Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Selecting The Correct Shade Of Foundation

Finding the correct shade of foundation can be a challenge.  I saw a video on Youtube in which this girl with light skin, took a very dark foundation and used it on her skin so she'd get an instant tan. The thing about foundation is that you want it to look natural.  If you end up applying foundation all over your face so it looks even, you've chosen the wrong shade. 

In reality, the foundation you want is one that can be applied where needed so you look as if you are not wearing anything. So you want to find a shade that is invisible when you put it on.

When shopping for foundation, do not wear any make up so you stand a better chance of finding the right shade.  If you wear makeup and you've been wearing the wrong shade, you'll end up with the wrong shade. You want to match your bare skin, not your current foundation. When looking at foundations, ignore the names given to the shades, look at the actual foundation.  Keep in mind that a powder and liquid with the same shade name will be slightly different based on its ingredients.

Furthermore, keep in mind your undertones as you select a foundation. For a quick rule of thumb, look at the inside of your wrist.  If you have blue veins, then you have neutral undertones so you can wear both warm and cool shades.  If your veins look more purplish, then you have cool undertones which means your skin has pink tint.  On the other hand, if your veins look green, you have warm undertones which means your skin is more golden toned. You need to know this so you select a foundation with the proper undertones.

Do not grab the bottle with the foundation that looks like it's the correct shade.  Instead, choose three shades that seem to be the correct match.  You'll want to place a small swatch of each one along your jawline, one right next to the other with a small bit of skin between. This way, you'll find the shade that blends well into your neck in addition to your face. 

Once you've narrowed it down to one choice, remove the ones that weren't right and place a larger swatch of the best choice on your jaw.  Take a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover and run it down the middle of the foundation, cutting it in half.  If you see a difference between the foundation and your skin, it isn't the right shade.  You want the one where you don't see a difference.

Furthermore, you want to take the shade for a test drive out in natural light before buying it.  If it is possible, get a sample of the foundation to try out so you know for certain that it is the correct shade.  If it is, then commit and buy it.   Note that you will need to buy new foundation when the seasons change because even when wearing sunscreen every day, the shade of your skin will change and so you need to rematch your foundation on a regular basis. 

The way to decide is if your foundation looks a bit off, then it's time to look for something new.   If you have foundation for winter and summer, you can mix them together to wear in the fall and spring but please remember, most foundations are good for two years.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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