Monday, August 31, 2020

Pink VS Yellow Undertones.

I went most of my life believing I had darker skin and needed something similar to what my mother wore.  I found out a couple of years ago that I use a much lighter foundation with pink undertones.  As a matter of fact, I had a couple people tell me I needed pink and it made no sense to me because I didn't understand that people had skin with pink or yellow undertones.  Turns out, my mother has a skin tone that is more yellow and since I bought mine based on what she did, it's no wonder I looked absolutely horrible in the foundation I bought.

Since then, I've learned that most people either have a pink or yellow undertone to their skin.  The undertone refers to the underlying shade of your skin and has nothing to do with how light or dark your skin is.  There are four divisions of undertones.  First is a warm undertone which is where the skin is yellow or golden and can be found in light to medium skin tones.  Second is skin that has a cool undertone which is pink or red and can be found in light to medium skin tones.  Third is skin that runs the medium to dark with a golden or yellow undertone and a slightly greenish olive cast to the skin.  Finally is neutral which is not noticeably yellow, golden, pink or red.  It is balanced and is found in light to medium skin tones.  

To determine the undertone of your skin, look at your face, chest or chest in broad daylight because undertones have nothing to do with how light or dark your skin tone is.  It also has nothing to do with acne, eczema, or other skin irritation.  

Cool undertones appear to be reddish or pinkish with a possible bluish cast.  Your skin might range from a very light pinkish tone to medium tan.  Your skin might be a darker shade described as coffee or chocolate with cream added and would never be described as honey or golden.  If you have cool undertones, you can wear jewel tones in your clothing rather than colors like ochre, tomato red, orange, or brown.  Your jewelry should be silver rather than gold and in the sun you burn first and possible tan later..  When you choose a foundation you want one with cool undertones and has no golden tints in it.

Warm undertones tend to be yellowish, peachy, or golden.  If you have lighter skin, you'll see tones ranging from peachy to golden honey but if you have darker skin tones like honey or golden, you have warm undertones.  You can wear earthy brown, coral, orange, cream, ivory, mustard and peach clothing, not the jewel tones because they will make you look sallow.  Gold jewelry is better for you and when you are out in the sun, you are more likely to tan rather than burn.  choose a foundation with yellow or golden undertones.

Olive undertones may either be yellowish or greenish undertones.  The skin tone appears to be more of a muted bronze with tints of green.  Your skin tone could range from light to medium but appears bronze. Fortunately, you can wear almost any shade except for neon colors, brown, beige, or mauve and can wear both silver or gold jewelry.  You want to select a foundation that leans towards golden with a slight olive hue. When you are out in the sun, you tan easily.

Neutral undertones means you can wear a variety of shades within a specific range due to the balance of warm and cool undertones.  Skin tones can range from light to quite dark with no outstanding red, pink, yellow or golden.  You are able to wear muted shades and both gold and silver.  If you go into the sun, you might or might not burn before you tan.  Look for a foundation that are balanced but lean towards the golden shades.  

The best way to test the foundation you chose is to use a Q-tip and dab some foundation on your cheekbone, around your nose, and along your jaw on one side before standing next to a window to see how it looks.  If it makes you look shallow, chalky, too yellowish, or just not right, try a different shade.  I finally went to the mall to a store and asked a makeup sales person to help me find the proper shade.  That was when I discovered I needed a light foundation with a bit of a pink hue to look decent rather than ill.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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