Monday, January 22, 2024

8 Ways To Eliminate Belly Fat.


One of the standard resolution usually has to do with either reducing or getting rid of your belly fat.  Yes, that is one on my list every New Years Eve and I get started well but I often think I'll never get rid of it completely since I have scars from abdomen surgery when I was younger and there was scar tissue.  There is evidence that having a trim midsection leads to a longer life. Unfortunately, it is impossible to target belly fat but losing weight will help shrink that area.

Today, we'll look at 8 ways recommended to lose belly fat and not all of them require a ton of extra work.  The first thing to do is curb carbs instead of fat but look at reducing simple carbs rather than complex carbs.  Look at where you can eliminate refined carbohydrates and replace them with healthy carbs like whole grains, vegetables, or legumes. There is some research showing that people on a low carb diet lost more than those on a low fat diet. 

Next, rather than thinking in terms of dieting, think about it as if you are on an eating plan. It is not about counting calories, it is about making healthy choices. In other words, make the change from foods high in carbs and sugar and with little fiber to food much higher in fiber such as vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Complex rather than simple carbohydrates is the type of carb that should be eaten.

Furthermore, make sure you get exercise every day since physical activity helps burn fat. It helps reduce belly fat because exercise reduces the amount of circulating insulin. Insulin signals the body to store fat in the body and exercise interfere with this. One only needs to do moderate exercise between 30 and 60 minutes each day.  In addition, one should add strength training to help build lean muscle.  Having lean muscle helps your body burn more calories even when you are sitting down. 

Whenever you go shopping, take time to read labels on snacks and prepackaged goods.  Look for transfat, added sugar and salt, because they make it harder to lose weight.  Often sugar is added to reduced fat items to help make up for flavor and items with less salt seem bland so add herbs to bring flavor. 

In addition, pay more attention to the way your clothes fit rather than relying on the numbers in a scale. Although the scale may not change, if your clothing is fitter better, then you are making progress.  As a rule of thumb, your waist measurement should not be more than 35 inches around if you are a woman, or 40 inches around if you are a man. 

Finally, choose friends who are more health focuses because you are more likely to eat properly, exercise, and be more aware.  It is a way to be more successful as they will be supportive.  So these are 8 ways that can help you lose belly fat.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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