Thursday, November 12, 2015

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy.

Wrestlers, College, Males, Athletes  It is that time of year when wrestlers go crazy.  The local boys here have spent much of the last week trying to loose anywhere from one to twenty pounds.  Yes, you read that right!  20 pounds in 7 days!

Personally, I think that is absolutely crazy.  They workout in a hot room, spit out their spit, hardly eat and even wear plastic to help them sweat off more liquid.  They sit there and just keep spitting their saliva into the trash can.

Honestly, I worry about them loosing so much weight in such a short time using such extreme measures.  I am told by many that this is a common occurrence in the high school wrestling world.  I did not go to a high school with wrestling as a sport because I was overseas.  They played rugby, cricket, and a version of basketball with no dribbling called net ball.  Even in middle and elementary schools, wrestling was not a big thing. 

I didn't really get to know high school wrestling till I was out of college and started scoring for the local teams.  First time I scored, they handed the cheat sheet and the papers and I was suddenly doing it.  Talk about crazy.  I managed to get the number of points down but couldn't always get the mark down.  I settled on 3 fingers on shoulder and 3 points or rolled hands.  After a couple of years I had it down solid and I could actually watch the wrestling and keep score.  Cool

My favorite sport to watch is Australian Rules Football because it goes on and doesn't stop except for maybe dead bodies.  Unfortunately, it is not easily seen in the US. 

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