Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Summer Activities To Keep You Fit

The thing I love most about summer, at least here in Alaska, is the opportunity to get outside, enjoy the warmth, and I have more options than the gym, or DVD's in my living room.  For me the summer opens up so many additional possibilities to enjoy the world around me while I get my exercise.

Summer is great for swimming which might take place in the ocean, a lake, or in a pool.  Swimming is classified as low impact exercise that works your whole body while toning muscles, and provides cardio benefits.

I often switch my walking outside so I walk part way to town, or head into town to enjoy the paths at Cramers field with plants and birds as I enjoy the multiple paths through out.  Take your walks outside rather than going around and around a track, makes things more fun.

Another activity is hiking.  Many places have hiking trails within a short driving distance of towns or cities.  Hiking allows you to explore nature trails, mountains, or nearby parks.  Hiking is awesome for improving your cardiovascular fitness, strengthens legs and core while having a great time enjoying the beauty around you.

Pull out a bicycle to hit the bike paths, streets, or even bike trails through parks. This is another activity that builds cardiovascular health, improves leg strength, and improves overall endurance. Bicycling allows you to explore new areas, check out different places, and just have fun.  If you don't like riding alone, look for a cycling group through the local university, parks and rec, or even work.  

If you are near a beach, head down there to play beach volleyball, frisbee, or soccer to enhance your coordination, endurance, and agility at the same time as having fun.  The beach is another place to walk if you want as the sand can make you work harder.

Think about kayaking or canoeing if you live near a body of water such as a lake, river, or ocean. Paddling the boat improves the strength in your upper arms and core muscles while enjoying the quietness of the outdoors. You could also try Standup Paddle board which works your balance, core, and over all fitness. The idea is that you stand up on a large paddle board and using a paddle to move it through the water.

If you don't feel like being that active, take your yoga or pilates outside. Find a nice quiet spot in the yard, the park, or a beach.  Going early in the morning or late in the day means the area is less crowded and cooler.  You could also either use a park with an outdoor circuit training route or set one up where you do lunges, pushups, squats, and burpees.  

For those who want an intense workout, look around for outdoor boot camps. These are often held in parks or outdoor areas, usually in larger population center. Outdoor boot camps are often high intensity with strength training, cardio for a total body workout. 

Finally, look at gardening since gardening can improve flexibility, strength, and over all fitness through planting, weeding, watering, and digging.  Enjoy the summer while you can.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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