Friday, February 3, 2023

Spring Fashion Colors Trends for 2023


In the last column, we looked at the trends for makeup so today we'll look at the trending fashion colors for spring 2023.  It's time to see what the best colors are and to decide if they are already in your wardrobe or if you need to buy a few pieces to update your look. 

Overall, the colors are selected to be combined in as many different ways as possible with the idea of living as if there is no tomorrow.  People are expected to combine vivid and saturated colors with neutral and basic tones to create the perfect look.

Specifically, look at intense reds, astro green, cerulean blue, rust brown, hot rose, cobalt blue, pistachio green, a beautiful vibrant orange, bright solar yellow, lavender, and mint green.  The intense red is a self-affirming, powerful, and impactful color that was seen on four major runways indicating it is quite popular.  It is wonderful to add a touch to monochromatic looks  and looks great when paired with neutral, warm, pink and gray tones.

Astro green is quite popular with the generation Z folks.  It adds a joyful look to any casual piece worn, yet looks fantastic in party wear with its shiny and satin type fabrics.  It adds that bit of luxury. On the other hand, cerulean blue works with so many different seasons. It brightens up the look as it goes well with darker shades or with monochromatic looks and is great in tailored pieces, party wear, or sportswear.

Then there is rust brown, a nice striking, versatile, neutral color which allows it to be used in a variety of combinations. This shade looks best in cotton and linen fabrics and goes well with certain blues and greens. This year pink is moving to a warmer and less vibrant shade called hot rose. It goes well with prints and small florals. In addition, it can easily be paired with lace, satins, and textured fabrics. 

Another shade of blue, cobalt blue, is on for this season. It looks good in monochromatic situations, matched up with neutrals or with oranges, yellows, and pinks, no matter the shade. On the other hand, pistachio green is wonderful to pair with certain shades of pink, brown, and gray, especially when worn as a blouse or dress. 

This year, vibrant orange is found with ruffles, and drapes of satin fabrics.  In addition to being found in clothing, it is great when worn as an accessorizing color for shoes, etc.  Choose a dress, jacket, or blouse of this color to match with other pieces.  The nice thing about Solar yellow is that it is a bright, cheerful color that cheers us up. It is great as an accessorizing color or in prints.  

Of course, lavender is one of those shades that can be found in warmer or cooler choices. It can be romantic, or youthful depending on the shade and looks great in lacy or transparent pieces.  Finally is mint green that is great in dresses, tops, and outer wear such as jackets. 

Have fun with these new colors and enjoy updating your wardrobe.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear. Have a great day.

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