Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Lip Liner

Woman, Girl, Beauty, Blond, Face I remember my sister telling me that one should always line your lips before you apply your lipstick because it prevents it from bleeding over.  I've seen video that say the lip line should be the same shade as your lip stick while other say it should be a shade or two darker to add a bit of depth.  Lip liners are also called lip sticks.

Women began using lip liner back in the 1920's when Clara Bow made it popular. She used liner to outline the lips to produce the small doll shaped lips she was famous for.  The bow shaped lips only used a part of her actual lips so the edges were never painted and nude.  Her bow shaped lips gave her the ability to create a larger than life pout which the "It" girl was known for.

In the 1930's Marlene Dietrich used liner to overdraw her upper lips so the pointed parts were more defined.  She also lined the bottom of her bottom lip to make the overall shape appear larger.

In the 1940's Rita Hayworth used lip liner to flatten the pointedness of the upper lip so it looked more flattened.  She kept the full bottom lip so her lips appeared a bit more rounded.  This flattened upper lip was copied by others including Joan Crawford.  In the 1950's the two points on the top of the lips moved out a bit and the lines were extended a bit past the corners so the lips looked a bit more flared. By the 1980's women wore a lip liner that was darker than the lip stick so their lips automatically looked larger.  If the liner were down on the skin at the edge of the lips, on the skin, the lips looked more dimensional.

When you are outlining your top lip, start at the bow which is where the two points are and work from the middle out to the edges.  It makes it look much better and it is easier to make the arch.  Lip liners also help your lipstick last longer.  If you don't feel like using lipstick, you can cover your lip with lip liner giving your lips a matted finish.

Try to choose a lip liner that is about the same shade as your lipstick.  You can go one shade darker but not much more otherwise it looks weird.  If you are only going to only wear a lip liner, choose a shade close to your natural lip color.  It is important to keep the tip sharp if you want to draw a good line.

It is suggested that you put a lip balm on your lips 10 to 15 minutes before you put on your lip liner and lipstick so your lips are moisturized.  Use small strokes rather than a single long stroke for a better look while holding your lip liner at a 45 degree angle to the lips. When you've got the lip liner on,  move your chin to your chest, look at the coverage, before lifting your chin so you can see your neck.  By checking your lip liner from both perspectives, you can find any areas that need a bit more or better lines.

If you want, use a brush to smooth out the line so it looks more natural.  Do not overdraw the lip trying to make bigger lip area because it doesn't look right.  Draw an X at the bow to make the edges proper.  If you do not want to use a colored lip liner, choose a clear one to keep the lipstick from bleeding but does not stand out if the lipstick rubs off.

If your lip liner is not going on smoothly, warm the tip between your fingers and try again.  This bit of warming often makes the liner go one smoother.  Wipe the lip liner off between uses to keep it clean.  If you see white particles on your lip liner, throw it out because it indicates your lip liner might not be off.  Now you know why you should wear lip liner.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a good day.

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