotodermatitis which is where the skin is blistered and hyperpigmented. Other fruits should not cause the same reaction unless you are allergic to them. However, it is best to conduct a patch test to make sure there is no allergic reaction to your creation.

Another ingredient is toothpaste or baking soda. Sometimes, toothpaste is listed as a great hack to treat acne which it might due to it's antimicobal properties but it is still not recommended because it contains ingredients that are too strong for your skin and will irritate it. Toothpaste has a basic pH while skin needs ingredients that have more of an acidic pH.  If you decide to use baking soda, it has the same problem with pH and the baking soda could change the pH of your facial skin leading to burns and irritation.

Watch out for anything that calls for the inclusion of raw eggs.  Unfortunately, raw eggs may contain salmonella and this could enter the body via an open cut or opening which would not be good. This includes using the egg white, especially if you are allergic to egg whites.  If you have a severe enough allergy to egg whites, your skin might break out in a rash, hives, itchiness, or breathing problems.  Furthermore, egg whites can also irritate your skin.

If you check on vinegar, it is said to be a wonderful toner due to its acidity and pH balancing properties.  Unfortunately, vinegar can cause irritation, possible redness similar to a bad sunburn, superficial chemical burn from repeated applications, and depigmentation. 

Be careful of ingredients such as sugar, salt, ground up nuts, or coffee grounds that are said to be wonderful for exfoliating the skin.  Although they work on the body which has thicker skin, they are not recommended for use on the delicate skin of the face.  Any of these above mentioned ingredients can be abrasive to the skin and damage it.

Many skin care products contain vitamin A, E, and other antioxidants, so recipes suggest they be added to the homemade mixture by crushing vitamin pills.  When the pills are crushed and added to water or other ingredients, they become extremely unstable and oxidize. Consequently, the mixture can cause free radical damage instead of protecting the skin. It can also damage the skin because it burns it.

Next time, I'll look at some DIY recipes that will work at home and be good for your skin.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Other Reasons To Eat Healthy

On Friday, we looked at eating certain things so you'd have great skin but there are other reasons to eat properly and we'll be exploring those today.  When I talk about healthy, I am referring to food that is not processed or preserved. 

In fact, the best diet involves lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, low or no fat dairy products, using good oils such as olive or avocado oils, and eating fish, nuts, legumes, and whole grains.

Eating well can help people live longer because it helps people control their weight, prevent certain diseases, and help your bones stay strong.  So lets look at these in more detail.

First, eating well makes it easier to maintain a good weight because you do not develop a craving from foods high in sugar or fat.  In fact, a good diet combined with exercise can help you lose weight or at least keep from gaining additional pounds.  

Next, a good diet can help you avoid certain diseases such as type-2 diabetes, heart problems, or osteoporosis.  A diet high in fiber can help your body slows the absorption of sugar which lowers your blood sugar levels.  It also interferes with the absorption of fat or cholesterol found in your diet.  It helps regulate your blood pressure, and you eat less because fiber rich foods make you feal fuller and provide you with lots of energy.  

It is also good at preventing high blood pressure and heart disease.  When you eat properly, it is possible to prevent up to 80 percent of premature heart disease and strokes diagnosis.  Furthermore, a good diet can reduce your blood pressure which cuts down on the possibility of experiencing heart disease. 

In addition. if the foods are high in antioxidants, they can help protect your cells from damage and decrease your chances of getting cancer. Include dark leafy greens, berries such as blueberries, pumpkins and carrots, and nuts and seeds to make sure you get enough antioxidants.

There is evidence that you will have a better mood if you eat a good diet and a good diet also encourages good gut health.  Certain bacteria in your system produce vitamins K and B which help the colon.  In addition, bacteria can also help your body fight harmful bacteria and viruses so you stay healthier. It is important to have lots of fiber and little sugar and to have certain fermented foods such as sauerkraut, Kim Chi in your diet for these bacteria to thrive.  

Researches are finding that a good diet can also benefit your memory so it doesn't decline as much, and it helps you lose weight and then maintain a proper weight. In addition, a good diet helps you maintain strong teeth and bones so you don't suffer from osteoporosis.  

So with just a bit of planning, it is possible to have a good diet full of all the nutrients you need and low in fat so you live a nice long life.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great week.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Eating For Healthy Skin.


Having healthy skin is more than using the right products, refusing to smoke, or chasing after every treatment promising you the best skin.  We often forget that healthy skin begins with good diet so we are always looking for that one thing that will keep our skin glowing and looking fantastic.  Eating well is always one of the tips listed for having good skin but what do they mean by eating right?

One of the foods recommended is fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, or herring because they are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. If you are vegan or vegetarian, look at eating flaxseed, or chia seeds.  Omega - 3 fatty acids help keep the skin thick, moisturized, and supple so if you don't eat enough foods with Omega - 3, you'll end up with dry skin. In addition, Omega - 3 reduces skin inflammation which reduces acne and redness.  In addition, it can even make your skin less susceptible to UV rays which damage the skin.

Then there are avocados which contain healthy fats. These fats also contribute to keeping your skin supple and moisturized. In addition, there are a couple of studies out there that have found eating avocados might help protect your skin against UV rays.  Furthermore, both fatty fish and avocados contain Vitamin E which also protects the skin from oxidative damage.

Another source of fatty acids are walnuts and they have more Omega - 3 and Omega - 6 fatty acids than most other nuts.  Walnuts also contain zinc which is needed by the skin so it functions better as a barrier. It also has small amounts of vitamin E and contains 4 to 5 grams of proteins per ounce of nuts.  On the other hand, sunflower seeds are an excellent source of Vitamin E, Selenium, zinc and 5.5 grams of protein per ounce.  

Throw in sweet potatoes because they contain provitamin A which the body easily converts to vitamin A in the body. Sweet potatoes are chock full of beta-carotene so that the beta-carotene provides 6 times the amount of vitamin A needed by the body. The carotenes can help your skin by acting as a natural sun block so your skin is better protected.  Another food high in carotene are red and yellow peppers.  In addition to being a high source of provitamin A, they also contain vitamin C which reduces risk of wrinkled and dry skin.

Pull out the broccoli because it is a great source of Lutein which acts like carotene, protects your skin from oxidative damage, contain zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C, and contains Sulforaphane.  Sulforaphane is a substance that helps protect the skin against sun damage by neutralizing harmful free radicals and helps cut down on the number of cells killed by UV light.  Don't forget the tomatoes which are high in Vitamin C, have beta carotene, lutein, and lycopene, all of which can help protect your skin and prevent wrinkling. It is best to pair tomatoes with foods such as cheese or olive oil to increase the carotenoids better. 

Don't forget to finish off a meal with chocolate, grapes,  tea, or coffee because these four  have lots of polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants.   So eat lots of good nutritious foods

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Best Way To Tell If You Are Overweight.

I remember my mother was always dieting to reach a certain ideal weight.  She was from the time when they had charts based on your build and height.  For instance, if you were 5 feet 5 inches tall and had a large bone structure you should weight between 150 and 170 pounds.  My mother had one of those charts pinned to the wall and I'd look at it.  According to the chart, my weight never matched what the chart said.

 That changed. For the last few years, everyone has used the Body Mass Index or BMI to determine if you were at a good weight, overweight, or obese.  The BMI is quite easy to use because it is a ratio of your height and weight and it is easy to find and use an online BMI calculator. This is something even I can do since it doesn't require any special instruments.

The BMI relied on comparing weight in kilograms to height in meters squared or weight in pounds to height in inches squared multiplied by 703.  If the answer ranged from 18.5 to 24.9, weight was considered normal.  If it landed in the 25 to 29.9 range, people were classified as overweight and if it hit 30 or above, people were said to be obese.  Although it is quite simple, this method can't distinguish between body fat and lean muscle.

Another common method is to measure the waist circumference.  It looks at the fat found around the middle which is actually a good predictor of health problems.  For this one measures the waist at the natural waist line, the line at the belly button, or at the narrowest section of the midsection.  It has one of the best correlations to determining if the person has fat accumulating around the belly. Furthermore, studies have shown that this method is fairly accurate at predicting development of disease and death.  Unfortunately, this method has not been fully standardized and may provide inaccurate results for those who are obese. 

There is a new method which combines BMI with the waist circumference as a more accurate assessment of being overweight.  In this method the waist circumference is divided by a persons height for a better idea of the person's body fat and their risk of obesity.  It actually looks at the over all body fat and the fat stored in the abdomen because any excess fat stored there raises the cardiovascular risk.  This method was found to be more accurate than the BMI, or most other general methods.

When the waist measurement is divided by a person's height, the ratio should be no more than .53 for men and .54 for women to determine if the over all body is considered obese and no more than .59 for both genders to say a person has abdominal obesity.  In other words, if your ratios are higher than those numbers, you are considered obese.  In fact, it is strongly recommended that people keep the ratio in the 0.40 to 0.49 range for the best results.

The nice thing is that the measurements can be done easily in either cm for both height and waist or inches for both.  It can be done at home and is quite easy to manage on your own so you can monitor yourself.  If you don't have a measuring tape, it's easy to stop by and get one. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Hair Trends for Summer 2022

As we approach the warmer weather, many people decide to adjust their hairstyle so they'll stay cooler.  For many, they look for an easy to care for hairstyle while others want something new.  Every year, every season, there are trends for the lastest and summer 2022 is no exception.  

For the most part, women prefer easy to care for styles.  Ones that are wash and wear, low maintenance, so they can spend their time enjoying the season,  When the term low maintenance is used, it refers to getting a style that works with your hair and takes into account the local climate.

Curly bobs are back this summer. This cut allows you to look cool while you stay cool. In addition, a curly bob works well with someone who has type 3 or 4 hair.  It goes with any outfit but if you match it up with dark sunglasses, and firey lipstick, you'll look fantastic.

If you prefer having a bit of length, look at having your hair done in round layers.  This particular haircut give a more voluminous silhouette but with less hair towards the bottom.  Furthermore, the layers soften the shape while opening it up to having better volume and body.  This is the perfect cut for recreating the 90's look.

On the other hand, for those who like short hair, try for a pixie.  It is short and quite easy to care for.  It gives a lightweight breezy look and is excellent if you have extremely damaged hair and since it doesn't require a ton of tools to look good, it means your hair can get a rest from chemicals, extensions, etc.

Another cut for those who want a slightly longer cut, check out the collarbone length cut referred to as a lob. Due to it's length, it can be worn loose or pulled back into a pony tail or bun. For those with fine or straight hair, try making the lob blunt or asymmetrical.  On the other hand, the ends can be razor cut to add texture to curly or wavy hair.

The shag haircut is back with a modern twist.  It is cut longer so wearers show more of an attitude, adds shape,  and it works for most types of hair.  It is not recommended for super fine or extremely straight hair because the shag requires the hair to be layered and neither type of hair works well if a lot is removed.  It also has some sort of bangs associated with it.  

For bangs, the most popular ones are side bangs that provide a sweep or the birkin bangs which are from the 1960's and still popular.  Either choice makes a statement to the world.  Finally are faux locs that can be pined in so you don't have to have your hair matted.  They come in a variety of colors, can be worn in an updo, partially up, or totally down.

You have a lot of choices available this summer.  Choose something you are comfortable with and enjoy.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear. Have a great day.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Friday, April 15, 2022

Summer Makeup Trends for 22


It won't be long till we hit summer.  It's already mid April.  Temperatures are rising, days are getting longer, and pretty soon it will be warm enough to laze under a tree.  Every new season brings with it, new trends and this coming summer is no different. Now, one does not have to rush out and buy everything new just because the trends change a bit since it is possible to make use of what one already has.

Furthermore, what is going to be trending for summer depends on who you look at so I'll share several possible trends which sound interesting. Some of the trends work well together but there are enough trends to alternate so your look is a bit different each day.

The first trend is smudging your eyeliner so it is not as defined. To get a really nice smudged look, use a black pencil or crayon eyeliner, apply it before blurring it with a nice eye shadow brush. This is a nice alternative to using black eyeshadow and gives your eyes a nice flow look.

Second, change to a nice pastel shade for gentler look. Match the pastel eye shadow with a neutral lip color and clear eyebrow shaping wax for the finished look.  For a different look, use a nice green eyeshadow paired with matching nail polish. We are after a barely there look.  Speaking of brows, when you apply the brow wax, brush the eyebrow hairs upwards so they look longer. 

Add glamour by applying a couple layers of good gold eyeshadow with the smudged eyeliner.  If you want something a bit more, apply one or two  small jewel with eye lash glue to the inner corner of each eye.  If you want a look that is a bit different, try a gold or yellow eyeshadow applied to the lid and all the way up to the brow bone.  Pair it with a nice pink eyeliner  or a sweep of pink eyeshadow along the lash line for something bold but understated. If you don't like smudged eyeliner, use a felt tipped eyeliner to get a nice clear, clean line.  

Try for an overall glow by applying a liquid highlighter over the tip of the nose, cheekbones, shoulders, collar bones, and Cupids Bow so you glow. One way to add shine is to use copper eyeshadow with a bit of bronzer, and a neutral lipstick for just the right look.  Make sure to use a primer under the eyeshadow. To finish the look, use a nice lip liner a couple shades darker than the neutral matte lipstick finished with a clear gloss or choose a warmer coral red shade so your lips stand out. 

These trends are such that you can follow them while using your own twist so you own the look.  Instead of using a pastel green, you might be an emerald person or when you look for a golden eyeshadow, you might choose one that sparkles so you catch everyone else's eyes. Always personalize the trend so you remain true to yourself.  Have fun and enjoy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Can You Grow Your Eyelashes Longer?

Everyone wants nice long beautiful eyelashes because it makes us look sexier and it's what is part of the "look" but not everyone was born with decent ones.  If you do a quick search for home remedies designed to help your eyelashes grow longer, you'll find a ton.  There are suggestions such as massaging shea butter or castor oil into the lashes, lemon juice, green tea, or some other liquid but in reality none of them work.

However, there are some serums out there that do work but there are things you need to do yourself to help your lashes stay healthy.  

Remember, lashes grow at a rate of 0.15 mm per day to a length of about 7 mm. So it takes one to two months for your lashes to grow to their full length. However, sickness can slow down the rate of growth but no matter what, there are some things you can do.

First of all, select a mascara that is easy to remove.  Although the waterproof ones stay on forever, they are so hard to get off and are hard on your eyelashes. In addition, choose a gentle makeup remover so it doesn't damage your lashes.

If you use the lash curler regularly, please think about discontinuing its use because those lash curlers can damage your eye lashes. It is recommended that one add biotin supplements to your diet to help strengthen them. Furthermore, if you enjoy wearing false eyelashes, be careful when removing the adhesive because it can cause long term damage to your lashes. 

Not ever serum on the shelves at the store help your lashes. You need to look for bimatoprost or Latisse in the ingredients list because it has been clinically proven to help your lashes grow longer, thicker, and darker and is the only FDA approved ingredient for this use. The way it works is to keep the lash follicle in it's growth phase so they last longer and it is considered the gold standard for helping lashes grow. 

Many products claim to make your lashes grow longer and thicker but they are classified as a cosmetic so their claims have not been evaluated. As mentioned earlier, all home remedies have not be shown to be effective in growing your lashes out.  Instead, it is recommended you brush your eye lashes regularly and clean off any makeup daily.

In addition, some products make your lashes look great while you use it but as soon as you stop, your lashes become weaker, fall out, or other harmful effect because it contains harmful ingredients. Instead of just pulling something off the shelf, talk to your dermatologist for suggestions.  

If you don't feel like trying to find something that works, look at using a good mascara, use false eyelashes, or eyelash extensions to get the lashes you want.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear. Have a great day.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Don't Forget To Put Sunscreen On And Around Your Eyes!


A few years ago, some British researchers gave people sunscreen containing moisturizer and told them to use it.  They turned on a special UV cameras to determine which parts of the face they missed.  It turned out that the majority of participants missed the eyelid and parts of the surrounding area.  This doesn't surprise me because many of the general sunscreens can sting your eyes and make them water.  Furthermore, most of us grew up learning to slather it on our bodies and just smear it over the face.  Honestly, I don't think I've seen reminders to do the eye area, only make sure sunscreen is applied to your face.

The skin around the eyes, including your eyelids is some of the thinnest skin on your body.  It is less than one millimeter thick so almost paper thin. Unfortunately, its thinness makes it so it easily burns due to UV rays.  About five to ten percent of all skin cancers occurs on the eyelid which is one reason we need to apply sunscreen to the eye area.  One reason people do not apply sunscreen to the eye area is because it often stings the eyes and makes them water.  If you choose a sunscreen made for the face, this doesn't happen but make sure it is at least a 30 or higher broad spectrum sunscreen.

As far as cancer, basal cell carcinoma, squamous carcinoma, and melanoma are the three main types of cancer that occur on the eyelid with basal cell carcinoma being the most prevalent.  Furthermore, the cancer is more likely to appear on the lower eye lid because it receives the most sun exposure. 

The eyes are not the only place people forget.  They forget to apply sunscreen to the tips of the ears, the sides of the neck, and and the bottom area of the lip.  This means these areas are more likely to burn and are more likely to develop skin cancer.  In addition, many of these cancers are much harder to remove surgically so you don't want to get them in the first place.

It is recommended that you pair sunglasses and a hat with the use of sunscreen for best results. In fact they recommend one wear sunglasses year round, even when you don't think you'll need them.  Make sure the sunglasses are rated to prevent 98 to 99 percent of the UVA and UVB rays from getting to your eyes.  In addition, when you choose a hat, make sure it has at least a 3 inch brim so that it offers real shade to protect your eyes.

Don't forget to do this in the year round since about 80 percent of the sun's rays reflect off snow, water in the lakes or oceans.  Remember, a cloudy day will not stop the sun's rays from coming though so protection is just as important. Furthermore, try to avoid being out in the sun when its at its strongest.  

So remember, apply sunscreen all over your face, including lips and eyes, your whole neck - front, back, and sides, and your ears including the tips so you stand less chance of UV ray exposure.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day. 

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Friday, April 8, 2022

What Is Kohl?


I'm sure you've read about the woman with eyes lined in kohl so they stood out.  It's a common phrase you read in many romance books - yes, I occasionally read them since I have friends who want to share the books with me.  Have you ever wondered what kohl is other than a shade of black eye liner?  I have!  

If you asked people about kohl, you get answers such as "Cleopatra used it." or "Its nice and creamy", or "Its easy to blend" because that is what we associate with it.  Real kohl is none of these things except used by Cleopatra."

Kohl has been around for a very long time.  It made its way to Europe in the 8th century.  Since good quality kohl is made of ground up galena (lead sulphide) or stibnite (antimony sulphide), it is not legal in the United States because they are poisonous due to the lead in it.  Since they are toxic, the FDA will not approve their use in the United States and what is marketed as kohl is actually a color.  However, if you are in the Middle East and you see it, that may have the toxic ingredients so it is best to ignore it. 

Historically, the term kohl referred to eyeliner made from a variety of ingredients such as the two minerals already mentioned, carbon black, or iron oxide.  It became common to call any black eye lash, or brow product kohl including those that were made of ink.  Traditionally, kohl is used in the powdered form which western cosmetic companies have introduced but it didn't do well since most people do not know how to apply a powder to line the eyes.

The kohl we see here in the United States refers to a specific shade that is not black. It is actually more of a grayish black and is the same color as pencil lead. The shade comes from chemists trying to match the real deal and to make the powder solid, they add wax so it's like any other eye liner. If you find a product that alleges to be real kohl, it is probably ground up charcoal if it is in powdered from.  If it is in stick form, it has things added to make it stay in that form but if you want it to be able to smudge, then look for that effect when you buy your kohl.

So if you want to buy kohl, know that it really refers more to the color than the actual product.  Let me know what you  think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

What Is Time Under Resistance?

By now, many of you know that I workout to DVD's because I'm usually so far away from a gym that I must rely on alternatives to get a good workout. The other day, I did a short workout with weights and the person leading it commented on using time under resistance rather than repetitions.  I've never heard this term before and everything I've heard when using weights has to do with a certain number of repetitions. 

Usually, people do a certain number of sets and each set is made up of a specific number of repetitions but to increase the intensity of using weights, time under resistance is a better choice.  Time under resistance refers to how long the muscle is under strain in a set and is more commonly used during conditioning and strength building, along with bodybuilding. It also helps a person break through any plateaus to move forward.

Usually a set of 10 reps takes about 15 to 20 seconds but when using time under resistance, the time is extended to between 30 and 40 seconds, so the muscles are exposed to more stress. This breaks down the muscles which can lead to them getting bigger as long as time under resistance is done correctly.

First thing is that a person should not spend most of the time during the easiest part of the workout because it puts the least amount of stress on your muscles.  When you do the repetitions, make sure you do them at the same rate up, and holding but slow down the count when you lower the weight because it causes more damage which leads to more muscle development. 

It is important to focus on form because each repetition takes longer, it is easy to become fatigued and your form will slip and you will not receive the most benefit from the activity. If you begin to struggle during the workout, don't be afraid to drop down in weight so you can finish it rather than loosing form. Make sure you use enough weight to fatigue the muscles otherwise you won't get maximum benefit.

This is what proponents of time under resistance claim but is it scientifically based?  Well, there hasn't been much done on this topic but what they've found is that if people add 2 to 6 seconds to the time the weights are being lowered, people get the best results. It is suggested one implement this into the already established weights workout.  It is important to stick with the pacing through the whole workout rather than stopping early. Make sure to start with weights that are heavy enough to fatigue muscles.

So if you want something different, change your normal sets and reps to the time under resistance method to give your muscles something new to experience.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Monday, April 4, 2022

Why Carry A Parasol


Did you ever watch NCIS when Abby was on it?  Although she was a tattooed goth, she always carried a parasol to protect her skin when she was out and about.  I've often thought about getting a parasol for me but I wondered if I wanted one more thing to carry around with me and if I wanted to be that different.  In many places, we carry umbrellas in case it rains so why not have a parasol.  The first umbrellas were designed to protect people from the sun, not the rain. 

Although an umbrella and parasol are essentially the same thing, we see an umbrella as having a waterproof skin while the parasol is covered in paper or even lace and the two are different but why not get one you like that can work in both situations. 

There are two huge reasons for adding a parasol to your daily routine.  First, it does a wonderful job of blocking UV rays to up your level of protection.  There is a study out that shows those who use sunscreen in addition to a beach umbrella did so much better than those who simply sat under the umbrella.  One reason for this is that most light sands reflect rays upwards so it is important to use both sunscreen and an umbrella.  No matter, a parasol is great way to avoid solar radiation.

Second, it also provides shade no matter where you are.  This second one is great if you live in a place with few if any trees. In reality, the umbrella/parasol is creating a microclimate that is 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the surrounding area. In Japan, the government ran a campaign designed to get more men to use umbrellas in hot weather which reduced the number of heatstrokes nationwide. 

Unfortunately, even in countries where umbrellas are part of the culture, the majority of the population who regularly use them are women.  Here in the United States, most of us only consider grabbing an umbrella if we are going to the beach or if it is raining even thought it adds that final layer of protection we need.  

If you are thinking of purchasing an umbrella or parasol to use in the sun, it is important to look for one that is designed specifically for use in the sun.  A study compared the use of regular umbrellas with umbrellas designed to be used in the sun and found the ones designed for use in the sun can be up to 99 percent effective compared with the regular umbrellas that performed at 77 percent efficiency.  Remember though 77 percent is quite good especially when combined with a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. 

If you decide to go with a regular umbrella, look for one with nylon or polyester because these have a decent protection value however, look for black or dark colors because they do better when protecting people from the sun due to their ability to absorb rays.

If you want to get an umbrella that offers UV protection, just go online and check them out.  I went to Amazon and found a nice dual purpose one with great ratings for under $25.00.  I'm going to add it to my daily summer routine.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

Friday, April 1, 2022

Are Your Skin Care Products Absorbed Into The Skin?


If you read articles on skin care and it's absorption, you might see claims that 60 to 70 percent of the ingredients are absorbed into your blood system through the skin.  You also might see claims that none of it can be absorbed this way.  So what is the truth?

What is known is that none of the ingredients in your skin care products are absorbed directly into the blood system from the skin.  This has to do with the way the skin is layers.  Remember, skin is the body's largest organ and it is designed to protect our bodies from harmful external agents such as bacteria. 

The outer part of the skin, known as the Struatum, Corneum, is made up of several layers such as the microbiome, the acid mantle, the lipid barrier, and a layer of dead skin cells. Together, they form a water repellent  layer of fatty acids, sebum, and ceramides  designed to keep naturally produced moisture in while keeping everything else out.  This is why you can load in a bathtub fulll of water without absorbing it all into your body.  For some ingredients such as oil, wax, or silicones, their molecules are too large to be absorbed into the skin.

So what does this mean? It means that most anything you put on your face dries, as the water evaporates, to form a layer between the Stratum Corneum and your surroundings. This is why you feel as if the ingredients are being absorbed into your skin.  Not all of the moisture evaporates because it is trapped by any dead skin cells still on the face. In addition, much of the layer is disappearing during the day as you sweat, the humidity, and as your skin breaths.  One should keep in mind that the same time the products are creating a barrier, they are also helping to nourish the barrier.  Furthermore, your skin looses about 40,00 cells a day, so as the cells shed, you loose some of the moisture provided by the skin products.

Even some of the ingredients we rely on to help our faces are unable to penetrate down to where they are most effective. For instance, collagen needs to pass through to a lower layer known as the dermis since the molecules are too large.  Even the hyaularonic acid cannot get down to where it needs to be due to it's nice even though it is naturally produced by the skin.

On the other hand, ingredients such as Vitamin C are able to travel down though the Struatum Corneum to where it is able to do the most good by triggering collagen production. In addition, there are six substances - avobenzone, oxybensone, octocrylene, homosalate, octisalate, and octinoxate, that have such small molecules, they can penetrate down through the skin down to the blood system but scientists do not know what happens to them as it has not been studied before. 

No matter what, most of your skin care products do not go past the outer layer of skin so you really don't need to worry. If you are concerned, make sure none of those ingredients are in your product.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.